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Benjamin Parker

Spider Man: Strife
Developer(s) Nintendo, Marvel Comics, Havok,
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
May 2nd, 2015
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Series Spider Man
Successor Spider Man: Surge
"Spider Man: Strife" is a game based on the popular superhero with the same name. It was developed by Nintendo, Marvel Comics, and Havok, and published on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS by Nintendo as well. It was released on May 2nd, 2015, a year after "The Amazing Spider-Man 2's" release in theaters.

As of now, it has sold over 12.5 million copies worldwide. The discussion of a sequel, "Spider Man: Surge," is said to be coming out in 2017.


On the Wii U, you sling webs by using the ZR button. You use the L or R buttons to take pictures as Spider Man's alter ego, Peter Parker. The ZL button is used for using Spider-Sense to find optional missions. The D-pad is used for walking around. The D-Pad and the B button together are used for running at fast speeds. The A button is for using melee moves against enemies. You can also use the A button to get on top of moving vehicles. The Y and X buttons are used for using webs to tie your enemies up. The + button is for pausing the game.

On the 3DS, the L and R buttons are still used to take pictures. However, you can upload them to your Picture files on the 3DS, too. The D-pad still functions as movement. The D-Pad and B button are still used for running. Now, the A and Y buttons are used for punching and kicking. Finally, the X button is still used for web slinging AND webbing your opponents down.

While the Wii U version focuses on an open 3D world, much like Super Mario 64, the 3DS version focuses on a side-scrolling platform adventure.


The story takes place at night in New York. Peter Parker had just finished dinner with his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, when he sees a woman being robbed by a gang of thugs. They take her purse and run off to the right, heading for an unmarked white van. Peter tells Gwen to stay there, and uses his web slingers to go to the roof of the building and become Spider Man.

At that point, you try to catch up to the van, eventually doing so. You use your strengh to break the back open, revealing two men with pistols aimed at you. You use your melee attacks and web slinging to catch them both, and then get into the driver's seat and knock out the driver. You grab the purse and the stolen money you found, and head towards the lady, giving her the purse. Then you give the money to the police, who also catch the three thugs.

After that night, news reports tell of a web-slinging "felon" known as Spider Man stealing money. Peter then gets a call from a mysterious man who says that "he needs help" and that "he has a mission for him."

You eventually swing around the city until you find a man with an eyepatch and a cell phone. His name is Nick Fury, and he says that you need to find a man named Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage. He is said to be at large, and he's trying to kill the richest people in the city, and Nick thinks that Harry Osborn is next.

You swing on over to Oscorp, and look through the window of the top floor. There, you see Carnage moving towards Harry Osborn, laughing with glee. You decide to break the window open, distracting Carnage for a second, letting Harry run away. The fight against Carnage begins.

After beating Carnage, you use your web slingers to stick him down to the floor so he can't escape. You let Harry back in, and tell him to go and tell the police about Carnage. You then sling away out of the building into the distance of Manhattan.

Meanwhile, in another location, Kraven the Hunter is talking with Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. He says that they need more than them in this war they are "fighting in." Kingpin claps his hands twice, and a man in a waiter suit comes out with a serum marked "Spider Venom." Kraven says that they need to get to Harry first before anyone else.

When we see Peter again, he finished eating dinner when he gets another call from Nick. He says he needs him again for another mission downtown. When you get there, Nick says that Peter needs to get inside a fancy restruant and capture the mob that he believes is in there.

Sure enough, there is a mob inside, trying to kill a few innocent people. You go ahead and fight all of them, webbing them to the walls, floor, ceiling, and door. You free the citizens, and tell them to run off through the backdoor before they get caught being in there.

Suddenly, Wilson Fisk runs into the storage room, furious that his "pawns" are stuck to the room itself. He proceededs to fight you, both with melee attacks and his cane. You eventually beat him, then stick him to the garbage can in the room. Then you crawl out of there, leaving Fisk in there.

You go to sleep, and wake up in the morning, only to look out your window. A fire is going on downtown, and you need to sling on over there!

When you get there, you hear that a few children are trapped in the burning orphanage. You navigate the building, eventually find them.


Playable Characters

Image Description
Peter Parker AG thumb The alter ego of Spider-Man, and Richard Parker's son. While he can't preform Spider-Man's moves in this form, he can use a camera to take pictures, and a cell phone to call people. He's the only one who can go into buildings.
Cspiderman It's your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! He can use web slinging and crime-busting as his attacks, as well as Spider Sense and wall crawling. He has lived in New York most of his life, so he knows all about crime fighting and heroes.


Image Description
Carnage Cletus Kasady was once a major serial killer before becoming Carange, thanks to a spawn from the Venom Smybiote. He attacks his claws and his insane ammount of strengh! He is the first boss in the game.
Spiderman-4-5-villains-kingpin-next-enemy-cast-pictures Wilson Fisk is a crime boss, and he's also known as the Kingpin. He uses his cane and his large body mass to try and crush Spider Man. He is the second boss in the game.

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