Spider-Man Meets Mario Bros. - Turtles'n Goblins
Wii U Cover
Developer(s) Flaming Wishes Inc.
Publisher(s) Flaming Wishes Inc., Marvel Comics, Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, 3DS
Release Date(s)
(to be confirmed)
Single Player, Multiplayer, On-Line
Age Rating(s)
ESRB T (America and Canada), Pegi +12 (Europe)
Genre(s) Platforming, Action-Adventure
Series Marvel Meets Nintendo
Predecessor None
Successor Iron Man Meets Metroid - Attack of the Extremis Pirates

Spider-Man Meets Mario Bros. - Turtles'n Goblins is the first installment of the Marvel Meets Nintendo saga, developed by Flaming Wishes Inc. and supported by Marvel Comics and Nintendo. It'll be released for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS.


Wii U

The Gamepad is used for this game. There's an Off-TV Mode.

  • Circle Pad - Move (the farther you move it, the faster the character moves)
  • Control Pad - Camera
  • Y - Sprint/Light Attack (hold to sprint with Mario, press Y several times to do a light attack combo with Spider-Man, can be mixed with heavy attacks for stronger attacks)
  • X - Back-Up Item/Heavy Attack (use back-up item with Mario, press X several times to do a heavy attack combo with Spider-Man, can be mixed with light attacks for stronger attacks)
  • B - Jump/Jump Higher/Double Jump (hold to jump higher with Mario, press again in mid-air to double jump with Spider-Man)
  • A - Attack/Web-Shoot (press 3 times to attack with Mario, press repeatedly to web-shoot with Spider-Man)



The plot can go in two different ways, although there're two cutscenes first (the player can choose which one to see first, but once one's over they'll go watch the other one). One is with Mario being on a forest, stomping on some Goombas to reach Princess Peach, who's been, again, kidnapped by Bowser. The other one is with Spider-Man web-swinging through the New York City suburbs to catch a van driven by some criminals. Suddenly, after Mario clears the area of Goombas and rescues Princess Peach while Spider-Man catches the van with his web and subdues the criminals, two mysterious portals then appear, each of them next to each hero. The player can then choose which hero goes through their respective portal. This decision can't be changed once made, and the player will play with that character through a big part of the game until the point where characters can be switched, although the character you choose at first will be considered the main hero of the plot.


Spider-Man's gameplay style is identical to the one from Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Wii U.

If the player chooses Spider-Man, the aforementioned hero goes through the portal and find himself in the Mushroom Kingdom forest, next to Mario and Peach. The italian plumber believes Spider-Man's actually another member of Bowser's troops and fights him. After a fierce battle, Spider-Man comes out victorious. Peach then shouts, and a few seconds later, a lot of Toad soldiers arrive. Seeing he's in no condition to fight, Spider-Man leaves by leaping away (seeing there're no buildings he can web-swing from). Mario then looks at Spider-Man and claims that "there's no evil in that boy", and says that Peach should arrange for a meeting with Spider-Man so the three of them can talk.

A few minutes later, Spider-Man arrives at Mushroom City, the capital of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario's defeat at the hands of Spider-Man has been heard of in the city, and the civilians now consider Spider-Man a menace. He then remarks how it doesn't feel much different from his own world and decides to explore the city. After helping out (or annoying) a few citizens, a bird delivers a message to Spider-Man, with the sender claiming he wants to meet him at the Mushroom City borders. After Spider-Man gets to the rendezvous point, a Koopa Troopa arrives. He tells Spider-Man that Bowser (being referred to as "the Royal Highness") wants to meet him. Unexpectedly, a Toad appears and claims that the Princess Peach (being referred to as "the leader of the Mushroom Kingdom") wants to meet up with Spider-Man as well and talk about what happened earlier. The player can decide to either go with the Koopa Troopa, go with the Toad or ignore them both (note that the Hero options are the canon ones, and we're going for the canon here).

Spider-Man chooses to go with the Toad and knocks out the Koopa Troopa. After a few minutes, Spider-Man finally arrives to Peach's Castle, and is escorted by a few Toad soldiers into the Throne Room, where Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy are at (the latter two stating they were just there because "they wanted to meet the guy who actually defeated Super Mario"). Mario asks Spider-Man about who he is, and after the latter asks if they're not being watched and if everyone in the room is to be trusted, he takes off his mask and reveals himself as Peter Parker, saying "my name is Peter Parker, but you may call me Spider-Man". Mario and Luigi are surprised to see a human like themselves, and Peach asks where he comes from. He explains that he comes from "a beautiful city corrupted by greed and destruction, but beautiful nonetheless". As Daisy says she'd like to hear more about this city, a Toad arrives to inform that Bowser, along with "a mysterious flying green creature", has attacked the castle. Upon hearing this, an agitated Spider-Man puts his mask back on and runs back to the castle entrance. As Mario, Luigi and Spider-Man get there, a bomb is suddenly dropped next to the two brothers. Spider-Man uses his speed to save them right before the bomb explodes. Suddenly, a maniacal laughter is heard and a mysterious green figure flying in a glider appears. Spider-Man says it's the Green Goblin, Spider-Man's arch-nemesis. Bowser then appears in his Koopa Clown Car. He tries to do a high-five with the Green Goblin for finding Spider-Man, yet the villain refuses. Bowser then says "so you're the so-called Amazing Spider-Man. Well, I'll blow your amazingness away!". Mario and Luigi prepare to fight Bowser, as Spider-Man decides to fight the Green Goblin.

After a fierce battle, Spider-Man will end up defeating the Green Goblin on top of a really tall building. With his Goblin Glider destroyed, the villain says Spider-Man might as well throw him off the edge, provoking him by saying that he must already know how to do it after what the villain did years ago. The player can choose to either throw the Green Goblin off the edge (villain), surrender him to the authorities (hero) or leave him there (neutral).

Spider-Man decides to surrender a powerless, weaponless Green Goblin to the authorities of the Mushroom Kingdom. Spider-Man is then considered a hero by the citizens. Mario and Luigi then arrive and say that Bowser escaped to his castle. Spider-Man decides that Mario and himself will be going, and Luigi, Peach, Daisy and the citizens say goodbye to the two red-and-blue heroes. From now on, the player can choose to alternate to play as Spider-Man or Mario (however, we're focusing on Spider-Man for this section, as the plot is the same for the two heroes so it won't matter).

After the heroes reach the forest, Kamek arrives and transports them to a rather dark, noir-like city. A sign says it's "Kamek City, the land of illusions". As the two heroes explore the newfound city, they find a warehouse from which a lot of lights come from. Spider-Man takes out the guards (either stealthily or by fighting) and the two heroes enter the warehouse. They find a machine that emits out several lights, and the player can choose to either take control of it (Villain), shut it down (Hero) or destroy it (Neutral).

Spider-Man decides to shut it down for the time being, until they know what it is. Then, the heroes are teleported right infront of Bowser's Castle. Mario helps Spider-Man find a way into the castle, and the two heroes soon arrive to the Throne Room, where Bowser is, along with Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. Mario fights Bowser Jr. as Spider-Man fights the Koopalings.

After a long battle, Bowser Jr. is KOed and the Koopalings are all webbed up together. Bowser then comes in and claims that "the Koopa's gonna squash the spider". Considering this a challenge, Spider-Man asks Mario to let him fight Bowser. Mario agrees, and Spider-Man and Bowser fight.

After a fierce battle that goes through the entire Bowser castle, Spider-Man defeats Bowser next to a lava pit. Bowser then begs for mercy, thinking that Spider-Man will toss him to the lava. The player can then make the final choice to either toss him to the lava (Villain), take him to the authorities (Hero) or leave him there (Neutral).

Spider-Man covers Bowser's mouth with webbing and takes him to the Mushroom Kingdom, where he's tossed into a special jail. The citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom then aclaim Spider-Man as a hero, claiming that "his heroics are only matched by those of Mario himself". Spider-Man and Mario then continue to help people through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Extra Mission

If Spider-Man chose to shut the machine in Kamek City down, an extra mission can be played.

Spider-Man talks with Mario about how he'd like to return to his world despite having a lot of fun in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario goes to meet up with Princess Peach, and they talk about what they can do. Mario claims that he saw that the lights coming from the Kamek City machine were identical to those of the portal through which Spider-Man came. Peach then gives Mario the order to escort Spider-Man to Kamek City and help him turn the machine back on. However, a mysterious figure overhears this and heads there first.

Meanwhile, Mario meets up with Spider-Man and tells him there's a surprise waiting for him in Kamek City. Itching to find out what it is, Spider-Man heads there with Mario, and the two enter the dark warehouse, flashlight in hand. However, Spider-Man says that there's danger nearby. The two carefully, slowly approach the machine, when they start hearing noises, as if something -or someone- were crawling through the walls. Spider-Man then says he has a bad feeling. Suddenly, a faint voice starts calling for Mario. Mario claims that he shares the bad feeling. Then, they aim the flashlight to the machine and see it's covered in some sort of black webbing! Then, Mario hears a bump behind them, turns around and aims the flashlight to the door, and sees a mysterious figure wearing a dark green cap with an L, as well as dark blue pants! Mario recognizes the figure as Luigi, but before any of the brothers can say anything, Spider-Man grabs Mario from the shoulder and tells him that luigi has been infected by the Venom Symbiote. This is proven when Luigi gets up, lets out a roar and a big, white spider that goes through Luigi's trunk is visible. It's also shown that Luigi now has eyes similar to Spider-Man's, but in a sinister way. The Venom Luigi claims that there're no borders that'll separate him (referred to as "them", as Venom always refers to himself in a third-person manner) from eliminating his most hated enemy: Spider-Man. Mario asks Spider-Man if he wants to cooperate to take Venom Luigi out. The player can choose to either cooperate with Mario (Ending 1) or leave him out of the fight (Ending 2).

Ending 1

Spider-Man chooses to cooperate with Mario, and the two heroes quickly defeat their enemy. After a few seconds, the webbing in the machine disolves and it starts emitting lights again, which quickly separates Venom from Luigi. The Venom remains then jump into the machine and fade away. Mario hugs Luigi while Spider-Man presses a button that creates a portal. Mario and Luigi then wave and say goodbye as Spider-Man, who also waves and says goodbye to the brothers, goes through the portal, claiming that if they ever need him, he'll be there for them.

New York City is now unlocked as a scenario, and Spider-Man can switch between NYC and the Mushroom Kingdom at will.

Ending 2

Spider-Man claims that Venom is way too strong when he has a host, specially because the host receives Spider-Man's powers as long as the infection lasts. Therefore, Spider-Man fights Venom Luigi alone. Spider-Man wins and Luigi is separated from Venom, yet the machine is destroyed. Venom reveals that the machine was the only way to return home, and he then fades away. Devastated by this, Spider-Man falls on the floor, claiming that he'll never see his loved ones again. Mario and Luigi try to comfort him, saying it's not so bad. Meanwhile, on New York City, everyone's looking for Spider-Man as Super Villains rampage through the streets and the Super Heroes can't hold them all off without the aid of Spider-Man. Back on the Mushroom Kingdom, Spider-Man claims that they must be right and joins the Mario Bros. in their adventures, eventually moving in with them and earning his reputation as "Mushroom Kingdom's Super Hero", with people claiming that even though Mario and Luigi are heroes, none of them have super powers like Spider-Man does.


Mario's gameplay style is identical to the one from Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64, while having Super Mario 3D World's power-ups.

If the player chooses Mario to be the one who goes through the portal, he appears next to Spider-Man. The web-slinger believes that Mario is actually part of the gang he just arrested and fights him. After a fierce battle, Mario comes out victorious. A news reporter sees this and sends the news to everyone in New York City. The police soon arrives to take out Mario, but he escapes through the streets, alleys and rooftops. Spider-Man then wakes up and claims that "the guy wasn't evil". He then sends a call to a mysterious person (later revealed to be Captain America) so they can find Mario and talk to him.

Mario goes on helping the people of NYC, and a mailman soon delivers him a message. A mysterious person wants to meet Mario at Central Park. When Mario arrives there, someone suddenly comes out of a bush. A guy covered in green tattoos claims that the Green Goblin (referred to as "the boss") wants to meet you. Suddenly, a police officer comes in and tells you to ignore that guy and go with him instead. Mario can choose to either go with the tattooed guy (Villain), with the police officer (Hero) or ignore them both (Neutral) (as always, Hero options are canon and we're now going for the canon).

Mario decides to go with the police officer, and the tattooed guy is soon taken into custody. Mario is then escorted to a big tower, called the Avengers Tower. He goes to the top floor and encounters Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man. Spider-Man asks him about who he is, and explains that he's Mario, hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Captain America asks him to explain what he's talking about. Mario says that the Mushroom Kingdom is a beautiful place, where mushroom-like creatures live and a beautiful princess called Peach rules. He says that, however, an evil mutated turtle named Bowser always tries to kidnap Peach for unknown reasons. Iron Man says it sounds like a video game plot, and Spider-Man asks about why Mario's in New York City, considering he should be in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario shrugs his shoulders and claims he doesn't know. Suddenly, alarms start beeping. A news screen then says that the Green Goblin, along with "a mysterious creature flying on a white vehicle" is attacking the tower. The four heroes go up to investigate and find that a bomb has been launched. Mario uses his skills to throw it away. Suddenly, Bowser flies down to the heroes in his Koopa Clown Car. The Green Goblin then shows up and congratulates Bowser for finding Mario. Green Goblin then says "So you're the famous Super Mario. Did you get bit by a radioactive plumber? Because otherwise I can't see what's so "super" about you", which annoys Mario. As Captain America and Iron Man fight the incoming Koopa Army troops and Spider-Man fights the Green Goblin, Mario fights Bowser.

After a fierce battle at the Avengers Tower Helipad, Mario wins and Bowser just lies there on the floor. Bowser asks Mario about what he'll do next. Mario can either push Bowser off the edge (Villain), send him to the authorities (Hero) or leave him there (Neutral).

Downloadable Content

Several skins for the characters in the game have already been planned for release as downloadable content. To activate them, the player must go to the Extras Menu on the Main Menu, then go to DLC, choose Skins and choose their skin. Be warned that some of these skins do not change the characters in important ways (for example, Mario's Wario skin will change his appearance to one similar to Wario's, but he'll still keep his jump height, attack and defense power, etc, as well as Spider-Man's Scarlet Spider (classic) skin will change his appearance to that of the original Scarlet Spider's, yet he'll still keep his agility, stealth, etc). Skins that apport playing changes will have these changes written in italics next to the skin name.


  • Black Suit (more strength, defense, speed, agility and stealth, special attack animations and voice effects during gameplay)
  • Classic Movie Suit
  • 2012 Movie Suit
  • Spider-Man 2099 (special attack animations and voice effects during gameplay)
  • Superior Spider-Man (more speed, special voice effects during gameplay)
  • Scarlet Spider (classic)
  • Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)
  • Scarlet Spider (2012)
  • Iron Spider (special attack animations)
  • Spider-Man Noir (more stealth)
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) (more defense)


  • Invincible Mario (higher jumping, stronger attacks, takes three hits instead of one to weaken, special jump/sprint/attack animations and voice effects during gameplay)
  • Luigi (higher jumping)
  • Wario
  • Waluigi (stronger attacks)
  • Yoshi (gains Yoshi disguise and hat)
  • Metal Mario
  • Tanooki Mario
  • Statue Mario (takes two hits instead of one to weaken)
  • Ice Mario (Fire Mario's attacks will freeze instead of burn)
  • Dr. Mario
  • Raccoon Mario

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