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Spider-Man & Venom: Partners
Developer(s) Beenox, Phazonworks
Platform(s) NX, Xbox One, PS4, PC
Age Rating(s)
T, Pegi 16
Series Spider-Man & Venom
Predecessor Spider-Man & Venom
Successor Spider-Man & Venom: Web Warriors
 Spider-Man & Venom: Partners is an action-adventure video game developed for the Nintendo NX, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC and a follow-up sequel to Spider-Man & Venom; the second entry of the series, it shows the struggle for power between Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn, as well as the growing reliance between Spider-Man and Venom.


  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Sam Riegel) - Now working around the clock with Venom and the Daily Bugle, Parker couldn't be busier: in between sparring matches and snapping pictures, he's had little time for his social life and such; unfortunately, it's about to get a lot more chaotic for both him and his shadowy pal, with the rising war for power between Fisk and Osborn starting to reach monumental levels...
  • Edward Brock, Jr./Venom (Christopher Daniel Barnes) - With the symbiote's darker temptations seeming more and more tempting, Eddie has a lot of social problems lately; and while most of these are quelled by his friend Gwen Stacy, he still has a never-endint struggle to stay true to the strong vigilante he is. Sadly, the nightmare of his struggle is becoming a little too real as Osborn and FIsk become more and more hostile in relations...
Insidious Syndicate
  • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin [Leader] (J.B. Blanc) - Born and raised in the rough neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, Fisk learned to fight from since he was little, eventually fighting his way to the top of the "food chain", so to speak, owning several insurance agencies that really serve as a front for his criminal empire. But with Norman Osborn getting more and more belligerent lately, his grip on the underworld has become more and more tenuous lately, eventually to where he decided to fight for the city.
    • Dmitri Smerdyakov/Chameleon (Steven Blum) - Kingpin, in order to strengthen his hold on New York, decided to replace the politicians in the city with his own puppets; as a result, he sends in his best spy in: a guy who can literally mimic anyone human, the Chameleon. Hiding out within their ranks, he'll stop at nothing to hit his targets.
    • Quentin Beck/Mysterio (David Kaye) - A upstaged magician, Beck now tries to make a name for himself in the underworld as the "Master of Illusions" but is unfortunately only able to get respect as a somewhat-low class bounty hunter; his illusions were realistic enough to get him more goons from the local prisons, but unfortunately not really enough to earn him respect.
    • Flint Marko/Sandman (Dmitri Diatchenko) - With Kingpin holding his daughter hostage and very little time to work, small-time criminal turned human sandstorm Flint Marko has no other choice but to use his sand powers to hold Grand Central station hostage until the city paid him the money Kingpin wanted.
Oscorp Warriors
  • Norman Osborn/Goblin King [Leader] (Jim Cummings) - CEO of Oscorp and father of Peter and Eddie's rival in high school Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn built up the Oscorp industries by his own hands, illegitimately though, considering most of the profits from it come from illegal experimentation and weapons manufacturing; Fisk is planning to expose this in order to gain control of Oscorp, which is something Osborn won't have.
    • Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin (Mark Hamill) - A sociopathic criminal enhanced with cyborganic parts, and a new pair of wings, Kingsley was confident enough in his skill to take down both Spider-Man & Venom, and that's why he'll fail.
    • Phillip Urich/Demogoblin (Fred Tatasciore) - A former Daily Bugle reporter humiliated by J. Jonah Jameson, Phil Urich received an injection of a brand of supersoldier serum that mutated him into a vicious, Goblin-like creature, which is no nicer than his human counterpart.
    • Lily Hollister/Grey Goblin (April Stewart) - A escaped mental patient with a flair for mass arson, Hollister was one of Norman Osborn's recruits (as well as good-time gal) for the Goblin Knights; her bag of tricks was able to let her commit random and explosive acts of terror against citizens of New York.


A year after the first game, things have been mainly repaired from the damage the gang war caused, with plenty of help from Spider-Man and Venom; however, even with the lowered threat of criminal heists, the Task Force protecting the city still decided to up the ante and entered Phase 2 of the Suppresion Initiative, resorting to more... proactive measures.

Peter and Eddie have been perfecting their skills in the meantime, improving their classic techniques and coming up with new ones on a daily basis; their social lives aren't in complete shambles either, with Peter going out with popular party girl Mary Jane Watson, and Eddie finally making friends for the first time since grade school. Things could be taking a turn for the better for Peter and Eddie, but that's just the calm before the storm; truth of the matter is, that things will be getting much worse.

Norman Osborn and Wilson Fisk have been assembling forces to take each other on in a war that could very well tear apart the entire city; with superhumans on each side and the Kingpins becoming more and more hostile towards one another, Spidey and Venom have to be even more reliant on each other should they want to come out on top; luckily, they don't seem to be alone this time...

Just an Ordinary Day?

The game starts almost 9 months after the events of Spider-Man & Venom 1, just as the closing bell at Empire State University's halls; Peter and Eddie meet up at the cafeteria, discussing various things: Peter and Eddie's social life (like how Eddie's started making friends for the first time since grade school), a recollection on Carnage's mayhem 9 months ago, and various other things, including Shocker going out on his own and Gwen Stacy, their best friend, getting an advanced internship at Oscorp.

Later on, at Oscorp, Norman greets his son Harry at his office, where Harry complains about Peter and Eddie, and Norman remains silent when Harry asks his intentions on Wilson Fisk, the man trying to push Oscorp out of business; when asked again, Norman simply responds: "Don't worry about Wilson; when I'm done with him, he'll be the Kingpin of nothing." Phoning one of his "associates", he decided to initiate the start of his plans; later that day, a crook calling himself the Hobgoblin later started blowing up buildings across town, then when Spider-Man arrived on the scene, Hobgoblin viciously assaulted him, cultivating in a battle that spanned most of the local neighborhoods, but eventually ended when Spider-Man outsmarted the sociopath and trapped him for the police to pick up later.

Meanwhile, Venom was hunting a group of thugs putting more weapons on the streets; stalking them, he found their hideout at an inner city construction site, where he quickly took them down and interrogated the last thug left conscious; the muscle-bound goon quickly broke down to a quivering wreck, revealing the last known location of the man dealing them out. Finding the weapons dealer downtown, Venom interrogated him to find out that most of the high-grade weapons came from a Fisk Industries subsidiary; wanting more answers, Venom contacted Spider-Man for assistance.

War of the Kingpins
Raising the Stakes


Quite a bit of gameplay is shared between this game and the previous one: a lot of the button schemes and overall mechanics remain the same, but there are also quite a few new mechanics as well.

(More Coming Soon)


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