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Spider-Man & Venom
Developer(s) Beenox
Publisher(s) Activision
Platform(s) Nintendo NX, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC.
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Beat 'Em Up, Stealth
Age Rating(s)
Teen, Pegi 16 (Mild Violence, Suggestive Dialogue, Brief Language)
Series Spider-Man & Venom
Successor Spider-Man & Venom: Partners

Spider-Man & Venom is an action-adventure video game developed for the Nintendo NX, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC; it is the first of the Spider-Man and Venom games, and focuses on the start of what is called Oscorp's uprising.


Main Characters
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Sam Riegel) - Everyone who knows Peter Parker always think that there's nothing more to him than a simple geek; nobody has any idea how much responsibility he carries as his hero counterpart Spider-Man. Ever since his beloved Uncle Ben was gunned down by gun dealer Dennis Carradine, Peter has dedicated his career as Spider-Man to stopping crime around the city; recently, though, the criminal waves have been slowly overwhelming him. The new guy Venom may be able to help, but can he be trusted?
  • Edward Brock, Jr./Venom (Christopher Daniel Barnes) - Eddie Brock was Peter's best friend ever since they were kids (it helped that Richard Parker, Peter's father, and Edward Brock, Sr. worked together at Oscorp); one night, Eddie found out about a secret bioweapons program at Oscorp that would revolutionize most armies: a collective of nanites that forms a life-sustaining bond between itself and the host; a symbiotes of sorts. Learning what it was to be implemented for, Eddie's dad took the only prototype home, where it bonded with Eddie and gave him a new look and identity to reflect his similar-yet-different outlook on New York's crime spree:  the bone-breaking, sneak-attacking vigilante of the shadows: Venom.
  • Carnage/Cletus Kasady (Fred Tatasciore)- Cletus Kasady came from a horrible home, and as a result came out a horrible human. He kills dozens of former criminals, constantly searching for some big cosmic answer in death; but he would soon become a threat to all, when he came upon a new symbiotic costume similar to that of Venom. Like with Venom, the costume reflects the outlook and personality of the wearer; but whereas Venom had a similar look to Spider-Man, Cletus turned into a horrible monster, named Carnage, determined to show the world "what answers death holds."
  • Gang Runners
    • Herman Schultz/Shocker (Ryan Alosio) - A simple gang leader specializing in arms and military grade weapons, Herman Schultz broke into Oscorp and made off with a pair of seismic-level vibration generation gauntlets to help him compete within the underground. Using these special gauntlets, he quickly became known as the Shocker for his quick and severe heists across the city; unfortunately for him, he was stopped by Venom within a few weeks.
    • Walter Hardy/White Tiger (Dee Bradley Baker) - A wild animal smuggling master, Walter Hardy holds a guise as a respected philanthropist and a doting father (his daughter Felicia being totally unaware of his business and ironically studying to become a zookeeper); he even funded the Central Park Zoo with his money.
    • Joseph Lorenzi/Hammerhead (John DiMaggio) - A former circus employee nicknamed "Hammerhead" due to his bizzare skull, Joseph Lorenzi grew up in Brooklyn as part of a Sicilian family (part of his heritage was the comic book: "Benito the Hood and his Merry Thugs") and came to love the classic gangster era of the 1920s and 30s, even fashoning his own gang after them and gaining a steady grip on New York's underground.
  • Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (end cutscene)
  • Norman Osborn (end cutscene)


Peter Parker and Edward Brock, Jr. You couldn't pair two more different people if you tried: Peter has brains, Eddie has brawn; Peter has a job at the Daily Bugle, Eddie has a part-time pizza delivery job; Peter tries hard to get good grades, Eddie competes for a scholarship to college. By this point, you're wondering why they're even friends at all; but oddly enough, despite being totally opposite, they are the best of friends, hanging out whenever they have the chance.

Like their civilian identities, Spider-Man and Venom have differences as well: Spider-Man takes a technical approach, Venom forces his way through thugs; Spidey figures out problems with scientific data, Venom puts things together via detective work; Spidey ties up foes with webbing, Venom leaves thugs immobilized with broken bones; Spidey prefers up-close-and-personal combat, Venom is more fond of stealth takedowns. No pair could be more opposite.

But even though Peter and Eddie are good friends, Spider and Venom do not get along in the slightest; but lately the criminals they fight have been getting out of hand: gang wars are occurring left and right, with each side trying to get an edge over the others in some way; and with the new Task Force sending a strong "no vigilantes" message, the dynamic duo are finding the heat being placed on them to be unbearable for just each other to handle. There's only one way to settle this: a team-up. 

The Gang War

It was a simple morning in New York; Peter and Eddie's class got the privilege of touring Oscorp as a field trip, thanks to Harry Osborne's machinations and Gwen Stacy's moderate prodding. They toured most of the facilities safely, seeing most of the inner workings of the bio-organic tech company (unfortunately, none of the "nasty" stuff was discovered by the group), and that went very smoothly, until the gang war told about in the papers "took it to the geeks" in the building and invaded Oscorp; while the class got to safety, Peter and Eddie both broke off from the group and shifted to their alter-egos (Spider-Man and Venom) to deal with each of the gangs, with Spider-Man handling Herman Schultz's people and Venom taking down Hammerhead's crew. After a little while of fighting thugs, Spidey and Venom met for the first time; however, after they explained and disagreed with each other on their contradictory methods, they fought with each other, until Herman Schultz busted in and retrieved a piece of tech that could have been the key he needed to eliminating his competition; agreeing that they would work better as allies rather than rivals, Spider and Venom agreed to put aside their differences and help each other with the crime wave. A few minutes later, they both changed back into Peter and Eddie again and feigned being lost when they caught up with the class.

Later that night, Venom goes on patrol for Hammerhead's crew, checking the docks for incoming gun shipments, only to find Schultz's crew taking over a docked frigate to extort Hammerhead's crew into surrendering; sneaking aboard, Venom managed to learn about a new face known as the "Carnage Killer" that was hunting members of each gang to the point of where everyone was scared of everyone else. He would have learned more, had Schultz not intervened, now equipped with his new weapon, the Seismic Harness Construction Resource; calling himself "Shocker", Schultz nearly won against Venom, but Brock managed to pull a swift trick and stopped Schultz before any major damage could have taken place. Passing the info of the new "Carnage Killer" off to Spider-Man, Venom decided to continue pursing Hammerhead's crew while the police picked up Shocker.

Spider-Man later went out to Alphabet City to try to find a lead on where the White Tiger's gang hides out, only to find a local comic stand being set on fire by a rival group; rescuing the stand's elderly manager (by the name of Stanley), he received thanks from a grateful Stanley, who offered to call the Daily Bugle and tell them that Jameson "[was] full of it." Spider-Man advised against it, but said that "nothing was stopping [him]." After searching Alphabet City for hours, Spidey finally got a lead on the White Tiger; learning that Tiger had a fondness of big cats, Spidey decided to start searching the Zoos, but figured it would be better to seek help to cover more ground. Contacting Venom, Spidey informed him of the lead and upcoming search as well as the need for help in doing so; as a result, Spidey and Venom teamed up to search the zoos for White Tiger's gang.

Advanced Crime Task Force

The city's mayor Johnson Ebert soon announced at a press conference that he would be personally financing, along with well-known industrialists Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn, a new hand-picked, enhanced task force to help clean up the various gang wars throughout the city, adding that vigilantes like Spider-Man and Venom merely make the problem worse and they would be apprehended as well; with the Task Force entering Phase 1 of the "Suppression Initiative" and the gangs arming up quicker and quicker, Spidey and Venom decided it was best to end the war before it got the task force pushed to the limit. While Spidey hunted down a lead on the White Tiger, Venom would work on Hammerhead.

Tracking Hammerhead to a shipyard, Venom did manage to cause significant damage to the weapon shipments, only to be interrupted by another encounter with the Carnage Killer, which distracted him long enough for Hammerhead to escape. On the other hand, Venom subdued the Carnage Killer, later revealed to be Cletus Kasady, and left him to the NYPD; getting back on Hammerhead's trail, he gave Spidey an update on what happened, after which the latter informed Venom that he found White Tiger's hideout.

When Spider-Man found White Tiger's hideout, he found out that Tiger had been expecting him and in fact wanted to challenge him for dominance over the city; after a long scuffle, Tiger unexpectedly left, unwittingly leaving some evidence for Spidey to decrypt and find out who he was: philanthropic industrialist and doting father Walter Hardy, whose daughter Felicia was completely unaware of his criminal doings.

Unfortunately, Hammerhead also figured that out and trapped his rival (and his oblivious daughter) in the Harlem trainyard to keep him hostage until he relinquished all his hold on New York's underworld; Spider-Man and Venom met up nearby and agreed to two different attack patterns: Spider-Man would distract Hammerhead long enough to attract attention from his goons, while Venom worked on taking out the guards and rescuing Tiger and Felicia. After handling the goons, Venom pulled the rescue on the now-regretful Tiger, who decided to retire from the criminal life after the war was over and serve his time. Spider-Man managed to take down Hammerhead by getting him to ram headfirst into an old boxcar, even though a lot of damage occured to the trainyard beforehand; arresting him and Tiger, Spider-Man and Venom left the remainder of the criminals to the Task Force, but couldn't rest after they got word that Kasady had broken out of Ravencroft Institute and transformed into some kind of monster. (Felicia was actually very impressed by their heroics, eventually deciding to become a costumed adventuress herself)

True Carnage

Kasady later turned up at the Empire State Building, killing everyone in sight (including Mayor Ebert) and creating real carnage where he went; faced with a falling-apart landmark and innocent people in danger from a rampaging psychopathic monster, Spider-Man and Venom split the workload: Venom rescued the innocent people from the blazing building, while Spider-Man put out the flames and prevented Kasady (now calling himself Carnage) from causing any more damage. Eventually, they both confronted Carnage on the roof; their combined might overwhelmed him and prevented him from doing any harm to the populace in the streets below. But Carnage himself fell through the collapsing roof, ending up burning to death in the blazing wreckage; afterward Spider-Man and Venom made it off the Empire State Building and eventually trusted each other enough with their secret identities (though they were reasonably surprised to find out who each other was, that being Peter Parker was Spider-Man and Eddie Brock was Venom).

In the post-credits scene, Wilson Fisk and Norman Osborn are sitting at a table discussing the events of the main story, and then discuss business:

  • Fisk: "Norman, my friend, I'm still willing to take Oscorp off your hands. Just say the word, and it'll be done."
  • Osborn: "Wilson, I will say to you what I have said the other 20 times you have asked me: no, I will not give you the company that has taken years of my blood and sweat to make."
  • Fisk: "Fine, I'll just have one of my men divulge your little... experiments to the press."
  • Osborn: "You're willing to go that far for possession of my company that you'd rather destroy it than it not be yours?"
  • Fisk: "Well, my men don't call me the Kingpin for nothing."
  • Osborn: "Then forget it, Kingpin; I won't give up Oscorp without a fight.
  • Fisk: "Why, Norman, I never knew you were even the fighting type."
  • Osborn: "You shouldn't be surprised. You want a war? You have one now."


The main game formula is what you'd expect from a Spider-Man game (at least one of the movie tie-ins): third-person free-roam with decent combat sections scattered throughout the game. While there aren't many differences between Spider-Man and Venom's controls, the shared controls follow a simple button setting that's easy to memorize, since (save for the PC version) it's shared between the 3 main systems. A lot of similar aspects are shared between Spidey and Venom: web-swinging (although with Venom, it's tendril-swinging), wall-crawling, combat skills, and athletic skills. A lot of controls are shared between them, but Peter and Eddie have their own unique traits.


  • Spider-Sense - Spider-Man's practically trademark ability, his Spider-Sense is known for detecting danger, but here it's enhanced, by quite a bit. Since Peter was bitten by the spider at 8 years old, his power has matured with him: he can now use it to locate foes, detect their line of sight, and sense their state of mind.
    • Web Rush - Enabled by his Spider-Sense, Peter has a mode called Web Rush, where he can scope out things in the environment to either use to defeat enemies, or get a better vantage point over them; with this, Spider-Man can even slip past certain hazards.
  • Healing - Should he need to recuperate quickly before a foe gets away, Spidey can patch himself up with little to no problem for quick, easy on-the-go healing.
  • Impact Webbing - When equipped with one of Shocker's Seismic Harnesses (miniaturized for easy accessibility), Spider-Man can wound up his webbing into a compact bullet then launch it to shake up most sturdy goons with a powerful webbing blast.
  • Aerial Rush Attacks - When his foes are launched into the air, Spider-Man has no trouble following up with a quick succession of focused air attacks.


  • Venom Thrust - With his own control over the symbiote, Venom can create tendrils that slam into foes and obstacles with tremendous force. The only downside to this is that they only work one foe at a time.
  • Stealth - The black suit that Venom wears allows him to blend in with shadows easily, so enemies won't spot him as long as he's hiding. Shed some light, however, and there won't be anything to hide him from an enemy's line of sight.
  • Ground Rip - Venom's enhanced strength lets him pull up chunks of the ground to toss and bring the beat down with.
  • Fear Takedown - When certain foes are terrified about things in the environment, Venom can more than often take advantage of their panic and take down up to 10 maximum at a time.
  • Tendril Slingshot - When stretching his tendrils to grab for vantage points, Venom can use two to simultaneously pull himself up with a slingshot technique for greater horizontal or vertical distance.
  • Rage Power - Should he take enough hits, Venom can get enraged enough to do double damage to foes for a limited time.



  • Venom's new outfit was inspired primarily by the Noir universe Spider-Man.

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