Spider-Man: Webslinger
Developer(s) Inora
Publisher(s) Marvel Interactive
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 3D Open World Action/Adventure
Series Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Webslinger is a 3D open world action adventure game developed by Inora(the first Spider-Man game to be done by them) and the second installment in the Marvel Gaming Universe. The game features a primarily original story with elements of The Death of Gwen Stacy. The game has been described as a love letter to fans of the comics, featuring less popular villains and continuity references.

The game was released for 8th generation consoles, being planned as a title that would revitalize the series, and had classic villains, until it was reworked for the Marvel Gaming Universe. A sequel is also in the pitching stages.


Spider-Man is an established superhero praised by most of the city and in a loving relationship with Gwen Stacy, the only one who knows his identidy as Peter Parker(besides Norman Osborn, an imprisoned psychopath). This all changes when a mysterious villain known as Hobgoblin resembling the Green Goblin kidnaps Gwen and kills her in front of Spider-Man, devastating him. Depressed, Peter Parker ends his career as Spider-Man.

With Spider-Man gone, New York City is taken over by Hobgoblin and his league of up and coming villains. Seeing the city in chaos, Peter reluctantly takes up the mantle once more, starting with his home of Manhattan, taken over by an elderly flying villain named Vulture. Spider-Man attempts to enter Vulture's base of operations, but finds that it is protected with a force field. While searching for leads, Spider-Man comes upon an abandoned warehouse taken over by Vulture's thugs and finds a key card that leads him to the Empire State Building, which holds the power source of the shield. Spider-Man takes it out.

Upon reaching Vulture's base, he learns of Vulture's backstory after beating him. Adrian Toomes was once a mutant born with the power of flight, who caught cancer, and is fighting for Hobgoblin to collect a paycheck. Spider-Man tells him that there are other ways to make money, and swings off to the Bronx.

Spider-Man enters the Bronx, and finds tales of someone who can create nightmarish worlds. Following the leads, he reaches an abandoned film studio, where he finds various tricks and traps, in addition to various substances that lessen his powers. He tracks this down to a man behind the curtains, who calls himself Mysterio. Spider-Man battles against Mysterio, and in spite of his tricks, is able to defeat him. Unmasked, he is revealed as Quentin Beck, an effects geek who just wanted to become famous from beating Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is swinging over Yankee Stadium when a gunshot snaps his web and brings him onto the ground, where he finds a number of thugs. After taking out the onslaught of thugs and escaping the stadium, Spider-Man finds ID identifying their boss as a man named Scorpion. He then hears on the news about the Bronx Zoo being raided and the animals being set loose, and goes to investigate, finding that Scorpion is the culprit. Upon defeating Scorpion, he learns that he is a bounty hunter hired by the leader using a suit from Hobgoblin named Mac Gargan.

Spider-Man enters Brooklyn through the famous Brooklyn Bridge, and when arriving in the borough is surprised to find clones of himself. Curious, he follows these clones back to a factory, and upon duking it out with them, reaches the source of the clones, Dr. Miles Jackal, a psychotic scientist obsessed with Spider-Man. Spider-Man defeats Jackal and moves on, finding himself hunted by one thug alone. Despite brushing it off, Spider-Man finds that the hunter is actually one of the villains, a man insistent on hunting Spider-Man himself named Sergei Kraven, a world famous hunter who has hunted some of the toughest animals around, and believes that Spider-Man is the natural progression, someone fast, strong, and versatile. Kraven is defeated though, and he moves on to Queens.

Spider-Man is swinging around when he comes upon a Long Island Railroad train hijacked by gang members. Hopping on to stop the thugs, he learns from their discussions and behavior that they are part of the Maggia, a crime syndicate lead by Joseph "Hammerhead" Cisero, who's skull is made out of adatanium, giving it a square shape. Spider-Man learns that Hammerhead is relaxing in Rockaway Park beach, which he visits. There, after defeating his guards, he defeats Hammerhead. This victory is interrupted by an explosion downtown, causing Spider-Man to hurry there. There, he finds that the explosion was caused by a man named Shocker who used his air blasting gauntlets to level a building. Spider-Man confronts the Shocker, and he is revealed as Heman Schultz, a genius engineer who turned to a life of crime. With Shocker defeated, only one villain remains, Hobgoblin himself.

Going to Liberty Island, Spider-Man finds that Hobgoblin has taken of the Statue of Liberty and is using it as a base of operations. After defeating the thugs and climbing the Statue of Liberty, Spider-Man is finally able to confront Hobgoblin and get revenge. He learns that the Hobgoblin is Roderick Kingsley, an executive at OsCorp who greatly admired Osborn and was devastated by his arrest. In sorrow, he accidentally came upon the Green Goblin technology and used it for himself. Kingsley states that killing Gwen Stacy was revenge, angering Spider-Man. Defeating Hobgoblin in a climactic fight, Spider-Man relentlessly attacks Hobgoblin, nearly to death, but realizes what he is doing and stops, knowing that Gwen would be disappointed with him. Leaving the Hobgoblin to the police, Spider-Man swings off, stating that he has to honor Gwen's memory by protecting New York.


The game has players taking control of Spider-Man as he fights crime and explores New York City. Spider-Man has a wide range of abilities such as swinging, throwing webs at enemies, and using webs as a defense mechanism. The game is split into two main parts, combining aspects of the linear Shattered Dimensions and the wide open Spider-Man 2. These parts are exploring the overworld, New York City(split into five boroughs) and 15 levels inside these 5 boroughs. Along the way, the story progresses and Spider-Man encounters bosses.

The game also features a multiplayer mode split into modes. The first is Sling Race, where players must swing webs to the goal of a stage against another player while avoiding hazards. The second is Web Battle, where two players duke it out to the end. The final is Hero Tower, where up to 4 players must race to the top of the tower while slinging webs and defeating enemies.

Each version of the game has something unique to bring to the table. The Xbox One version features an exclusive mode for the Kinect known as Swing Experience, where players move their arms to swing on webs, and must steer around hazards. There are 15 levels of this, with three themes, Morning, Sunset, and Midnight. The PS4 version features an exclusive mode called City Run, where 8 players can explore New York and do side quests and tricks to earn points, with the person with the most points winning. The Wii U version has Amiibo compatibility, that will give Spider-Man a different web depending on the Amiibo.

To increase playtime, players can find three seperate types of collectables scattered around New York: Comic Books(which will unlock Concept Art), Mixtapes(which will unlock songs in Sound Test), and Briefcases(which unlock multiplayer characters). Players can also earn Cash by playing as Peter Parker and delivering pizza, taking pictures for the Daily Bugle, and other small jobs.


Story Mode

Character Description

Spiderman render


The main protagonist, Spider-Man is a (mostly) beloved superhero who is also the teenage photographer Peter Parker. His entire life is thrown off course by Hobgoblin killing Gwen Stacy, but he pushes forward in her memory, fighting baddies and spewing catchphrases. He's voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.
Gwenstacywebslinger Spider-Man's first love and confidant. She appears for a short period of time, but her death has a large impact on Spider-Man. She's voiced by Lacey Chabert.
Jjj Peter's boss, J. Jonah Jameson runs the Daily Bugle. He's an obnoxious and abrasive boss, but it's hinted that really cares about the city. Turning in pictures will earn Peter money, pictures that will no doubt be used to smear Spider-Man's reputation. He's voiced by JK Simmons.


Source: SpiedyFan and Jerome-K-Moore

Spider-Man's biggest fan and Peter Parker's biggest pest. Flash Thompson is a jock who bullies Peter and will compete with him for jobs. He's voiced by S. Scott Bullock.
Auntmay Peter's old caring aunt, Aunt May will always be there for him, and she can be visited at any time. She's voiced by Rosemary Harris.


Character Description
Vulture Vulture is Adrian Toomes, a dying elderly mutant with the power of flight voiced by Robert Englund. The battle with Vulture takes place across various rooftops. Vulture will float above these rooftops and summon thugs to attack. After taking out the thugs, Vulture will swoop down. While down, players must web him and attack until he is defeated.
Mysteriowebslinger Mysterio is Quentin Beck, a special effects technician who wants to get fame from defeating Spider-Man voiced by John Noble. The battle with Mysterio takes place in an enclosed large square room, where Mysterio sits on top of a suspended platform while summoning thugs. Players must defeat the thugs and find the switch to explode the platform, knocking him to the ground and leaving him vulnerable to attack. Players must repeat this 2 more times, but each time Mysterio will use gases to limit Spider-Man's mobility in various ways.
Scorpionwebslinger Scorpion is Mac Gargan, a bounty hunter wearing an OsCorp suit with scorpion-esque powers voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Scorpion is fought in a lion enclosure, where he'll summon lions, blast venom, and shoot his spiked tail at Spider-Man. When he attacks with his tail, players must web it and pull Scorpion into the arena and attack until he is defeated.
Miles Warren Jackal Dr. Miles Jackal is a brilliant scientist who works in the cloning field and is obsessed with Spider-Man to a very unhealthy degree. Jackal is voiced by Greg Baldwin. Jackal sits in a safe enclosure and will summon clones of Spider-Man to attack him.  Spider-Man must lure each of the clone's webs at the enclosure and then fire his own web at it to bring it down, allowing Jackal to be attacked.
Kraven II 001 Sergei Kraven(also known as Kraven the Hunter) is a world famous hunter who has taken down all kinds of tough animals, with one left: Spider-Man. Kraven is voiced by Jim Cummings. Kraven sits high in the trees, shooting at Spider-Man with a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and a machine gun. Once he runs out of ammo, he'll jump down to slash at Spider-Man with his spear, which must be evaded. Spider-Man must then attack from the back.
Hammerhead Hammerhead is Joseph Cisero, the boss of the Maggia, a large crime syndicate. With an adatanium enforced skull, Hammerhead is voiced by John DiMaggio. Hammerhead will summon thugs as he sits leisurely in his chair. After beating them, Hammerhead will charge ahead at Spider-Man. After evading that, he can be attacked.
Shockerwebslinger Shocker is Herman Schultz, an engineer turned to the life of crime who created air blasting gauntlets, voiced by Troy Baker. Shocker will blast Spider-Man backwards, impeding his progress every time he gets near. Players must grab rubble from building with their web and toss them at Schultz to stun him, leaving him open for attack.
Hobgoblin The main antagonist of the game. Hobgoblin is Roderick Kingsley, a big fan of Norman Osborn and an OsCorp executive who used the Green Goblin technology to get revenge by killing Gwen Stacy and taking over New York. Hobgoblin is fought on flying platforms that will collapse when Hobgoblin throws bombs at them. Players must use their web slinging skills to hurry of them and reach Hobgoblin. Then, Spider-Man must fire webs at his glider to knock Hobgoblin onto the ground, leaving him stunned so players can attack him.
Goblinwebslinger One of the classic villains and a bonus boss. Goblin is voiced by Mark Hamill. Green Goblin will throw a barrage of Pumpkin Bombs. After players avoid those, Goblin will ram his glider at Spider-Man, which must also be evaded. With his glider stuck, players can attack him.
Doctoroctopus One of the classic villains and a bonus boss. Doc Ock is voiced by Tom Kenny. The doctor will attack by thrusting his tentacle at the players. Once they are thrusted, Spider-Man must shoot a web at them. Once all are webbed, Doc Ock can be attacked.
Ultimate Venom One of the classic villains and a bonus boss. Venom is voiced by Quinton Flynn. Venom is the toughest boss, and will shoot out tendrills, steal HP from Spider-Man and regain it, and shoot his own webs to immobilize Spider-Man. Despite this, there's no specific strategy except to dodge his hits and hit him between his attacks.


  • Black Suit Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Spider-Man Noir
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Spider-Girl
  • Zombie Spider-Man
  • Indian Spider-Man
  • Miles Morale Spider-Man
  • SP//dr
  • Japanese Spider-Man
  • Spider-Ham


Levels are split into three categories:

  • Thug Onslaught: These levels are primarily beat em' ups. The goal is to fight through thugs to reach the goal while solving puzzles. There are 4 of these.
  • Web Climb: These levels focus on using your web slinging powers rather than combat. The goal is to reach a location and not dying from the hazards. There are 3 of these.
  • Supervillain Showdown: These unique levels are the boss battles. These levels don't necessarily have a focus, each one has it's own mechanics. There are 11 of these.

In addition, every level has 5 missions. For every 25 missions completed, players unlock a bonus stage. The missions are:

  • Completing the level.
  • Completing the level in a time limit.
  • Completing the level in hard mode.
  • Completing the level with no damage.
  • Completing the level and rescuing the hidden hostage/protecting the hidden hostage(boss battles).


Name Type Description
Fw Thug Onslaught The first level in the game, it teaches basic combat as well as other basic techniques. It's a warehouse full of basic thugs, with a key card at the end.
Esb Web Climb The first Web Climb level. It teaches basic web techniques and building climbing. This famous building has been taken over by Vulture, and the goal is the power source at the top.
Vf Supervillain Showdown Players start out in a building, where they have to go up the elevator to reach the boss.


Name Type Description
Mysteriomadness Supervillain Showdown An abandoned film studio taken over by Mysterio, who creates various puzzles and hazards with his effects. The gimmick of this level is gas released by Mysterio which will limit Spider-Man's powers.
Stadslau Thug Onslaught The famous Yankee Stadium taken over by thugs. Players must fight through the various legions, which test Spider-Man's endurance.
Scorpionzoo Supervillain Showdown The Bronx Zoo raided by Scorpion and his thugs. The gimmick here are the various enclosures which alter the puzzles and thugs.


Name Type Description
Brook Web Climb The famous entrance to Brooklyn. Players have to deal with slightly more complicated structures, and wires will break, creating pits that Spider-Man must react to.
Jackfac Supervillain Showdown A factory ran by the insane Dr. Jackal. The gimmick of the level are clones created of Spider-Man that follow him in a similar style to the Cosmic Clones. Players much use them to solve puzzles.
Kravhunt Supervillain Showdown A calm park that has been taken over and shelved off by Kraven. Players must always be ready to react when they hear a gun reloading, which means Kraven is nearby and ready to shoot. Along the way, he switches to other weapons.


Name Type Description
Ttb Thug Onslaught A train on the Long Island Railroad taken over by Maggia thugs. Players must fight their way to the end of the train carefully without falling off.
Hambeach Supervillain Showdown Rockaway Park beach taken over by Hammerhead and the Maggia. Players have to reach him by fighting through various waves of enemies.
Shockcity Supervillain Showdown

A downtown area taken over by Shocker, who rests in the distance. The gimmick is using various buildings and objects to dodge the vibrations which will set back Spider-Man's progress.

Liberty Island

Name Type Description
Cooltext124350996400438 Thug Onslaught The entrance to Liberty Island, guarded heavily by Hobgoblin's elite army. This level features the hardest enemies that test all of his combat and evasive maneuvers.
Lc Web Climb An epic climb to Hobgoblin, Spider-Man has to ascend the Statue of Liberty. This level tests one's reflexes and use of the web powers, with collapsing structures everywhere.
Hobfin Supervillain Showdown

A base of floating platforms created by Hobgoblin.  Players must walk forward to get down to business and engage the final boss.


Name Type Description
Ggi Supervillain Showdown A flaming building. Walk forward to fight Green Goblin.
Dol Supervillain Showdown The doctor's giant lab. Walk forward to fight Doctor Octopus.
Vt Supervillain Showdown

A tower overcome with symbiote webs. Walk forward to fight Venom.


On the Wii U, if players use their Amiibo, they'll unlock a new type of web for Spider-Man.

Amiibo Reward
Mario Gives the Firey Web, which when fired will do damage until it wears off.
Donkey Kong Gives the Bongo Web, which when fired will last longer, due to it causing anyone hit by it to dance to the beat.
Fox Gives the Reflector Web, which will cause the Web Shield to decrease damage by 100% using Fox's Reflector.
Kirby Gives the Copy Web, which when fired will copy the weapon of the enemy hit.
Link Gives the Master Web which turns Link's Web Hammer into Web Sword which does more damage but is even slower.
Marth Gives the Emblem Web, which has a chance of doing a "critical hit" which increases the time the web lasts/the damage it does.
Peach Gives the Peachy Web, which has a chance of healing Spider-Man when fired.
Pikachu Gives the Thunder Web, which has a chance to freeze the enemy for twice the amount of time.
Samus Gives the Missile Web, which causes Spider-Man's web balls to home in on ememies.
Villager Gives the Axe Web, which causes Spider-Man's web attacks to pierce enemy's armor.
Wii Fit Trainer Gives the Breathing Web, which allows Spider-Man to charge his web.
Yoshi Gives the Egg Web, which causes Spider-Man to throw eggs instead of web balls. These eggs will decrease the enemy's attack power.
Captain Falcon Gives the F-Web, which will turn the Web Tornado into the Falcon Punch, will causes it do blast back enemies in addition to doing damage.
Diddy Kong Gives the Jetpack Web, which slows down their descent after using the Web Boost.
Little Mac Gives the Star Web, which will increase a star meter when Spider-Man attacks. Once built up, players can do a Star Web attack which does massive damage to one enemy.
Luigi Gives the Negative Web, which has a chance of giving the enemy hit a random status effect.
Pit Gives the Arrow Web, which causes Web Balls to go slower but do double damage.

Spider-Man's Suit


Abilities can be purchased in the menu with XP from defeated enemies.

  • Web Swing
    • Default
    • Pressing the jump button twice will cause Spider-Man to fire a web upwards. Tilting the control stick decides the direction. Every time players press the jump button, Spider-Man will continue on. If they stop, Spider-Man will stay still and players can drop or go upwards by climbing the web.
  • Web Blast
    • Default
    • Players can press the other button that is not jump or attack to blast webs, which will shoot out in front of Spider-Man. He can also go into first person view to aim his blast better. From here, players can grab objects/enemies, let them go, or fling them.
  • Wall Climb
    • Default
    • Jump/run into walls to begin climbing. Jumping again will let go.
  • Web Zip
    • Default
    • While below ropes/wires, tapping the jump button will cause players to attach their web to the rope/wire and slide down it.
  • Web Dash
    • Unlockable
    • By holding the web blast button, players go into a run mode where they'll go incredibly fast but have less traction. Good for traversing plain areas in short time.
  • Web Boost
    • Unlockable
    • By pressing the web blast button in mid-air, players will fire a blast of web downwards to propel Spider-Man upwards. This is basically a double jump to make platforming more easy.
  • Web Shield
    • Unlockable
    • By holding the right shoulder button, Spider-Man will create a shield of web, which will lessen damage by 75% but render Spider-Man immobile.
  • Web Balls
    • Unlockable
    • Tapping the left shoulder button while aiming the Web Blast will switch Spider-Man's blasts into small pellets that can be shot at ranged weapons. They don't do much damage, but are incredibly fast.
  • Web Bomb
    • Unlockable
    • Tapping the right shoulder button while aiming the Web Blast will switch Spider-Man's blasts into web bombs. When thrown, after three seconds they will explode, blasting web everywhere and covering nearby enemies in web.
  • Web Hammer
    • Unlockable
    • Tapping the attack button while aiming the Web Blast will cause Spider-Man to create a giant hammer made of web and smash down with it. This is slow and easy to avoid but is incredibly powerful.
  • Web Tornado
    • Unlockable
    • Holding the Web Blast and releasing will cause Spider-Man to blast out webs in all directions, knocking enemies back.
  • Upgraded Spider Sense
    • Unlockable
    • When near collectibles, the Spider-Sense will go off.


Players can upgrade the suit with money from Peter's jobs. The suit can be upgraded to add speed, jumping power, attack power, and defense.


Reviewer Score
Critical View 100%



  • The game is full of references to the other Marvel games in the MGU:
    • Various crates, trucks, and buildings have the Stark Industries logo.
    • Aunt May's TV will randomly show a military ceremony awarding General Ross a gold medal for his services.
    • The Mysterio Madness stage features a propaganda poster featuring Captain America on it.
    • Occasionally, players can look up to see the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier.
    • Lastly, Hammerhead's thugs will occasionally mention Daredevil.
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