Spice E is a Toad that cooks food for Peach in Paper Princess Peach. She has a yellow cap, and is a bitter old woman that likes to cook. Peach has to find the Marvelous Cookbook and give it to Spice before she can cook for her. Once given to her, she makes a Mushroom Surprise, and tells Peach that she can over any time and he can cook stuff for her. In chapter 5, a new option appears when you talk to her. "Why are you here?". Spice then tells Peach about her life, her true love The Master, her mother, Zess T. and other stuff. During the last chapter, if Peach listened to everyone of her tales, she would drop down crying, and say that nobody has payed this much attention to her. She says thank you, and gives Peach 800 coins.