The world inside the sphere has never been given a name, the characters just refer to it as The world inside the sphere".

The 7 main areas of the Sphere of Colors.

Crimson City

The city of red. It's very crowded and it's inhabitants are easily enraged. It is a big city with lots of factories and makes you feel really small.

Sandstone Mountain

The mountain of orange. Sandstone Mountain is a huge mountain not too far away from the city. The foot of the mountain is mostly sand but go higher and it's filled with beautiful orange flowers but the wind is way stronger on the top. It's inhabitants are really protective of these flowers and will protect them with their lives.


The yellow goldmines. A beautiful mine which is full of gold, but it doesnt seem like it's valuable here as none of the creatures here are actuall mining for gold. They seem to be searching for something else.

Thorn Thrones

The green castle. Well, it was a castle, a long time ago. Now it's just ruins with all kinds of plants growing everywhere. Somehow there's still creatures living here, but they don't seem to be harmful.

Mirror Maze

The blue maze. A weird place in nature which somehow formed itself to be a maze. They reflect the sky and the lake nearby so it's been known to be very difficult to pass through. It's a shame there are no ways around it. Inhabitants include.. yourself?

Midnight Graveyard

The graveyard with an always indigo sky. It's always dark, that's why it's called the Midnight Graveyard. There seem to be a lot of gravestones and gives off a really odd feel. Nobody ever dares to go here, as there are rumors of haunting spirits...

Lilac Shrine

The violet shrine. A huge building where apparently some sort of religion is hold onto. How strange to build something like this right next to a graveyard. There's creatures living in the shrine, here they practice their art and religion. It seems so peaceful.

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