Spergassa blank
In Crazy Karts.
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male (Presumed)
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Fire
Ability/ies Fire
Vulnerable To N/A
First Appearance John Mogwai - Crazy Kartz
Never forget. Kill your enemies.
Spergassa, Rise of Tuck Chesta

Spergassa is a character in the John Mogwai Land series.


Spergassa is a superhero; therefore, he stops crimes and fights criminals. He is famous throughout John Mogwai Land.


Spergassa wears a yellow bandana, and a yellow robe. He wears orange shoes, and an orange mask. He also has a futuristic eyechip on his right eye.


John Mogwai

John is jealous of Spergassa's fame and that women love Spergassa.

Tuck Chesta

Due to him killing lots of Tuck's criminal friends, Tuck Chesta dislikes Spergassa. Tuck ended up kidnapping multiple people to find out Spergassa's identity.


John Mogwai - Crazy Kartz

He appears in the H on the cover. He is normal weight, and can be unlocked by completing the grand prix on intense mode twice.

John Mogwai VS Nintendo

He appears as an unlockable character in JMVN. You can unlock him by completing "The End of The Whole Universe" as every other character. His moveset it:

A or B: Flame Thrower

X or Y: Crystal Laser

GemGames Brawl

He is a default character.

Super Smash Bros. Warfare

The player unlocks Spergassa by playing 40 matches. His final smash is Almighty Flight.

Tendo Heroes

He is a power character.

Rise of Tuck Chesta

At the start, a news report of Spergassa is shown. He is shown stopping multiple murders, but in the end, killing the murderer. Tuck Chesta then decides to track down who Spergassa really is.


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