Spelling B (character)
Drawn by Alange95 (tbc).
Full Name Andrew Spelling Bell
Current Age 13
Date of Birth January 1st, 2000
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Location Honeyville
Current Status Alive
Class Spell Master
Honey Hives
Family and Relations
Andrea Honey Bell (sister)

Andy Spelling Bell (father) Angela Honey Bell (wife) Anthony Infant Bell (son)

Main Weapon(s) Speller Wand
Ability/ies Spelling

Flying Fighting Casting Spells

Vulnerable To Wings
Spelling B.
First Appearance Spelling B
Andrew Spelling Bell is the main character in the Spelling B. franchise of puzzle of platforming fighting games. He has a large family, including a wife, deceased mother and child. He lives in Honeyville, a Hive Corp. Bee village. Andrew's favorite weapon is the Honey Wand, which can use Honey Magic to do many things.


Physical Description

Andrew is your average bee, with no special attributes. He always wears his special blue tag so he can signify his position is the B family. In Spelling B's Puzzle Plaza, he wears a special pendant that helps to distance himself from the other bees; he wears it because he is the manager of the new Puzzle Plaza.


In the first game, he is a happy bee like the rest of the characters. Even when he wins, he cheers up the bee he beat. At the end, when he wins the title as Master Bee, he decides to give back all of his titles. In SBPP, he is given the title as Plaza Manager for his achievements, and even helps the players more than other Managers before him.


Spelling B

In the first game, Andrew travels through the many tiers of the Honey Challenge, defeating many opponents. He is the character that appears near the screen. At the end, he gives all his titles back.

Spelling B's Puzzle Plaza

Andrew once again returns in the Layton-style game, SBPP. He is the "Plaza Manager", meaning he guides players through the game.


Brock Bee

Sorastitch created a parody of Spelling B and Brockdilley (tbc) called the Brock Bee, a smug and arrogant bee that is quite the opposite of Spelling B.