Speedy's Speedway
Developer(s) Outer Limits Co.
Publisher(s) Outer Limits Co.
Genre(s) Racing
First Game Speedy's Speedway (2011)
Most Recent Game Speedy's Nitro Speedway (2012)
Wii U

Speedy's Speedway series is a spin-off series of the iPenguin series. It is a go-kart racing series following several of the main iPenguin characters. Each game seems to be based off of a game in the main series.


Speedy's Speedway

The first game in the Speedy's Speedway series. Based off of iPenguin 3DS.

Speedy's Nitro Speedway

The second game in the Speedy's Speedway series. Based off of iPenguin Adventure.

Speedy's Speedway 3

The upcoming third game in the Speedy's Speedway series. It will possibly be based off of iPenguin The Legend of Tumah or iPenguin Adventure 2.

Playable Characters

A total of 17 characters have been playable in Speedy's Speedway games.

Character SS SNS SS3
Agent P. IPX IPCheck IPQuestion
Ana IPX IPCheck IPQuestion
Climber IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
iBot IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Iceberg IPX IPCheck IPQuestion
iRobo IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Nile IPX IPCheck IPQuestion
Nitro IPX IPCheck IPQuestion
Nudge IPCheck IPX IPQuestion
Petunia IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Professor Dune IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Slick IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Speedy IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Onage IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Thug IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Ybrik IPCheck IPCheck IPQuestion
Ybrina IPX IPCheck IPQuestion
Total 12 16 IPQuestion


  • The series was originally going to be a foot racing series, but was later changed.

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