Speedy in Star Smashers
Full Name Speedy
Current Age 13
Species Penguin
Location Pengville
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Speed
First Appearance iPenguin (Game) (2011)
Latest Appearance Star Smashers (2015)

Speedy is an anthropomorphic penguin, and the main protagonist of the iPenguin series. He is very courageous and is able to run at fast speeds. He is currently an agent at iPenguin.


Speedy is very courageous, and likes a good challenge. Despite this, he is also very cautious with things, such as spiders and heights.

Speedy has a kind nature, and does not like to hurt people, unless extremely necessery. He loves wildlife and believes in aliens. Speedy also pays attention to detail very well, and can spot a ladybug on a red flower from 100 feet away.



In iPenguin, Speedy has been accepted into the iPenguin agency, and discovers that a former member has gone corrupt and is planning am attack on iPenguin. Speedy teams up with a few of his friends and starts a questto find the powerful Northern Star and defeat Agent P..



Climber is Speedy's best friend, and has been since his first day in iPenguin. They share a brotherly bond that they claim that can never be broken. They are often found paired together in sporting events.


Professor Dune

Agent P.


Other Artwork

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