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Speedster T.
Speedster T., the fastest Toad alive.
Full Name Speedster T.
Current Age 18
Date of Birth 3rd of July
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Gender Male
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Helper hero
Mario, Luigi
Ability/ies Super speed, Spore blindness
Vulnerable To Ice
First Appearance Super Mario: The Cosmic Wrath

Speedster T. is a heroic Toad who's always willing to help Mario and Luigi. He's BakerBoyScout's main OC and, therefore, is the mascot of Ye Olde Baker Boy productions.


Speedster T. has blue spots on his mushroom cap, wears a white T-shirt under his blue vest and his shoes are
Speedster T sprite

Sprite of Speedster T.

made after Sonic the Hedgehog though they're blue-colored. He wears a blue-colored newsboy cap too.


Speedster T.'s main ability is super speed but he doesn't like the cold weather since his weakness is ice-type enemies and attacks.

He can also bonk the ground with his mushroom cap, causing spores to come out of it and hinder his opponent's view.

Like Mario and Luigi, he can also use their power-ups.


Speedster T. is courageous and heroic and is always willing to help the Mario brothers. His dream is to become a hero like them. He's the leader of the Newsboy Squadron, a group of heroes who help the Mario Brothers on their quests.