Speed Rush is a game that was made to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Game Boy Color game Speed Rush. It was developed for the Wii. It is the third game in the Speed Rush series, after Speed Rush 2, although it is not a direct sequel to it. This game goes by a few other names, like Speed Rush '08, Speed Rush 3, or Speed Rush Wii.


Game box blurb

Swift the Groundhog returns in this epic, action-packed thrill ride! When new evil arises, it's up to Swift to save the planet from destruction...


Levels in the game are in a 3D environment for Swift the Groundhog to explore. In levels, the player collects Shards and fights enemies. At the end of the stage, the player is ranked based on the number of shards collected and the time spent within the level. The ranks are letter-based with the ranks being S+, S, A B, and C. An S+ is obtained if the player has collected all the shards of the stage and has obtained the stage's secret Gold Piece. Swift will have to use all of his abilities to reach the Gold Piece.

There are five stages to each level. The first three stages are simply to complete the stage. The fourth is a special mission, where the player must collect 100 shards in a certain time limit, finish within a time limit, complete an entire stage without defeating any enemies, or chasing down and catching a Silver Piece. The fifth stage is a boss battle.

At first, Swift is only able to attack with a punch-punch-kich combo or by the use of tackles. While in the air, Swift can use tackles to home into objects or enemies that are far away. Swift can chain many tackles to create a chain attack. The player can level his tackles up to get more distance and increase their power. If the player tries to Tackle but there are no items or enemies in range, then Swift will do a mid-air jump.

When Swift defeats enemies, the Speed Rush gauge fills. When it is over halfway full, Swift can go into Speed Rush mode by shaking the Wii remote. This slows down time, meaning Swift can easily dodge attacks and traps. In Speed Rush mode, Swift becomes hard to brake even if he is walking. His jumps are also higher.

Swift can also use use Shard transformations. When Swift has collected 75 Shards, he can use the power of the Shards and a Crystal to transform into a powered up version of himself. Swift reverts back to his normal self when his Shards count down to 0. The only level where he is required to be in a Shard transformation is the final boss level.

By defeating enemies and collecting shards, Swift also gains points. The player can spend points at the Body Shop to get new abilities and increased stats.


Image Name Description
Swift SR2008 Swift the Groundhog The only playable character. Swift is just a teenage groundhog, but when his homeland is held under siege, he must gather his courage to save the world. He uses hand-to-hand combat.
Monster SR2008 Monster the Groundhog







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