Speed Highway is a new stage for the Sonic cast in Super Smash Bros. Amplified.

Stage Layout

Featuring a night and day shift, Speed Highway is a medium sized stage. The background features buildings you'll find in Speed Highway's game of origin and a road with the design from the same game. The buildings in the background are spaced enough to see Star KO's. The base of the stage is a helipad without a helicopter. The platforms switch out from stable ones, to unstable, and back again. The platforms are vertically positioned above the helipad and are horizontally positioned in between the the circle's edges and the H. The platforms are easy to jump to by most characters without a double jump. On occasion, a single-use spring pops out from the helipad's side to aid in recovery of fighters. The spring will move right back inside the helipad after use.


This stage was taken from Sonic Adventure. This is a stage that Sonic the Hedgehog chases down Dr. Eggman when playing as Sonic. Tails would race Sonic the Hedgehog during Tails' playable segment of the same game.


This stage has a total of 13 tracks from Sega. These tracks are from the "Dreamcast Era" of Sonic to the present.

Stage Music
Remix? Track Arranger Composer(s) Description Origin
Yes Speed Highway Jun Senoue Jun Senoue An instrumental rock remix that slightly samples Sonic 2 and 3 percussions and is a faster paced. Sonic Adventure
No Open Your Heart Original Jun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi Main Theme and Part 1 of the Final Boss. Performed by Crush 40. Sonic Adventure
Yes City Escape/ Radical Highway Jun Senoue Jun Senoue A medley of the stages themes, both instrumental, with the first song dropping into the next Sonic Adventure 2
No Live & Learn Original Jun Senoue Main Theme. Performed by Crush 40. Sonic Adventure 2
No Sonic Heroes Original Jun Senoue Title track and Main Theme. Performed by Crush 40. Sonic Heroes
No His World (Instrumental) Original Tomoya Ohtani E3 version of His World. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
No Rooftop Run (Modern) Original Tomoya Ohtani The "Modern" variant that is in Act 2 of the Unleashed stage. Sonic Generations
No Reach for the Stars Original Tomoya Ohtani, Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf Main Theme of Sonic Colors. Performed by Jean Paul Makhlouf and Alex Makhlouf of Cash Cash Sonic Colors
No Right There, Ride On Original Hideki Naganuma Plays during Leaf Storm stage. Sonic Rush
No Seven Rings in Hand Original Namuro Mashurio, Runblebee Main Theme. Performed by Steve Conte. Sonic and the Secret Rings
No Knight of the Wind Original Jun Senoue Main Theme. Performed by Crush 40. Sonic and the Black Knight
No Metal City Original Sega Theme of Metal City racetrack. Sonic Riders
No Windy Hill (Act 1) Original Tomoya Ohtani Main Theme of Sonic Lost World. Sonic Lost World


  • The "Rooftop Run (Modern)" track is not considered a remix on Smash terms, however it is a remix in terms of the Sonic franchise. The labeling was changed from Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS to reflect this. It also helps to eliminate confusion.
  • The "City Escape/Radical Highway" medley can alternatively be named "Escape from the City/Vengeance is Mine". Either description is correct.

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