Spectur is the brother of Spiryt and the ghost version of Mario first appearing in YoshiEgg: Key. He is a minion of Overman
Supreme. He was created when Mario and Luigi were in Luigi's Mansion during the events of Luigi's Mansion from Mario's DNA from the painting Mario was trapped in.


Spectur is basically an inverted version of Mario with hallow eyes and missing the trademark "M" on his hat.


Spectur's main goal in his afterlife is to serve Overman Supreme, kill YoshiEgg and friends, and become more evil. Having no heart, Spectur is a very twisted, restless spirit that is extremely persistent and when he sets his mind to something, he gets the job done...


Spectur can hover, become transparent, lick people like Boos, jump very high, and create shadow balls, much like his brother. Also much like his brother and Overman Supreme, he can summon a vortex of ghosts to do his bidding.



  • Spectur is a play on the word specter, which means a ghost.

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