Spectrum Legends is an upcoming TV show to be aired on Cartoon Network every Thursday. The show is about a new species known as the "Spectrums". The species is a hybrid of human and machines. They were created after a large apocolypse that effected most of the world and left them in poverty, so they build them to entertain and fight eachother for peoples enjoyment. Soon enough, the spectrums find out the truth of what they are so they are determined to find the one who started it all. Whether they will do it or not is to be answered.


In November 2015, PhoenixFire began starting work on a sci-fi telivision show known as "GRIFF". This show was inspired off of a top 10 list from Youtube titled "Top 10 inventions that will change our future". Amung the list was mind control, and LegendaryIce (founder of PhoenixFire) found this interesting. He considered the fact of them inserting the brain control into newborns at birth and how corrupt the world could turn. So, with this idea in mind Ice created a story off of this and decided to make it a tv show. It was about this one old man named Griff who had been living inside of a mountain for all his life and was the only one left in America without a brain controlling mechanism. Later on he would meet different people that he would restore their memories to. Ice slowly realised the similarities to books like "Fahrenheit 451" and "The Giver", so cancelled the show. The last known sign of "Griff" was in a story Ice wrote called Equopia. Equopia was about a society full of robots who were forced to do everything equally to everyone else. But one of the robots found out what was happening and rebelled. This may or may not be published still to Fantendo

Fast forward a bit, and Ice has a better idea. With his other tv show known as "Extinctions Dawn", he decided to combine "Griff" with it. Extinctions Dawn was a Super Smash Brothers TV show inspired by a minecraft roleplay. So that being said, he created the sci fi telivision show today known as "Spectrum Legends".

Known Information Thus Far

So far what is known is the general plot (which can be read above), the characters:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Black
  • White

As well as the theme song which was revealed 2/17/16 to be Prospekt's March by Coldplay.

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