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The Spectraverse, also known as The Spectral Fantendoverse, is an Alternate Fantendoverse created by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc), with the concept of characters, both new and old, from all over the universe traveling across a lush, rich world, competing with each other to find seven legendary treasures from seven unique islands that, when combined, could grant their heart's greatest wishes, after a god reveals that the treasures are indeed much more than a simple myth. From here on out, explorers from all over the world, both in teams and on their own, go on a scavenger hunt across the world to find the treasures.

The universe began with a television show, Across the Spectral Earth, which followed the beginning of the initial hunt for the treasures, primarily in the point of view of the universe's Unten, as well as the universe's counterparts to Leah Needlenam, Scratch Kat, Valerie Heartgold, and Netnu.

At the time of the end of the show, a video game, Spectraverse Smashers, was released, acting as a Part 2 to the ongoing story, mostly focusing on the scavenger hunt as well.

Reception has been (TBA).

History and Lore

The Radiant War

Long ago, when the Earth was new, a league of deities came together to watch over the people of the islands. The deities created seven special artifacts, all with different fantastic that could be accessed to those who had one in their possession. However, people became greedy, and the artifacts began to be used for greed and evil over good. The deities, angered by the people, sent their troops to the Earth to wage war with the people of the islands over the artifacts. The war was long, deadly, and many people of the island suffered, but, in the end, the deities came out victorious. Many of them, however, were tired of handling this universe, and moved on to creating different universes where they would have less trouble with the people, leaving only five left; Zalcandra, Ciriesta, Occulus, Zellen, and Valliaskt. Valliaskt was decided to be the new leader, and, though he told the people the artifacts vanished out of existence, he actually chose to hide the seven artifacts within each of the seven islands, in the case that a dangerous threat came into play.

The Era of Scavengers

Hundreds of thousands of years later, Zalcandra appeared to people of the Connective Cove, the main central area of the world, challenging people to find the artifacts, for they were never vanished out of existence in the first place; rather, Valliaskt hid them, one in each of the seven continental islands. This urged people to go across the world and find them for themselves. This event triggers the main events of Across the Spectral Earth.


The majority of the characters in the Spectraverse are based around characters in the New Prime universe, though there are several new characters introduced solely for the universe as well. Some of the characters are split up into "teams", who travel together across the world to find the artifacts.

Team Neon

Team Neon is the primarily-focused on group of characters in the Spectraverse. Led by Unten, Team Neon are one of the first groups to go out on a journey to find the artifacts, all of whom wish to bring back Zeon in its full memory, as well as those who died in its destruction.

Character Description
Unten Spectraverse

The captain of Team Neon, a skillful but nervous Beorn from Tikalia. One of the few Beorns to survive the meteor shower that ravaged the island and killed most of his race years ago, Unten's insecurities and fears are hidden behind his rainbow scarf and his confident attitude in battle. His abilities are similar to his in the New Prime (electrokinesis), but he can also create storm clouds if he has a lot of energy. He's the Spectral version of the New Prime Unten.
Fanti An odd creature from Tikalia, one of Unten's few friends preceding Zeon's destruction, and one of the only ones left alive. Fanti is a slug-like creature with immense electricity power packed into his tiny body, and he acts as Unten's generator for powerful electric attacks when the time comes. He can easily hold his own in battle as well, since he has incredibly impressive powers. He's the Spectral version of the New Prime Fanti.
Zerita A recruited member of Team Neon, Zerita comes from the dangerous Phantoza, where she was taught how to survive based solely off of instinct at a young age; she eventually came to Tikalia to find her purpose, and ended up reluctantly joining Team Neon after Unten witnessed her masterful hand-to-hand combat skills. She is the Spectral version of the New Prime Zerita.
Mioda Mioda is a blacksmith from Aeroni, who was born a male but chose to transition into a female, and was rejected by her peers and her family due to that reason. Mioda is a masterful blacksmith, able to create weapons with vast abilities and immense practicality, though she usually leaves Mynis to test them out, since she isn't one to use them herself. She is the Spectral version of the New Prime Mioda.
Mynis Spectraverse

Unten's boneheaded childhood friend, a socially incompetent Beorn who's stories about himself are hundreds of times more impressive than what he actually does. Mynis, unlike his friend, has no special powers to speak of, but he has some brute strength to boot, so he gets help from Mioda to make powerful weapons. He's also a decent gardener, and knows his facts about which plants are edible and which ones are life-ending. He's the Spectral version of Omega Prime Mynis.
Ronnie and Claire

Team Scratch

Team Scratch, led by Scratch Kat himself, is another group of scavengers looking for the Spectral Artifacts; all of the members have different desires, but the primary wish, Scratch's, is for him to be a world-famous artist.

Character Description
Scratch Kat An obscure, ambitious artist with a personality as colorful as his paintings. Scratch, basically a cartoon character himself, has a wide array of wacky ideas that always turn out to be strangely brilliant. Being the leader of Team Scratch, he desires to become world-famous for his paintings, which, despite being little-known, are great art pieces. He is the Spectral version of Scratch Kat.
Lub Lub
Puff Spikelton An excitable (self-proclaimed) "cool dragon" with a sense of adventure. Mr. Spikelton works as a photographer for the Connective Cove News, a daily newspaper reporting stories from all over the vast world. Puff met Scratch in a museum for an Art Festival being held in Florane, and the two have been an unstoppable pairing from there. He is the Spectral version of Puff the Dragon.

The Twisted Cross

The Twisted Cross is a religious group with obviously twisted views on the Holy Bible, leading to experimentation and abuse towards their captives. Susan Philth, the leader, wants the artifacts for herself, but her intention as to why is currently unknown.

Character Description
Susan Philth
Kathleen Kutt
Olivia Blade
Beth Operatino
Sarah "Leah" Auvic
Monica Salvirr
Thorn Sironii

Scarlet Warriors

The Scarlet Warriors is a group led by socialite Valerie Heartgold, who, wanting the largest fortune known to mankind, hired three warriors to help her on her conquest.

Character Description
Valerie Heartgold
Zonas Radial
Sinicini Saracino

Shadow Triad

The Shadow Triad is a three-member deity group under Viallaskt's word. They dedicate themselves to stopping explorers from finding the artifacts, going against Zalcandra's encouragements to find the artifacts for unknown reasons.

Character Description

F.A.N.T. Police Force

F.A.N.T. is a police force stationed at the Connective Cove, where they patrol all seven continental islands, stopping criminals. The agency is led by Eric Sinn.

Character Description
Agent Carter
Agent Skett
Agent Zabrent
Chief Sinn

Team Kaos

Team Kaos is a team with completely different motives then anyone else; co-led by Kaio and Ivan, Team Kaos is dedicated to protecting explorers from the artifacts alongside the Shadow Triad, as they believe that the artifacts, in the wrong hands, could be extremely dangerous.

Character Description
Netnu Spectraverse

A mysterious scarlet Beorn from Zeon, one of the few to escape it's wreckage, and a childhood friend of Unten and Mynis's; unfortunately, the two lost contact with Kaio until the Era of Scavengers began, where the Beorn mysteriously began working against scavengers looking for treasures, and he begins a friend/enemy relationship with Team Neon. He is the Spectral version of the New Prime Netnu.
Ivan Spectraverse

Ivan Alexandros
A flirtatious and relatively charming purple Beorn, and Kaio's partner in leading Team Kaos. A Beorn who was not on Zeon at the time of its destruction, Ivan was abandoned in Morstau as a child, and brought up by a pair of Weavile named Iris and Ryan Alexandros (who taught him to use cryokinesis), and was a traveling musician before meeting Kaio, and, impressed by his motives (and somewhat infatuated by his demeanor), he joined him in leading Team Kaos, though he still remains a full-time performer. He is the Spectral version of the New Prime Ivan.
Xerra Spectraverse


Individual Characters

These characters are not affiliated with any major team.

Character Description
Amy Jackson
Aran Leverletto
Iron Mask
Melissa Leverletto
Nizzle and Zorp
Rachel Harel
Sakeena Mirena




Welcome to the Spectraverse!
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