Specialty Ops (tentative) is a FPS being made by Lemmykoopa24 for the Wii. It is similar to Black Ops, but there are specifically named characters and they have unique techniques. Though the game is a FPS, it does not focus on using guns very much.


Before beginning, you select a character and try to win the match by killing the enemies on the opposing team. Each character has a way of killing the enemy, but these may also give disadvantages as well. For example, Tommyhawk has bad accuracy, but if his weapon makes contact, it will cause an instant kill.

  • Control Stick - Move
  • C Button - Jump
  • Z Button - Crouch
  • A Button - Use shooting weapon.
  • B Button - Use throwing weapon.
  • A+B - Interact



A large, heavy duty soldier that wields 2 giant, powerful guns. He's designed to take large amounts of damage and also dish large amounts. However, he's quite slow and cannot jump very high. He can shoot through walls. He must reload.


A soldier that's equipped with a flamethrower. He can shoot flames at enemies to quickly damage and defeat enemies. He can also set surfaces on fire to keep short-range enemies at bay. He can shoot indefinitely, but has a short reach, making him rather weak against Prime. He can't run for very long.


A soldier with a seemingly endless supply of tomahawks at his disposal. He could keep throwing them across the maps in hopes of killing someone. He can run quite fast and gets instant kills if the tomahawk hits. He has terrible accuracy, however.


A soldier that is quiet and fast. He can run and jump around the map with supreme ease. However, he does not have any long range attacks, and so must stab his opponents in order to gain kills.

Rest TBA...

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