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! Block to Animal Crossing: Saviors Of The Wild World! series
Animal Crossing: Saviors of The Wild World! series to Battle of Bracelets: CHAPTER 6
Battle of Bracelets: CHAPTER 7 to Boom-Boom
Boom Boom to Castle Valet Darach and Caitlin
Castlevania Judgment 2 to Cosmo
Cosmo Wars to DeSpooky World/Cast
Dead Cities to Draw it!/Beta elements
Drawcia to Excite Truck (SSBGA)
Excitebike Rampage to Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase/Wario, Inc.
Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase/X-Scissor to Fantendo Resort/Ep. 05 - Behind the Steps of a Ghost
Fantendo Rhythm Blast to Fireball (SSBUL)
Fireball (SSB Mania) to Games, Inc.
Games Incorperated to Grounder (Skip and Sqak)
Group Jump to Ice Boo
Ice Bro to Kard Battles/Mick13
Kard Battles/Mick13/Battle to Kirbymon
Kirbyt Super Star HYPER Ultra to Lemmykoopa24's Power-Ups
Lemmykoopa24's Randomized Wars to Lurker Monkeys (Game)
Lurker Scorpion to Mario Bros: Blast to the past
Mario Bros (Wii) to Mario Kart Turbo Race
Mario Kart U to Mario vs. Sonic (fan-fiction)
Mario vs. Sonic at the Super Bowl to Metroidfan01
Metroidfan01 series to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 44
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 45 Cream to New Super Mario Bros. 2D & 3D Land
New Super Mario Bros. 2 (EvilThunderMass version) to Nintendo 64DD
Nintendo 64 AA to One Chapter 1
One Chapter 2 to Pash Mina
Pashie to Pokemon Grey Version
Pokemon Halloween Edition to Police Acadamy: Answers
Police Acadamy: Graduation to Rambi the Rhinoceros
Ramona Derox to SMGDSi/items
SML to Shoe Lakitu
Shoe Mario to Sonic Rivals 3
Sonic Rivals 3 (YF97) to Strafe
Strafe: Brother to Super Mario : Plumbers in Time/Easter Egg
Super Mario : Plumbers in Time/Enemies to Super Mario NHL
Super Mario Nation to Super Smash Bros. 5
Super Smash Bros. 5/Story Mode to Super Smash Bros: Final Attack (Wii Me)
Super Smash Bros: KART to Teh Raven
Tek-5 to The Morjana Natives
The Mr. Men Show (video game) to Toad Sewers
Toad Square to Unten (Highverse)
Unten (Universe) to Wheelzen Atomic
Wheelzen Atomic 2: Darth Kirby to Yoshi 1DS
Yoshi 3000 to ´╗┐Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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