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! Block to Animal Kart Racing 3D
Animal Kart Racing 64 to Bazyli Koopa
Beam to Boulder System
Boulder system to Chapter 5: A Very Fuzzy Problem
Chapter 6: The Menace of Mt. Frostbite to Crocodile Suit
Crono to Diamond Quest
Diamond Speed Racer to Dyllan Altmanti
Dynamite (SSBGA) to FG
FGN to Fantendo Football League/Rules
Fantendo Football League/Season 1 to Fantendo World/Mario Golf Z
Fantendo World/Mario Kart Z to Football Flower
Football League to Gliscor
Glitch to Heligoombas
Hellfire Fighters to James Gibson: Ace Attorney
James McCloud to Kirby's Return To Dreamland 2:Return of Marx
Kirby's Return To Dreamland 2: Return of Marx to LEGO Nintendo Heroes
LEGO Smash and Mash! to Locky Locyk: Ace Gamer/Issue 02: An Egg Logic
Locky Locyk: Ace Gamer/Issue 03: What a Beatiful Castle to Mario & Luigi: Parallel Worlds
Mario & Luigi: Peachy Quest to Mario Kart 9th
Mario Kart 9th/Retro Courses to Mario Tennis: Power Tour+
Mario Tennis: Power Tour Remake to Meta-Form (Series)
Meta-Form 2: Kube's Revenge to Mr. Pecten
Mr. Peepers' Adventure to Neverworld Evolution
Neverworld Forever to Nightwolf (series)/Timeline
Nightwolf Comic Browser to Oakley
Obadiah Koopa to Paper Sisters/Tattle Log
Paper Sisters/World 1: Twilight Town to Pokemon Citrine and Olivine
Pokemon Citrine and Olivine Versions to Pokémon Trozei! Deluxe/Zone 1: Palette Plaza
Pokémon U to Rain Nook
Rain Of Fire(series) to SML cartoon - Pompon Panic
SML cartoon - The Race for Coins to Shreak: Against The Doc Louisverse
Shrek Kart DX to Sonic Speedball RPG IV: Universal Frontier
Sonic Speedball RPG Party to Suggi
Suicune to Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover/Enemies
Super Mario Bros.: Toads Gone Mad! to Super Mario Show/Songs/What a Great New Day
Super Mario Show/The Big Battle to Super Smash Bros. Chaos
Super Smash Bros. Chaos/Character Types to Super Smash Bros. Versus/Palutena
Super Smash Bros. Versus/Pikachu to Team Dark
Team Eggman to The Legend of Zelda: The Axeron Sundial
The Legend of Zelda: The Dark Curse to Time Slower
Time Slowers to Underworld (City Rush)
Underworld (Skip and Sqak) to Whale Bay (MK9th)
Wham to Yoshi Blasts 3D
Yoshi Bomb (SSBGA) to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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