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! Block to Andrea
Andrew to Bandinero
Bandit to Blow Mushroom
Blubba Tubba to Bulletproof Queen
Bullies to Cilvia Monsters
Cilvia Monsters (Series) to Curve Bros.
Custom Mario Items to Devilings
Devilish Dude to Drop the Rocky
Droshi to EvilDream
Evil Bowser to Fantendo - Forgotten Legends
Fantendo - Infected to Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2013/Wario Inc.
Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2013/Weegeelover to Fantenstuck/Page 75
Fantenstuck/Page 76 to Francine
Francis to Glowy
Gnarled to Harleytrol
Harling to Ingrid
Inhale (SSBE) to Keramon(Katamari)
Keramon (Katamari) to Kitsune Suit
KittySis Inc. to Lego Advengers
Lego Avengers to Luigi (Soul of Evil)
Luigi Cyclone (SSBGA) to Mario & Sonic Racing No Constancy
Mario & Sonic Racing No Constancy/Beta Elements to Mario Kart Double Dash!! 3DS
Mario Kart Double Dash!! 3DS/Unlockable Content to Mario Tales
Mario Teaches Electronic Engineering to Mega Whomp
Megaleg to Mobius Legend: Four Heroes
Mobius Times to MySims Spiral
MySims Spiral/ Character Portal to New Super Mario Bros. NS/ Boss Gallery
New Super Mario Bros. NS/ Item Gallery to Nintendo Comet
Nintendo Compiwiitlation to One Chapter 2
One Chapter 3 to Para-Whimp
ParaTroopa to Poison Master
Poison Mushroom to Pokémon Light and Shadow/Indigo Story (3DS)/Section 2
Pokémon Light and Shadow/Items to Punch Cannon
Punch Out!! DS to Revenge of the Axem Rangers
Revenge of the E-Series to Samus (SSBGA)
Samus (SSBM) to Sir. Paddles
Sir Edward England to Sonic colors PC Omega
Sonic colors PC Omega (Vaporware) to StreetPass Quest and Puzzle Swap for FTF 3D
Street Fighter (series) to Super Mario 4D Land (Usernamer's version)
Super Mario 4D World to Super Mario Gardens
Super Mario Generations to Super Nintendo All-Stars Racing
Super Nintendo BTS to Super Smash Bros. New Story / List of Kirby Trophies
Super Smash Bros. New Story / List of Super Mario Trophies to TacticsHOAX
TacticsHOAX (series) to The Fandrone Zone
The Fantablet to The Theseus Project/part 1
The Third Shocking Gym to Tox Box
Toxifoo to Valahala Pits
Valahala Volcano to When Shy Guys Attack
When Worlds Collide to YoshiEgg: Tilt N' Tumble
YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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