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! Block to Another World/Soundtrack
Anouki to Bells and Rails/Chapter 23
Bells and Rails/Chapter 24 to Bowser Party
Bowser RPG to Chopper
Choyro to Daisy
Daisy's Castle to Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong's Banana Brawl Mania to Ella Metals and Spaces Between
Ella Metals and Winged Nexus: Tower Defence to Fang O'Donnel
Fang the Sniper to Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2014/Pyro Enterprises
Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2014/Sequin Suspenders Inc. to Finn the Human
Finneish and Verb to Game Series
Game Triangle to Guitar Hero III: Mario Mix
Gulliver to Imperial Outlaw
Impko to King Dedede (SSBGA)
King Dedede (SSBOmega) to Koopalings Madness
Koopalings Movie to List of Villains Defeats
List of Weapons in Clash of the Fiction to Mario: Once
Mario: Rise Of Shadow to Mario Kart 9:MySims Racing
Mario Kart 9: Battle Stages to Mario Tennis DS Tour
Mario Tennis Legends to Metal Tails
Metal Whomp to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 19 Carry
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 19 Shred to New Super Mario Bros. 3 (EnderLegends)
New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Flameguy9981's Version) to Nintendo DSe
Nintendo DSi to P:\EALITY
PAC-MAN to Photo Dojo 3DS
Photos to Pokémon Battlefield
Pokémon Battlefront to Prometheus
Propane to Rising Staff Slash (SSBGA)
Risk Sanctuary to Secret of the Keyhole: Murder in Italy/Soundtrack
Secret of the Keyhole: Murder on Italy to Soda Can
Soda Swampland to Stargazer Arena/Assists
Stargazer Arena/Characters to Super Mario 53
Super Mario 5D Land to Super Mario Neptune/Enemies
Super Mario Neptune/Gallery to Super Smash Bros. Atom/Starter Characters
Super Smash Bros. Atom/Unlockable Characters to Super Smash Bros. Utlimate Death!!
Super Smash Bros. VS. Namco to Tanookoo.The third.
Tanoomba to The Legend of Zelda: Sounds of the Shadows
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit of Darkness to Tina Williams
Tingle to Untitled Wind Waker sequel
Unversed to WiiSmarts Inc.
WiiVR to Zackery Philips
Zak (Locust) to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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