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! Block to Animal Crossing: Great Empire
Animal Crossing: Happy Days to Battle Of The Death Rocks (series)
Battle Of The Miis to Bonsly
Bonus Door to Cartoon All-Star Rumble/Assistants
Cartoon All-Star Rumble/Boss Battles to Conspirators
Conspiritors to Darmanitan Slam U
Darmanitan Slam U/Music to Dr. Gad Zooks
Dr. Gerald Robotnik to Epic Warriors/Summons and PokéBalls
Epic Warriors/Threat of Antasma to Fantasy Factory
Fantasy Fighters to Fantendo Iterum/Shooting Star Studios
Fantendo Iterum/SuyoGames to Fighters of Lapis/The Rise of Mars
Fighters of Lapis/The Space Crisis to G-Laptop
G-Nova to Grace
Grace (Chao) to Hooves 3: The Legend of the Mask
Hooves 4: The Return of Sevooh to Johnathon Hades
Johnny Dog to Kirby 64 Remastered
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards 3D to Land of Meteors and Emotion
Land of Vapors and Immersion to Lord Acriss
Lord Boo to Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest/Gallery
Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure to Mario Kart 8 Wii U
Mario Kart 8 Wii U/Beta Elements to Mario Sports Mix 2 (Apple)
Mario Sports Mix 2 (Dry Bowser rules!'s version) to Mega Mustache
Mega Paper Mario to Monkey Mario
Mono to NEW Super Mario Bros. 7
NEW Super Mario Bros. 7/List of Enemies to New Super Mario Bros: Rivalry Between Cousins
New Super Mario Bros: Subcon to Nintendo Stream
Nintendo Studios - Surrey - UK to PalmMan 3: Divide and Conquer
PalmMan 4: Reversed to Pigmask Army
Pigmask Private to Pokémon Aquamarine
Pokémon Aquamarine & Peridot to Private Eye R.O.B
Private Eye R.O.B: The Beginning to Rekrokan
Rekrokan/Doom and Bloom Co. to Sam
SamStation to Siobhan
Siper Mario: 3D Adventure/Beta Elements to Sonic the Hedgehog: Universal Crisis
Sonic the Hedgehog: Wrath of Robotnik to Sunsoft
Supah Dupah Summah (EP) to Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 2
Super Mario Bros.: The Mushroom Wars to Super Mario RPG: The Eight Shining Stars:Tattle Log
Super Mario RPG: The Epic Battle to Super Smash Bros. Awesomeness
Super Smash Bros. Bam! to Super Smash Bros 2
Super Smash Bros 3D/HD to Tedoteku Zushimo
Teds to The Life of Hamma Jamma
The Life of Hamma Jamma/Cast to Timmy Tick Tock:Block Breaker
Timmy Tick Tock: Block Breaker to Ultra Racers Extreme
Ultra Scott Galaxy to Watchusrise
Water to Yoshi's Mansion
Yoshi's New Island 2 to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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