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! Block to Animattle!!
Animattle!! Tier List to Bearon Ball (FF)
Beary & Ybrik at the Olympic Games to Bowie & White: Tidal Flames/BowieQuest Stages
Bowie (series) to Charmy
Charmy Bee to Crystal King
Crystal Legends to Diddy Kong Racing Extreme
Diddy Kong Racing U to EarthBound (FANCU film)
EarthBound (film) to FGN/Super D.I.Y.
FGN/Super Luigi World: The Big Adventure to Fantendo Freakshow/Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Fantendo Freakshow/Kobe's Fantastic Games to Fantenstuck/Page 22
Fantenstuck/Page 23 to Friday the 13th: The video game
Fried Amazing in a Walnut to Goomba's World
Goomba (SSBGA) to Hood'em, Nintendo, SEGA and Namco Kart Double Dash!!
Hood'em-ario Kart to Johnny Dog II-D!
Johnny Invasion to Kirby Dimension Gate
Kirby Double Dimensions to Leaf Star
Leaf Vs. Star to Luigi's Mansion DS
Luigi's Mansion U to Mario 64: Bob-omb Battle
Mario : Majora's Mask to Mario Kart Special Powers
Mario Kart Speedway to Mario vs Bleach
Mario vs Donkey Kong 3D to Mick Cool
Mick Cool's Adventure: The Purple Perplexity to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 93 Vader
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 94 to New Super Mario Bros. Duel/Boss List
New Super Mario Bros. Duel/Cheats to Nintendo Grand Prix
Nintendo HDS to PK Beam (SSBTUF)
PK Fire (SSBGA) to Phineas and Ferb 3D: Rise of Dr. Doofenshmirtz
Phobetor to Pokémon Amethyst and Garnet Versions/Pokédex
Pokémon Amethyst and Opal to Project 384
Project A.T.O.M. to Rexar the Totodile
Rexes to Scorpion Studios
Scorpion Studios Racing to Sly Cooper: Time Morph
Sly Cooper: Year of the Thieves to Sprite the Drone
Spritez Inc. to Super Mario: Quantum Chronicles
Super Mario: Quest For The Ultimate Star to Super Mario Galaxy 3: To the End of the Universe
Super Mario Galaxy 3: Wario's Revenge to Super PC Smash Bros./List of Holograms
Super Paper Battalion to Super Smash Bros. Online/List of Expansion Sets
Super Smash Bros. Online/List of enemies to Swampert
Swampy-Branch Jungle to The Fandrone Zone
The Fantablet to The World/CYOA/OpenDooor/TalktoGuard/Button-1/continue/lake
The World/CYOA/OpenDoor to Turbo Cars
Turbo Trails Studios to Waluigi's Totally NOT Rip-Off Productions
Waluigi: Dancing Star/Songlist to Yen: The Movie/ Page 3
Yen (New) to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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