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! Block to Ankoopa
Anna (Fire Emblem) to BeekBeeko
BeekBeeko 2 to Bowser's Koopalings: Racing
Bowser's Mansion to Cheese Cryptors
Cheese Cryptors (series) to Cutman (BBUF)
Cutter Man to Dino Bino Inc.
Dino Piranha to Eelektrik
Eely Mouth to Face the Wrath
Face the Wrath/Listen to Fantendo Harvest
Fantendo Hearts to Fantenstuck/Page 70
Fantenstuck/Page 71 to Full Moon
Fungi Town Market to Goron
Goron Link to Hugo!
Hugo/Hugo Day! to K. Rool
K. Rool Jr. to Kirby Superstar Platinum
Kirby The Ghost to Lego Marvel
Lego Marvel Smack Down! to Lurker Ivy
Lurker Jellyfish to Mario Dodgeball Rush/Story Mode
Mario Dome to Mario Of The 7 Seas
Mario Paint U to Mathis Steinmann
Matrix to Minecraft: Wii U Edition/DLC Page 2
Minecraft: Wii U Edition/Updates to Mutant Hunters/Ready, Set, Shoot (and dodge)!
Mutant Hunters/ Eps. 1: A dark and exciting beginning to New Super Mario Bros. X/World 1-4
New Super Mario Bros. X/World 1-5 to Nintendo Tag-Team RPG
Nintendo Tag-Team Racing to Paper Mario: Altered Dimensions/Tattle Log
Paper Mario: And The Seven Mages to Pinky
Pinsir to Pokémon Indigo and Violet/Indigo Story (3DS)/Section 1
Pokémon Indigo and Violet/Indigo Story (3DS)/Section 2 to Purple Online/Start/Path1
Purple Online/Start/Path1/LeavePipe to Ropes
Rory to Shadow Walker
Shadow Warrior Yen to Sonic Adventure Wii/Beta elements
Sonic All-Star Racing Hot Racers Wii U to Steven (BoB)
Steven (Mystic Powers) to Super Mario 99
Super Mario 99/Bosses to Super Mario Planet
Super Mario Planet: Rise of Vega to Super Smash Bros. Battle/Assist Trophies
Super Smash Bros. Battle/Beta Elements to Super Smash Bros. Versus/Donbe and Hikari
Super Smash Bros. Versus/Donkey Kong to Taro Hikari
Tarraking to The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the StarS
The Legend of Zelda: Seeds of the Future to Timezora
Timid Fennec to Unofficial NCU Continuation
Unown to White Hood
White Koopa Bro. to Yoshis in Space
Yoshitopia to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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