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! Block to Animalis Transitus: Neo Vivae
Animalware the Series to Belfast
Belgium to Bowser Madness
Bowser Mario to Chomp Flower
Chomp Head to Daisy
Daisy's Castle to Donkey Kong (SSBMyrmidon)
Donkey Kong (SSBOmega) to Ember (2014 Game)
Ember (2015 Game) to Fanon Vacation/Eps. 4
Fanon Vacation/Eps. 5 to Fantendo Iterum/Bomb Productions Games
Fantendo Iterum/Brock Productions to Fire Emblem: Blade of Storms
Fire Emblem: Blade of Undeath to Gaming All-Stars/Characters
Gaming All-Stars/Stages to Gurren Lagann: Pierce the Heavens!
Guru Aisu to Inkling (SSBOmega)
Inkling (SSBStrife) to King goomba
King lion to Kouhai's Adventures Series
Kouhai's Adventures Series (first draft) to Lloyd Irving (Supernova)
Lluita to Mario & Luigi: Sibling Warfare
Mario & Luigi: Spaced Out to Mario Kart Fueled
Mario Kart Fueled/Courses to Mario and SpongeBob at the Olympic Winter Games
Mario and SpongeBob at the Olympic Winter Games/Emblems to Micentio
Micha to Mulwaree
Mumbo to New Super Mario Bros. Phi/List of enemies
New Super Mario Bros. PiiWii to Nintendo Retro System
Nintendo Reverse to Paper Luigi (character)
Paper Luigi Bosses to Pipsy the Mouse
Pirahna Peeps to Pokémon Light and Shadow/Indigo Story (3DS)/Section 2
Pokémon Light and Shadow/Items to Pyrphesis
Q to Rudy the Chimchar
Rudy the Monferno to Shell Spike
Shellcreeper to Sonic Rivals 3
Sonic Rivals 3 (YF97) to Suggi
Suicune to Super Mario Bros. 4 DS
Super Mario Bros. 4 Project - PART 2 to Super Mario Super Land
Super Mario Super Sword to Super Smash Bros. Dynasty/Assist Trophies & Poké Balls
Super Smash Bros. Dynasty/Beta Elements to Super Smash Bros 5
Super Smash Bros 5.(fanon) to Termina Catacombs
Terminal Station to The Pit: Rise from the Grave
The Pixelmen to Toss Egg
Total Drama All-Stars(new version) to Vine Flower
Vine Flower (Bobiscool version) to World Gold
World Heroes 2 Hyper to ♣ Cookie Steele ♥
♥♪!? to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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