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! Block to Ant Stink Bug
Ant Tractor to Big Game Brawlers (fanfic)
Big Ghoulie to Bullet Baxter
Bullet Bill to Clyde
Clyde's Mansion to Darkest Skies/Chapter 25
Darkest Skies/Chapter 26 to Dragonette
Dragonfly Den to F-Zero Advance
F-Zero DX to Fantendo Fight Fest! II: Smash Clash Quest
Fantendo Fight World to Fantendo – Nintendo Fanon Wiki:Featured Articles
Fantendoland the Free to Freak (Consciousness)
Fred: The Jungle War to Gradient Hue/Story
Gradient Hue/old to IPRPG
IPenguin to Kazooie
Kazuko Inoue to Koopa Koopa Battle
Koopa Koopa Battle/List of Species to List of programs broadcast by Abridgney Channel
List of studios owned by "Balls" to Mario & Luigi: Power-Up Panic
Mario & Luigi: Powered Up to Mario Kart Hyper
Mario Kart Hyper/DLC to Marta Pencilla
Marth to Millennium Star
Millia Rage (Radioactive) to NEO Sonic (series)
NES to Newest Super Mario Bros. U
Newleaftendo to Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Game
Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Game/Enemies to Peach's Castle (JSSB)
Peach's Finale to Pokemon Will
Pokemon Will/1 to Private Eye R.O.B: The Beginning
Private Second Class Hoshishi to Ricky Wedge
Rico to Secret 06 (Supernova)
Secret 07 (Supernova) to Sonic-Tropolis
Sonic:Chaotix to Step 2!/Setlist
Stepanni to Super Mario Anime Movies
Super Mario Arena to Super Mario Terra/Granite Cave Area
Super Mario Territory to Super Smash Bros. Fantasy/Rivalry Mode
Super Smash Bros. Fantasy/Tier List to Super Smash Quest: Age of Ganon/Episode 2 Part 2
Super Smash Quest: Age of Ganon/Episode 3 to The Corruption
The Count Of Darkness to The World/18
The World/19 to Tympole
Tynamo to Wartortle Gameking Inc.
Warudeiji to Yoshi Rocks
Yoshi Ruler to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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