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! Block to Animal Kart Racing Wii
Animal Mystery Dungeon: Sun and Moon Rescue Team to Beat Island
Beat Knights to Bowser's Betasphere
Bowser's Canyon to Chase
Chasing Koopa Shell to Cubust
Cudger to Digimon Revolution
Digimon Revolution/Digicodex Data to Earthworm Jim (character)
Earthy to FNG/Sonic Riders Advance
FOC to Fantendo Funfair/Team Attractions
Fantendo Funfair/The Rise of Darkness to Fantenstuck/Page 39
Fantenstuck/Page 4 to Fritez Franchise
Fritez Franchise/Fantendo Iterum to Goomba Shoe
Goomba Team to Hooves 2.5: The Legend of the Mask
Hooves 2: The Secret of the Shrine to Jugrim
Julia to Kirby Lover7485 CD
Kirby Lover7485 Chaos to Legend of Zelda: Cube Reality
Legend of Zelda: Darkness Within to Luigi Mansion: Paranormal Chaos
Luigi Mansion U to Mario Baseball Batters
Mario Baseball Brigade to Mario Kart Ultra Circuit
Mario Kart Ultra Triple Circuit to Marvel Time Travel: The Animated Series: Season One
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 to Mighty Willy Powers/Enemies
Mighty Willy Powers/Items to Mushroom Kingdom (1st Dimension)
Mushroom Kingdom (2nd Dimension) to New Super Mario Bros. PIX Gallery
New Super Mario Bros. PRO to Nintendo Pictures
Nintendo PiiWii to Palace Gardens
Paladia Viscoe to Pikachu and Kirby: Super Smash Adventures
Pikachu and the 12 Stars to Pokémon Crackers
Pokémon Crescent Version to Puff Crusaders (Video Game)
Puffz to Robcorp/Games
Robert to Secret Maryo Island
Secret Paradise to Snivy
Snivy And The Titan's Curse/Enemies to Star Fox Adventures 2
Star Fox Armada to Super Mario 32
Super Mario 360 to Super Mario Hyper
Super Mario Infinity to Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold
Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold/Characters to Super Smash Bros. Smackdown/Mii
Super Smash Bros. Smackdown/Samus to TETRA ZBR
TEa to The Garlic Group/Noob Chase
The Geargolems to The World/Rules
The World/Staff to Typhoon Heroes!
Tyr to Wario (SSBE)
Wario (SSBGA) to Yoshi's Island: Trouble With Babies
Yoshi's Island & Pokémon: Diancie and the Time's Awakening to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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