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! Block to Animal Crossing: Time To Fly
Animal Crossing: Time To Take Flight to Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death/Weapons
Battle of Bracelets: The Dark Saga to Boomageddon (series)
Boomba Troopa to Cat (Character)
Cat Duckomo to Cosmic Paratroopa
Cosmic Princesses to Dayzee
DeSpooky World to Drake (Dark Bracelet)
Drake (Dark Toad) to Evil Mega Goomba
Evil Minion to Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase/Raindrop Studios
Fantendo 7th Anniversary Showcase/Rareware to Fantendo Smash Bros. 3DS
Fantendo Smash Bros. Brawl to Fisherman Pianta
Fishin' Lakitu to Ganondorf (SSBStrife)
Ganondorf ZA to Gulliver
Gulpette the Shark to Icecramia
Iceland to Kelly Goodyear
Kelsey Koopa to Klip the Piplup
Klixn to Lenny Penguin/LookForward
Lenny Penguin/NotherDirec to M'Icho
M-09 to Mario Coins
Mario Colors/Cutscenes to Mario Kart Wii: Doubles!!
Mario Kart Wii: Doubles!!/Interview to Marissa
Mark Miller to Michael
Michael Castillo to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 61 Cappy
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 61 Jacque to New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo 1DS)
New Super Mario Bros. 3 (Nintendo 1DS)/list of enemies to Nintendo Adventure:Heroes Unite
Nintendo Adventure: The Downfall to Omätlig Episk Olympiska
Onage to Paratroopa Mario
Paratroopa Shell to Pokemon Garnet and Amethyst/Pokedex
Pokemon Garnet and Amethyst Pokedex to Pokémon vs. Digimon
Pokémonologist to Rainbow Factory Dash (BBUF)
Rainbow Mario to SMEv
SMEv/Artwork to Shiki (Character)
Shiki (Series) to Sonic Party
Sonic Party (Game) to Stitches
Stix Kingdom to Super Mario 64 : Bunnies' Revenge
Super Mario 64 : Bunnies' Revenge/Enemies to Super Mario Land Wii
Super Mario Land World Place 3D 64 IV: The Quest For Peace to Super Smash Bros. (1990)
Super Smash Bros. (Fan-Fiction) to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Event Smash
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Items to Tanooki Hearts
Tanooki K. Rool to The Legend of Mario
The Legend of Mario: Mario under pressure to Thunder Pheonix
Thunder Phoenix to Uchronie
Uer:SuperDuperMarioKirby/Friend-List to Wario (SSBGA)
Wario (SSBOmega) to Yoshemoth
Yosher to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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