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! Block to Angry Face
Angry Moon to Barker and Quack: Unlimited
Barmy Buffoon to Bomb (SSBGA)
Bomb (SSB Mania) to Cannon Koopa
Cannonballer to Clyde D.I.Y./Characters/Ridable
Clyde D.I.Y./Gallery to Dark Koopa
Dark Labyrinth (Doodleland) to Donkey Kong Adventure
Donkey Kong Adventure (Brock's Version) to Elena
Elephuzz to Fake Ice Flower
Fake Item Box to Fantendo Freakshow/Overclocked
Fantendo Freakshow/Zentech Studios to Fantendo World/ Brock Productions
Fantendo World '13 to Fluzzard
Fly Buttons to Ghost Smile (series)
Ghost Smile 3 to Ham-Ham Town
Hama to Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures 2
Indigo City to Keytablet
Khaos to Kloveroch Spader
Klubba to Lemon Marange Pie
Lenalio "Lenan" Extreme to Lunar Delta
Lunar Sage to Mario Baseball: Superstar League
Mario Baseball: Superstar League/Music to Mario Kart Nova
Mario Kart Nova/Story Mode to Mario and Luigi: Distorted Dimensions
Mario and Luigi: Elite Bros. to Metal (2013 game)
Metal (2013 game)/Upgrades to Moyan
Mr.L Nega to Nathair
Nathan Pinson to New Super Mario World (Moon Sudios version)
New Super Mario World (Moon Sudios version)/more information to Nintendo WR
Nintendo Wars to Paper Dusk
Paper Extravaganza! to Pikachu (SSBOmega)
Pikachu (Supernova) to Pokémon Amethyst and Opal Versions
Pokémon Aquamarine to Princess Peach (Supernova)
Princess Peach RPG to Red Koopa
Red Koopa Paratroopa to SSBSSTS (Super Smash Bros. Super Smash TV Show)
SSBWZ Alt. Costumes to Shy Guy the Yellow 5
Shy Guy the Yellow 6 to Sonic Speedball RPG Series
Sonic Speedball RPG Sub-Stories to Strafe: Brother
Strafe: Heaven Born to Super Mario 64 3DS (Jumpmon's version)
Super Mario 64 3D (Flameguy9981's version) to Super Mario Kart: Wii U Edition
Super Mario Kart 2 to Super Princess Rosalina
Super Pumpkin to Super Smash Bros. Stardom
Super Smash Bros. Stars to Tanooki
Tanooki (Character) to The Koopalings: Minion War
The Kuzzalings to The World/PM2
The World/PM3 to Tumble Online/SnappyRemark
Tumble Online/StartGame to Von Kaiser
Voncoro to Wrinkly Kong
Writing Scribbleanuts - The CYOA Sprite Comic/Comic1 to Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Mario to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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