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! Block to Another Shot
Another Super Mario Bros. DX to Bells and Rails/Chapter 16
Bells and Rails/Chapter 17 to Bowser Jr. (SSBOmega)
Bowser Jr. (SSBS) to ChocoChocoNyanNyan
Chocola to DS Ultra
DSe to Doctor who? Mysteryous Therapist
Dodge the Bomb! to Elite Fantasy II/Characters
Elite Fighters to Fandemonium 2/Eps.5
Fandemonium 2/Eps.6 to Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2013/Moonlight Studios
Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2013/N Studios to Find Luigi
Find That! to Game Grumps Versus
Game Grumps Versus/Beta Elements to Guido Mario
Guila to Immortal Greed
Immortal Sword to King Bill
King Block Golem to Koopalings
Koopalings' Arena to List of Nintendo NS Virtual Console
List of Nintendo and Iceboy12co. Episodes to Mario's Fun Pack Ultra
Mario's Huge Adventure to Mario Kart 10: Bowser's Beep Beep Bash!
Mario Kart 11 to Mario Strikers X
Mario Super All-Stars Volleyball to Meta Knight: The Video Game
Meta Knight (Power Struggle) to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 103
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 104 to New Super Mario Baseball
New Super Mario Baseball/Stats to Nintendo 64 AA
Nintendo 64 Games System to Orange Yoshi
Orange Yoshi/'Dash' to Pencilla
Pencilnoko to Pokemon XY Tournament
Pokemon Ying and Yang Versions to Private Eye R.O.B: The Beginning
Private Second Class Hoshishi to Return of Ganondorf: Ch. 2
Return of Ganondorf: Ch. 3 to Scorpio
Scorpion to Smash Bros. Lawl
Smash Bros. Unite to Squirl
Squirtle to Super Mario & The Royal Stars/World 3: Blizzard Cliffs
Super Mario & The Royal Stars/World 4: Sweet Toy Box to Super Mario Heroes Abilities
Super Mario Hover Race to Super Smash Bros.: NES
Super Smash Bros.: Obsidian Skies to Super Smash Bros. Strength/King Dedede
Super Smash Bros. Strength/Kirby to Tabletops
Tabooki to The Last Link
The Last Prince of Ikana to Thundernauts
Thundernauts (group) to Ultra DK
Ultra Donkey Kong to Welcome to Game Land
Welcome to Russia? to Yoshi Egg
Yoshi Eggs to ´╗┐Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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