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! Block to Anquilla
Ant Emporer Dante to Behemoth Drone
Behemoth Wand to Bowser's Flare
Bowser's Flare Information to Chelsea & Potter
Chemical Plant Zone to Cyborg (DC)
Cyborg 7 to Disney VS. Capcom: Decision of Eternal Hearts
Disneyland Resort Adventures U to Elder Hiraku
Elder Princess Shroob to Fandemonium/Eps.2
Fandemonium/Eps.20 to Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012/Samtendo09
Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012/Sorastitch/Fantendo RPG: Evolution to Fanzip
Farm Land to Fuzzies
Fuzzo to Great Games, Inc./Ratings
Great Girder to Hyrule
HyruleVille to Kaptain K. Rool
Karakal the Watcher to Knuckles the Poliwhirl
Knucknick the Hedgehog to Lightning The Weasel: One Little Emerald
Lightning the Weasel to Mam Moth
Mama Luigi: Rebirth to Mario Kart: Super Speedies
Mario Kart: Superstar Circuit to Mario Sports Mix U
Mario Sports Mix U/Alternate Costumes to Meowflash's World Of Fun
Meowth to Mr. Plumber
Mr. Rufus and the Sulky Sentry to New Mario Party
New Netherland to Ninian (Guardian Angel)
Ninja to Oldton
Olimar to Paulo
Pawer to Pokemon Oxygen & Nitrogen
Pokemon PLAY to Prince Auav (FE: BoU)
Prince Bob-Omb to Red Koopa
Red Koopa Paratroopa to Sam the Koopa
Samad Wiggler to Skip and Sqak TV Game
Skip and Sqak Tennis to Spikes
Spiky to Super Mario:Dark Tide
Super Mario:Easter Adventure to Super Mario Galaxy: Luigi Edition 2
Super Mario Galaxy: Luma House to Super Minecraft Adventures
Super Miranda Quest to Super Smash Bros. Ultimatum
Super Smash Bros. Ultra to Techies (Everbound Gaiden)
Technocide to The Muckroom Kingdumb
The Muppets (video game) to Tog
Tog Enterprises to Valdrika
Valerie to Wily Rejects
Wind-Up to Zelda Battle Royal/rubee
Zelda Chronciles/blog to ´╗┐Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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