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! Block to Animattle!!
Animattle!! Tier List to Beast Between
Beat Island to Bowie Snowboarders
Bowie Union to Charnelon The Blue Ninja
Charnelon the Blue Ninja to Crystal Racers
Crystal Robots: Zack's Quest to Differences in SS 2 consoles
Different Summers to Earth (Uchronie)
Earth Flower to FGN/Super Mario Step
FGN/Super Mario Sunshine VR to Fantendo Funfair/Bombell
Fantendo Funfair/Boom Boom Trilogy to Fantenstuck/Page 35
Fantenstuck/Page 36 to Frog Bros.
Frog Island Adventure to Goomba Meadow
Goomba Mountain to Hooly
Hooly (FD) to Jorge (FA)
Joseph (Guardian Angel) to Kirby Legends
Kirby Legends Eternal to Legend Adventure
Legend Adventure 2 to Luigi (SUMB)
Luigi (Soul of Evil) to Mario Baseball: Grand Slam Star
Mario Baseball: Inning 3 to Mario Kart Tournament
Mario Kart Transformed to Marke of the Crescent
Marke of the Crescent/Prologue Segment to Micool Series/Ideas Page
Micool and Dashed:Defenders of the Universe to Mulwaree
Mumbo to New Super Mario Bros. J
New Super Mario Bros. Koopaling Chaos to Nintendo Kart NRS
Nintendo Kart Superstars to Paale
Pablo to Pidgeotto
Pidgey to Pokémon Battles/Red
Pokémon Berry Farm to Project Warzone
Project Wub to Ricky (SSBAlpha)
Ricky Wedge to Scratch
Scratch (Clubhouse Games) to Smash Tactics/Units/Hocotate
Smash Tactics/Units/Mushroom to Squirto Blooper Mom
Squisentient to Super Mario: The Super Kart Race
Super Mario: The Ultimate Collection to Super Mario Galaxy DSi
Super Mario Galaxy DSi/Bosses to Super Princess Peach: Creation of the Kingdom
Super Princess Peach: Creation of the Kingdom/Story to Super Smash Bros. Retro Combat/Characters
Super Smash Bros. Returns to T.O.R.C.H.
T.T. to The Game About A Game/Store/Sonic Water Park
The Game About A Game/Store/Super Mario Hot Coffee to The World/Deathmatches/1
The World/Deathmatches/2 to Twisted Evil/ChapterXXX
Twisted Evil/Chapter X to WarioWare: Padded!
WarioWare: Showing Off to Yoshi's Egg Throwing Challenge!
Yoshi's Grand Adventure to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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