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! to Angel (Doodleland)
Angel (FA) to Battle of Bracelets: the Cursed Death
Battle of Bracelets (tentative title) to Boulder Lurker
Boulder Mountain to Cerulean Cave
Chad Capybara to Crasher the Beefy Elephant
Crate to Descent
Deseret Calender to Dungeons in The Legend of Paper Zelda: The Seven Spirits
Dunsparce to FANONSTUCK/Page 16
FANONSTUCK/Page 17 to Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1
Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1/Story to Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe/Summons
Fantendo Smash Bros. Universe/Trophies to Flame: US Tour/cheats
FlameKing Enterprises to Geno (Super Smash Bros. Golden Eclipse)
Geno Beam (SSBGA) to Hark & Flame
Hark & Flame/Eps.1 to Ismailia
Ismailian Kingdom to Kingdom Hearts: An Age of Darkness
Kingdom Hearts: Another Story to Kry
Kryptor to LoZ: The Next Generation
LoZ: The Next Generation/Story to Mario & Luigi: A Bite to the Finish
Mario & Luigi: A New World to Mario Kart 9th
Mario Kart 9th/Retro Courses to Mario and Luigi: Time-Dimensional Jam
Mario and Luigi: Toads Gone Mad to Metroid Rebirth
Metroid Rebirth/Chapter 10: Old Blood to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 56
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 57 to New Super Mario Bros. GO!
New Super Mario Bros. Game to Nintendo Omini
Nintendo Overture to Paintoomba
Paintverse: Rebellion to Pikmin 4
Pikmin 4:King Bulbmin's attack! to Pokémon Dark and Light
Pokémon Dark and Light/pokedex to Prologue: Dimension Convention
Prologue: Return Of The Skull King to Ridley (SSBCombat)
Ridley (SSBDevastation) to Save Fantendo, A Roleplay/rplay
Savers of the Universe to Slaughterbus Takes Flight
Slave to Fate to Spinboard
Spindash (Sonic Spar) to Super Dedede Jump (SSBGA)
Super Diaper RPG to Super Mario Extreme Neo Fighting Power Ultra Crash 'n Bash Z: The F...
Super Mario Factory to Super Nutz (form)
Super Nutzo (game) to Super Smash Bros. Maximum!/ List of DLC characters'
Super Smash Bros. Maximum!/ List of Items to Super Smash Brothers Squabble
Super Smash Brothers Thriller/Adventure Mode to The Adventures of LuigiMario
The Adventures of Mario and Luigi to The Reveal
The Revenge of Mini Bowser to Touhou: Thinking With Gaps
Touhou 16: Unpredictable Arcane Storm to Video Game Heroes
Video Game MusicMixx to Witch Vampire
With Extreme Predjudice to Zeo
Zeon Countdown/Volume 1 to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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