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! Block to Animal Action: Power Storm!/Cutscenes
Animal Action: Power Storm!/Walkthrough to Barry
Bart (Cartoon Fighters) to Bombell (series)
Bombella to Captain M
Captain N to Cohort (Winged Nexus: Conflict)
Coin to Dark Star X
Dark Tails Kirby to Donkey Kong Land Returns (Dry Bowser rules!'s version)
Donkey Kong Land Returns (Dry Bowser rules!'s version)/Beta elements to Ella-Metals MMORPG
Ella-Metals Racing to Fan TV/source/Show Request
Fanbricate to Fantendo High
Fantendo High/Cast to Fantenstuck/Page 115
Fantenstuck/Page 116 to Forbidden Imperial/Chapter 39
Forbidden Imperial/Chapter 4 to Glass Joe
Glastor to Harold
Harold, Charles, and Elisabeth to Ismailian Kingdom
Issat to King Koopa(Super Mario Bros. Super Show!)
King Koopa (Super Mario Bros. Super Show!) to Koopa Mario
Koopa Mushroom to Light Mushroom
Light Nook to MQM
MSM2 to Mario Fan-Fics
Mario Fan Games Co. to Mario Kart Universal/Tracks
Mario Kart Universe to Mario party 13
Mario series to Metroid Online/Start
Metroid Online/adminhow to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 132
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 133 Banish to New Nintendo Entertainment System
New Nintendo entertainment System to Nightwing
Nightwolf to Nox
Nox/Box Abilities to Paper Mario: The Sage's Quest/Soundtrack
Paper Mario: The Sage's Quest/Tattle Log to Pizza Legends
Pizza Party Prank to Pokémon Hex/Shiny Suicune Arc/Chapters 1-3
Pokémon Hex/Shiny Suicune Arc/Chapters 4-6 to Punch-Out: The Movie
Punch-Out (series) to Riddle
Riddle Doo to Scandinavian Arcade Man
Scandinavian Arcade Man (character) to Sky Deck Zone
Sky High to Spark the Puffle
Sparkle to Super Dr. Mario Rescue
Super Dragon (SSBGA) to Super Mario Bros. Extreme
Super Mario Bros. Future to Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame
Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame - The Video Game to Super Smash Bros. Charged!/Adventure Mode
Super Smash Bros. Charged!/Assist Trophies to Super Smash Clash
Super Smash Clash! to TerrorMario! Deluxe/Wario
Terry the Koopa to The Neverworlder
The New Dr. Mario to Toad (Character)
Toad (SSBGA) to Unholy
United, THEY Stand! to Watermelloneer
Wateroll to Yoshi's Mansion
Yoshi's New Island 2 to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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