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! Block to Animal Crossing On Air
Animal Crossing Rumble Explosion to Battle of Bracelets series
Battle of Difference to Borderlands Legends
Borderlands V to Chao Chao Chao! The Game
Chao In Space to Crazy Sports Mix
Crazy thing in Fantendo to Destiny: Path of Tomorrow
Destiny Islands to Dungeons in The Legend of Paper Zelda: The Seven Spirits
Dunsparce to FANONSTUCK/Page 16
FANONSTUCK/Page 17 to Fantendo Fanon Designing Group
Fantendo Fanon Federation 2012 to Fantendo Ultimate Frisbee
Fantendo Ultimate Showdown to Flower
Flower Cup (MKD) to Giga Ellakitu
Giga Lakitu to Harp
Harp Note to Jack 'Elemental' Fresha
Jack (Animal Crossing) to Kirby's Adventure 3D/Beta Gallery
Kirby's Adventure 3D/Copy Abilities to Kris Koopa
Kris the Yoshi to Litle P: King for a Day
Litle P: Mystery Dungeon to Mario's Skater Adventure
Mario's Super Adventures to Mario Kart: Ultra Racers/Gallery
Mario Kart: Unite to Mario Singalong Legends!
Mario Singalong Rock! to Mega Man Universe/Story
Mega Man Universe/Weapon List to Monster Space
Monster Truck Madness 3 to NSMBSA
NSMBSS Ep. 1 to New Super Mario World
New Super Mario World(Luca Socci version) to Nintendo uConnect
Nintendo vs. Capcom to Paper Mario: Shards of Hope/Tattle Log
Paper Mario: Spirits of Yesterday to Piranha Monster Plant
Piranha Palace to Pokémon Indigo and Violet/Indigo Story/Section 1
Pokémon Indigo and Violet/Indigo Story/Section 2 to Pure Delusion/Chapter 8
Pure Delusion/Chapter 9 to Rock Band: More Stuff
Rock Band: Sonic Edition to Secrets of Shadow – Plot
Secton to Snow Master
Snow Mushroom to Star Children
Star Coin to Super Mario: Time and Space
Super Mario: Tournament Fighters to Super Mario Galaxy 3 HD (Wii U)
Super Mario Galaxy 3 The Daring Mission to Super Nova
Super Nutz (form) to Super Smash Bros. Returns
Super Smash Bros. Revenge to TalixCon 2013
TalixCon 2014 to The Legend Of Zelda Hearts Brawl
The Legend Of Zelda Majora Mask 3D to Thunder Bros
Thunder Bros. to Uil EP/listen
Uil Rapier to Wario Land 5
Wario Land 5: Do the Twist to Yoshi's Island (film)
Yoshi's Island (movie) to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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