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! Block to Anna Williams
Annie to Bells and Rails/Chapter 24
Bells and Rails/Chapter 25 to Box Adventures/Beta Elements
Box Whitespace to Chuchu
Chuck to Dangan Ronpa 3: Final Reload
Dangan Ronpa 3: Final Reload/Chapter 1: Skyscraping Shadows to Donkey Kong Country D.I.Y.
Donkey Kong Country Movie to Enfer
Enfer VS Batman: The Free Fall to FantendoPlaying War
FantendoSpots to Fantendo Mini Madness
Fantendo Mini Madness/Gallery to Firestorm Island
Firestorm Island World to Gargantuan
Gargantuan Apocalypse to Halo Prime
Haluma to Issac (SSBBD)
Issat to Kirby
Kirby's 3D Adventure: Time-Travel Journey to Kyo, the Mysterious Child
Kyo: The Dystopian Choronicals to Lord Fredrik
Lord Garchomp to Mario & Sonic Soccer
Mario & Sonic Sports Mix to Mario Kart Rhino
Mario Kart Riders to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: Infinity to Military Arsenal
Milkshake Freedom Parade! to Mylan Starlight
Myleina (CT) to New Super Mario Kart 3D/Mario
New Super Mario Kart 3D/Peach to Noid II
Noir to Paper Mario 5: The Rise of the Shadow/Ratings
Paper Mario 6: The Universal Rulers to Pokemon Dark and Light/pokedex
Pokemon Darkness to Police Acadamy: Racers
Police Acadamy: Relocation to ReDead
Reactive Factory to Sactown Studios
Sadistic Sobek to Skip and Sqak: The Forgotten Moon
Skip and Sqak: The New Adventures to Spectrum
Spectur to Super Mario: A Reign of Darkness
Super Mario: Adventure to Super Mario Galaxy 6
Super Mario Galaxy 64 to Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros.: A New World to Super Smash Bros. Smackdown/Inkling
Super Smash Bros. Smackdown/Isaac to TAB City
TAC (PL) to The King's Legion/Members
The King of Fighters '14 to Thunder Mario
Thunder Nook to Ultra Donkey Kong
Ultra Fighters to What's Hot in Nintendo?
What Happened to the Mouse to Yoshis
Yoshis 3D World to ´╗┐Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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