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! Block to Animal Crossing Dash and Crash!
Animal Crossing Down Under to Battle of the Multiverse
Battle of the Multiverse/Costumes to Boris Alexander
Boris the Frog to Chao Party
Chao Party (series) to Crazy Party (video game)/Playable characters
Crazy Pizza to Desert Piranha
Desert of Extinction to DuckTales 2: Remastered
Duck Hunt 2 to F:TS - The Meet Up
F:TS - The Secret to Fantendo Desperation
Fantendo Desperation News Post to Fantendo Users Mega Rumble/Story Mode
Fantendo Users Mega Rumble: Story Mode to Flower Power Games
Flowergirlz3-NoRosalina to Giga Lakitu
Giga Shroob to Harp
Harp Note to Jack (Boss)
Jack (Glitch) to Kirby's Adventure: The Revenge
Kirby's Adventure: The Revenge/Music to Kresthitan Empire
Kresthitan Pantheon to Litle P
Litle P's Christmas Story to Mario's Past
Mario's Power-Ups to Mario Kart: Ultra Racers/Gallery
Mario Kart: Unite to Mario Singalong to Go: Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
Mario Singalong to Go: Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers! to Mega Mario
Mega Mario (Powers) to Monty's Catacombs (MK9th)
Monty Cannon to NSMB Wii Upgrade
NSMB game to New Super Mario World (Moon Sudios version)/more information
New Super Mario World (Oshwott10001) to Nintendo vs. Sega Rumble!!
Nintendo vs Anime Racing to Paper Mario: The Act of Illusionongi
Paper Mario: The Amulets of Wonder to Pirate Final: Space Pirates Might Return
Pit to Pokémon InfernoRed and SurgingBlue
Pokémon InfernoRed and SurgingBlue/Important Trainers to Purple Kart
Purple Koopa Bro to Rocket Ron (Game)
Rocket Shroom to Sekata
Sekhmet to Soda Swampland
Sodom to Star Fox Navy
Star Fox Series to Super Mario (working title)/ Enemies
Super Mario (working title)/ List of Stars to Super Mario Galaxy TW: Koopa Quest
Super Mario Galaxy The Third to Super Princess Deluxe
Super Princess Helen to Super Smash Bros. Riot
Super Smash Bros. Riot/Assist Trophies to Tail Koopa
Tail Mario to The Heroes of Light
The Heroes of Universes to The Yoshi Adventures
The Yoshi Adventures/Tropes to Twitchy Tak
Twizted Toyland to WarioWare: AR mania!
WarioWare: Balance Bash to Yolo Games/Yolo News
Yoloania to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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