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! Block to Annoying Inc.
Another Dimension (Ham's Swap Game) to Big Bertha (SSBGA)
Big Bob-Omb to Bullet BoB
Bullet Coral to Clyde: Back to Scotland/Characters
Clyde: Back to Scotland/Gallery to Darkest Skies/Chapter 23
Darkest Skies/Chapter 24 to Dragon Orb GX (TV Series)/A Threat Arises!
Dragon Quest: Another World's Quest to Extremez series
Eye Wand to Fantendo Event: Spooky Portable Plastics Expo
Fantendo Fabric to Fantendo World/Moonlight Racing
Fantendo World/Nova OS to Forgotten Unity 2/Chapter 1
Forgotten Unity 2/Chapter 2 to Goombella
Goomber to Hyo Imawano
Hyper-Depth Fantazi to Kan Seuomto
Kanadian Brothers to Kolibri
Koloktos to List of Minor Ella-Metals Characters
List of Monster-type Pokémon in Pokémon Heat & Cold to Mario's Rhythm Heaven
Mario's Super Adventures to Mario Kart Arcade GP: Sugar Rush Speedway!!
Mario Kart Arcade GP: Wii Edition to Mario series
Mario the Hedgehog to Mii Artist (SSB8)
Mii Athlete (Smash 5) to Myko
Mylan to New Super Wario Bros 3DS
New Super Wario Land/Beta elemnts to OY
OY Land to Paraspiny
Paratoad to Pokemon SnowSapphire
Pokemon Sol & Terra Versions to Princess Blooe
Princess Bubblegum to Retro Mario
Retro Mario Party to Savvy Stylist (SSB6)
Sawblade to Smash Store
Smash T.V. to Spooky Speedster
Spool to Super Mario: The Best of The Bros
Super Mario: The Birthday in the Mushroom Kingdom to Super Mario Moon U
Super Mario Moonlight to Super Smash Bros. Channel/Color Palettes
Super Smash Bros. Channel/Items to Super Smash Bros. Versus/Pac-Man
Super Smash Bros. Versus/Palette Swap to Teardrop Stratosball
Teardrop Stratosball/Cutscenes to The Octonauts
The Oil Tanker to Touko shrugs
Touko shrugs/Tropes to Vizro
Vizro's Dark Adventure to to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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