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! Block to Another Shot
Another Super Mario Bros. DX to Beth Operatino
Betolpy to Bubba's Adventure
Bubble Bobble GO! to Clockwork Sword
Clone to Dark Samus (Supernova)
Dark Scar to Dragkas
Draglet to Extreme Punch-Out!!
Extreme Sports to Fantendo Desperation Summer News
Fantendo Direct to Fantendo World/Ultra System
Fantendo World/Yoshi's Safari Z to Fortune Street 3DS
Fossil Lurker to Goombulus
Goombumpkin to Hyper Sonic Soundwave
Hyper V to Karma Series
Karmagikoopa to Kongo Jungle
Kontrast to List of Monster-type Pokémon in Pokémon Heat & Cold
List of Moves in Marvel Comics Combat to Mario: Three Dream Stars
Mario: World of Art to Mario Kart Connect/Mushroom Cup (IC)
Mario Kart Crossing Through to Mario series
Mario the Hedgehog to Mii (Outfit A) (Mario Kart Turbo!)
Mii (SSBOmega) to My Little Pony RPG: Mazes and Manticores
My Mad Wonderland to New Super Mario World (3DS) / Soundtrack
New Super Mario World (AdamGregory03's version) to Nugg: Quest for Freedom
Nugg 2: Mining for Victory to Paradox: Redemption
Paradox (game) to Pokemon Razind/TM & HMs
Pokemon Razind/ Guerra Island Pokemon Locations to Prince Of all Cosmos
Prince Paint to Reshiram vs. Loopy/Rib11
Reshiram vs. Loopy/Rib12 to Scourge: The Hedgehog
Scourge the Hedgehog to Sneaky Race
Sneevy to Staravia
Starbo to Super Mario 64 : Bowser's Revenge
Super Mario 64 : Bowser's Revenge 2 to Super Mario Star Hunt
Super Mario Star Journey to Super Smash Bros. Director's Cut/Pokeballs
Super Smash Bros. Director's Cut/Trophies to Super Smash Bros Rival Scenes
Super Smash Bros Showdown to The Animated Adventures of Mario
The Animated Adventures of Mario/A Mario to the Past to The Sweet Elise & Heleet Show
The Sword Despereaux to Tumble Online/CrossBeams
Tumble Online/FlipOut to WarioWare 8
WarioWare Advanced to YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures
YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures/Cheats to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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