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! Block to Apocalypse Prototype
Apollo to Black Knight
Black Mage to CUBED
CUBED (series) to Conkeldurr
Conker to Death Tower
Death Troop to Dynozaurian
Dyrashine to FSC/Eps.1
FSC/Eps.2 to Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012/Electric Enterprises/Dawn of Epic
Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012/Electric Enterprises/Kirby 3DS to Final Fantasy VI Phantasia: The Animation
Final Fantasy VI Phantasia: The Animation/Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi to Gaming All-Stars/Stages
Gaming All-Stars/Story to Hammer Bro. (Electricity)
Hammer Bro. (JSSB) to Jack (Titan)
Jack (disambiguation) to Kirby: Hero Adventure
Kirby: Hero Adventure/Enemies to Legend Hyper Computer
Legend Of Zelda:Underworld Attack to Lurker Weed
Lurker Worm to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!! 2
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!! 4 to Mario Sports Mix: 3D Variety
Mario Sports Mix: Return of the Sports to Metal Sonic 3.0
Metal Sonic 4.0 to Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 68
Mudkeep in Stilioseland/Page 68 Measure to New Super Mario Bros. Thrii
New Super Mario Bros. Trick-Or-Treat to Nintendo and Sega: Morphed Worlds
Nintendo eShop to Paper Mario (SSBH)
Paper Mario (SSBM) to Pokemon Grey Version
Pokemon Halloween Edition to Porygon-Z
Poseidon to Renan! Experiment 846 2: Dr Mewtwo Returns
Renan! Experiment 846 3: Time is Important to Scepter of Superiority
Sceptile to Snipe
Snipe (Kirby) to Starfy (SSBBL)
Starfy (series) to Super Mario 64 Adventures
Super Mario 64 CE to Super Mario Sunshine 3D (SonictheHedgehogBoy200)
Super Mario Sunshine 3D Adventure to Super Smash Bros. Faceoff
Super Smash Bros. Fan Requests Edition to Super Smash HyperNova/Classic Mode
Super Smash HyperNova/Tier List to The D.E.A.T.H.S.
The Danger Zone of MarioKirby to The World/Characters
The World/Comix to Ultima Games
Ultima Nexus to Wheel Pot
Wheelie Penguin to Zac
Zac: One Mean Locust to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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