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! Block to Animal Crossing: Saviors of The Wild World! series
Animal Crossing: Stately Home to Battle of Bracelets: CHAPTER 18
Battle of Bracelets: CHAPTER 2 to Book Wand
Book of All to Casinopolis
Cassia: Jump Parade to Corice
Corkscrew (SSBGA) to David Dimensions/Beta Elements
David Dimensions/Soundtrack to DragonYoshi (series)
DragonYoshi Advance! to Eternal Brawl Uprising/Mecha Madness
Eternal Brawl Uprising/Summon Coins to Fantendo - Infected/Quotes
Fantendo - Infected/Storyline to Fantendo Online/YoshiEgg/3
Fantendo Online/YoshiEgg/3-2 to Fire (SSBGA)
Fire (character) to GameHero
GameStation/Beta to Green Giraffe Studios
Green Guy to Hyper New Super Mario Bros. Rainbow Blast Adventure RCA Selectavisi...
Hyper Nightwolf to KSSDIY
K Tastroff to Kirby Smash Bros.
Kirby Sports Star! to Legend's Wake
Legend's Wake (series) to Luigi's Mansion (series)
Luigi's Mansion 2: Ghostly Mansion Edition to Mario (SSBC)
Mario (SSBD) to Mario Kart Infinity
Mario Kart Invaders to Mario and Luigi's Big Journey
Mario and Luigi: A Super Quest to Metal Locked v2
Metal Luigi (character) to Mr. Wrinkle
Mr. Γ to Ness (SSBGA)
Ness (SSBOmega) to Nicktendo Party
Nicktoons All-Star Battle Royale to Normal (type)
Norman Foley to Paper Mario: The Mystic Fountain/Recipes
Paper Mario: The Mystic Fountain/Tattle Log to Planet Bomber
Planet Chao to Pokémon Kill la Kill Version
Pokémon Land to Pure Delusion/Chapter 5
Pure Delusion/Chapter 6 to Robo Madness: Pumpkin Peril
Robo Madness: Retribution to Scythe Guy
Scyther to Smash Store
Smash T.V. to Spore Hero 2
Spore Hero 2: Lawsuit Time to Super Mario: Bubble-Pop Bazar: Character List/Gallery
Super Mario: Character Gallery to Super Mario Evolution/List of items
Super Mario Exploit to Super Mario World: Wii/Gallery of Artwork
Super Mario World: Wii/Guide to Super Smash Bros. Fusion (ACL)/My Music
Super Smash Bros. Fusion (ACL)/Pokémon to Surchin
Surf-Foam Fracas to The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill/Eps.1
The Continuing Adventures of Cynn & Quill/Eps.10 to The Swordmaster
The TOAD chronicles 1: The Negaverse to Trainer Cynthia BS
Trainer Denice BS to Vine Climb
Vine Flower to Witch Vampire
With Extreme Predjudice to Zelda Battle Royal/Mouverest
Zelda Battle Royal/Object to Wigglers' Secret Crime.

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