"Sparring with Six (Fantendo Now)"
Season 2, episode 9
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"By Candlelight"

Sparring with Six is the ninth episode in the second season of Fantendo Now. It is the twenty-fifth episode overall.


Unten is sent to train Six to help fight against the Threat.


Written by Exotoro

Unten is asleep. He is dreaming about his time back on Zeon, shortly before the drill incident. He is training with Zerita. The two block each others punches as Zerita draws out her claws. Unten seems to have his hands pricked.

Unten: Gah!

Zerita looks over at him, covering his hands. He then attempts to charge at her only for her to sidestep at the last second.

Unten: Ugh, would have thought would have worked on you.
Zerita: Unten, I know I didn't hurt your hands.
Unten: Why do you bring out your claws anyway? You know I can't punch that.
Zerita: You can't, sure, although that has less to do with the claws more than you.
Unten: And what does that mean?
Zerita: You're not confident in hitting me back. You think I'm going to cut you or that you're gonna cut yourselves.

Mioda appears from the edge of the cliff above.

Mioda: Come on you crazy two, get a room.
Zerita: Haha, very funny Mioda. Come on Unten, let's get a move on.

Unten stands in place as the world seems to grow and shrink.

Zerita: Unten, let's go.

Unten seems to be more and more concerned as the world distorts further.

Zerita: UNTEN, LET'S GO!

Unten awakes as Sakeena shakes him, hitting her in the stomach. She groans as she steps back as Unten looks incredibly shocked.

Sakeena: Look, I know bears like to sleep but The Fan and The Enemy want to see you.
Unten: Sorry... they want to see me?
Sakeena: I dunno, have you been bumping uglies with a teacher or something?
Unten: Why is that the first thing that comes to mind?

Sakeena shrugs. Unten groans and gets out of bed.

Unten walks into the office of The Fan and The Enemy.

The Fan: Hey Unten, what up?
Unten: Not much... what did you want?
The Enemy: We're asking you train a fellow student. They're newly enrolled.
Unten: Alright, when do I start?
The Fan: Well, right now. We're gonna be going to that ditch you fought Six in, if you remember that?
Unten: Weird place to train but I guess it makes sense.
The Enemy: The United States has actually dubbed it a landmark under the name of "Broken Jaw Pit".
Unten: Alright, let's go then... I've been ready for a while.
The Fan: Well, if you're so persistent, just go through that portal.
Unten: Well, alright then.

Unten walks through the portal. He recognizes the ditch, it's left almost exactly like he remembers. Except for one thing.

Unten: No, no, no.

Unten walks back only to see no portal back. He sees Six chained to a post in the center of the pit.

The Fan: Well, we were telling you the truth.
Unten: How could you not tell me that your new "student" was Six?!
The Enemy: You could have asked.
Six: It's been a long time coming, hasn't it Unten? A rematch?
Unten: Nope, nope, nope!
The Fan: Unten, you agreed to this.
Unten: Well now I don't! Get someone like... I dunno, Volt or Smile to do it!

Unten flashes back to Six utterly wrecking his shit back in the events of Fantendo - Genesis.

The Enemy: We'll be right here if something wrong happens. Look, just give it a shot. We'll let you quit after three training sessions.
Unten: (mumbles) Yeah, I'll be dead by the second one.
Six: Are you gonna train me or what?
Unten: Train you for that?
Six: Defeating the Threat. I personally have no interest in taking her down, but if those two glowcases think I should I don't really have a choice in that kind of matter, now do I?
Unten: Alright, just... ugh. We're gonna start with some quick punching tactics here...

Unten tries to hit Six, but she swipes him down with her tail and pins him down. She unleashes her claws but can't seem to get further with killing him.

The Fan: Six, we talked about this.
Six: I don't want to do any training! I want to get back to Svarga!
The Enemy: The Threat has replaced you a long time ago.
Six: I was special, she would never do that. She told me that. She gave me the Earth mission to prove that.
The Fan: Boy, she just likes to toy with everyone huh?
Six: Maybe you guys, but she would never toy with me!
Unten: Guys, I'm still trapped under her tail.
The Enemy: Sigh, you can be such a wimp sometimes.

Unten is displaced away from Six. Six attempts to charge at him and reaches the end of her rope, gnashing her teeth at him. He sits away from her, scared but knowing she can't hurt him at the moment.

The Fan: We'll give this another shot tomorrow. Disappointed in both of you, frankly...

Unten feels bad as Six just gives The Fan a mean stare.

Unten sits with Strafe, Rachel, Sakeena, Reese, Leah, and X-Ray at the cafeteria.

Leah: Alright, open wide...

X-Ray opens her mouth as Leah puts a grape in her mouth. She swallows it and laughs as Unten rests his head against his arms.

Leah: Jeez, what's up with you, Blues Clues?
Unten: Nothing.
Leah: Look, we all know you're not gonna land a girlfriend, especially one's that's not as perfect as X-Ray, okay? No need to attempt to guilt me about it.
Unten: It's always about you, isn't it Leah?
Leah: I was talking about X-Ray.

X-Ray opens her mouth as Leah pops another grape in.

Rachel: What's your issue now anyway?
Sakeena: It's not me, isn't it?
Unten: No, I was just reliving a memory and some of it got... carried over when I woke up. Look... I don't even know if I should be telling you guys this but... eh.

Strafe puts his feet up on the table as Rachel rolls her eyes.

Unten: The Fan and The Enemy want me to train Six.
Reese: No they wouldn't.

Unten looks at Reese, who looks surprised.

Reese: Wait, really? That seems like a terrible idea. You guys have a ton of bad blood, right?
Rachel: You gotta pull out.
Unten: Can't, they want me over there for three sessions.
Leah: How was your first session? Terrible?
Unten: Putting it lightly.
Leah: Oh that bad, huh. Not that I should be surprised... If I was running this joint there'd be a lot less stupid bullshit every week. What did we even do last week? Give Volt relationship advice? Say, where is that scamp anyway?
Rachel: ...where is Volt?
Strafe: Probably wandering around or something. You know what's weird? Volt doesn't really have means of repr-
Rachel: That's enough, Strafe.
Leah: No, tell me more. How does that guy...
Unten: AUGH!

Unten flips over his tray and leaves. Rachel goes to get him but then realizes it's probably not the best idea right now.

Unten approaches Zerita, who carries a bamboo stick.

Zerita: Found this lying around. It's a bamboo stick with a white string tied around it.
Unten: That's not really gonna help us find Doomulus Grime.

Zerita whacks Unten with the stick.

Zerita: Well, that's a good thing then. Come on, let's train some more.
Unten: Come on Zerita, I'm fine with training.

Zerita whacks Unten again.

Unten: Ow!
Zerita: I'm gonna do it again.

Zerita stands as Unten waits in eager anticipation to catch the stick. She waits a whole five minutes until Unten drops his guard.

Unten: Are we still doing this or...?

Zerita whacks Unten with the stick.

Zerita: You let your guard down.

Unten awakes from his dream as Sakeena enters the room.

Unten: Yeah, I know.

Unten gets up and prepares to go to the Fan and the Enemy's office.

Unten arrives in Broken Jaw Pit as Six remains tethered to a pole and chain. She looks at him with a mean look as Unten breathes deeply.

Unten: Look, this is going nowhere.
Six: I agree.

Six attempts to slam Unten with her tail but he manages to step on it with his foot, much to her surprise.

The Fan: Yeah, no fooling me.
Unten: Really? You're gonna try that again?
Six: I didn't think you were smart enough to catch on.

Six attempts to lunge towards him with her claws out but he merely punches her fists away. She falls to the ground in frustration.

Six: Let me land one hit in!
Unten: You gotta earn it.

Six spins up and attempts to hit him with whatever she can. He hits her directly in the stomach as she is pushed back far from him.

Unten: Now are you here to train or not?

Six lays on the ground, still breathing, her eyes awake. She sits up.

Six: What's the point? I'm still a pawn anyway.
Unten: I thought you said you were special.
Six: That's what she said but...

She drops her head to the ground.

Six: They brought me back to Svarga and... Seven's Six now. Nobody recognized me except for him. And I never wanna see him again.

She shivers as she remembers. Unten walks over to her. She looks up, annoyed.

Six: I would hit you but you would just block it or whatever.
Unten: You don't have to be a pawn if you don't want to.
Six: Isn't that we're both here for? Aren't we just pawns playing for gods? They don't care if we die or live. They can just replace us with some other starry-eyed bear or another Six.
Unten: I can't honestly believe that the Fan and the Enemy would use me as a pawn. I mean, sure they're making me train you but I did say I would do it... even if I didn't have all the details.
Six: You had a choice in this manner?
Unten: I guess in a way, I've had a choice over everything I've done. You really haven't, I'm supposing?
Six: It wasn't my choice to watch Seven... ngh...!

Six starts freaking out a little. Unten puts his hand on her shoulder.

Unten: Are you okay?
Six: Just get back to training!

She attempts to sidesweep Unten with her tail but he catches again as she smiles.

Unten: Not gonna work!

Rachel grabs Unten from the hall as he returns.

Rachel: Unten, are you okay?
Unten: Yeah, I'm fine, why?
Rachel: Look, you can't just freak out like that. We're worried about you.
Unten: I'm fine, I just wasn't really having a good day. You can understand that, right?
Rachel: Yeah, I guess.
Unten: Look, things are gonna be fine.
Rachel: Alright. Just checking to see if things were fine with you.

Leah and X-Ray pass by Unten in the hallway.

Leah: God, I swear you two are dating.
Unten: (fake laughter) HAHAHA...!
Rachel: Buzz off, Leah. Just helping a friend, a favor you don't seem to do very often.
Leah: Well, yeah, why would I do a favor for a friend when they could just give me a favor?

Unten runs towards the escape pods with Zerita. He trips on a rock.

Zerita: Unten, get up!
Unten: I... augh, I can't at the second.

Zerita's eyes dart from right to left. She heads to go back for him but suddenly she's slammed by an running Beorn and falls towards a pit. Unten gets up and tries to help her but he hears the countdown clock head towards the single digits.

Zerita: Just go.
Unten: No!
Zerita: Just go. Don't worry about me.

Unten looks back one last time as he runs towards the escape pods, his vision blurring into tears.

Unten wakes up and finds his vision all blurry.

Unten: I can't...

Unten rubs his eyes as Sakeena comes in.

Unten: Just... give me a second.

Unten arrives at the Broken Jaw pit one last time. Six is still chained up but she seems somewhat excited to see him, much to Unten's confusion.

Six: Just go!

Unten seems a bit taken by her word choice as she puts out her palms.

Unten: Alright...

He punches her palms as her claws spring out.

Unten: Zerita...

He punches back hard, much to Six's surprise.

Six: Hey, no need to be so hard.
Unten: Sorry, just...

Unten punches hard again as Six puts away her palms, blowing on them.

Six: What's the big deal?

Unten punches the ground.

Unten: Why couldn't be you Zerita? Why did I have to leave her behind and leave her to die like an selfish...

Six watches as Unten hits the ground and then just collapses onto the pit floor.

Six: I don't know who Zerita is.
Unten: She was my friend. And now... she's gone.

Six sits down with Unten.

Six: Honestly, I don't have an identity anymore. I could be Zerita if you wanted me to be. The name "Six" doesn't mean anything anymore, I'm just a... zero I guess.
Unten: I couldn't give you her name like that.
Six: Well, if we're gonna fight The Threat...
Unten: You want me to come up with a name for you?
Six: You're maybe the only person I could say is my friend now.
Unten: There's one name I've always liked back on Zeon. I didn't really have any plans with it but... Quartz?
Six: Quartz?
Unten: It's a dumb name now I guess, I mean Quartz is a rock here and it's pretty abdunt too so...
Six: Quartz... I like it. Can I call myself Quartz now?
Unten: Well, you don't have to ask me.
Quartz: Then my name is Quartz. I shall never bare that old name ever again!
Unten: Come on Quartz... let's finish training.

The Fan and The Enemy return to the office with Unten.

The Fan: Well, your three sessions are over now.
The Enemy: You up for training Six more?
Unten: Her name is Quartz... and yes.

Unten jabs the air as he leaves.

Quartz returns to her cell room and asks the guard to bring her more crayons and paper. She starts drawing something that resembles her and Unten holding hands... with three kids that seems to be a mix of the two. She smiles as she hangs it up.


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