Sparky the Porcupine is a Sonic character. Sonic often mistakes him as his "brother". He is a 14 year old Science Lab Owner.


Sonic's Science Adventure

Sparky first appears in that game. He believes that Sonic and co. are really sneaking into his lab, he shocks Sonic with his finger. Sonic then sees him, and thought that he is his brother. Lastly, his become Sonic's ally to defeat Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Speedball RPG V

Sparky will appear as a playable character in Sonic's team.

Sonic and the Chinese Temple

Sparky will be an unlockable character in Multiplayer/Party mode. This is his first unlockable appearance.


Sparky is somewhat very stubborn, impatient and hot tempered. He also dislikes nicknames: "Shocking Boy" (by Rouge), "Hedgehog" (by Sonic, Shadow or Silver), "Zappy" (by Tails or Knuckles) and "Static" (by Amy or Blaze). Sparky is also said to be smart.

Abilities and Weakness

Sparky can unleash electricity out of his fingers. He also can turn into a Laser Beam form and travel around. His main function is creating electrical power surges. His only weakness is getting splashed by mud.


"My name is Sparky, and you intruders are sneaking in my lab, you will regret for what have you done!"-Sonic's Science Adventure, after introducing himself.

"I'm not a hedgehog, I'm a Porcupine!"-pretty much many times if he is mistaken as a hedgehog.

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