Sparky is a character who first appeared in Skip and Sqak Rangers. He is a robot created by Dr. Tron to aid the SSFF's quest to save the world. He is also one of the two new members joining the SSFF, the other being Oswald.


Sparky can be controlled on the Wii U Gamepad and Vita Touch Screen. He can help the players fight off bad guys and hack into locked doors. Sparky can also distract enemy fire away from the players with Sparky's Invincibility shield to protect him and his friends.

In the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game, Sparky can give the player hints if they are struggling and call upon him. He is also used as a communication device to contact his creator Dr. Tron and his assistants Hip and Hop.


  • Sparky's role is very similar to Murfy's from Rayman Legends, since both characters can be played on the Wii U and Vita version, but not the 360 and PS3 Version.
  • Sparky's design is a close resemblance to the character Pinky from De Blob 2. Except Sparky has antennas and halo eyes.

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