Sparky is an Electro-Koopa from Dinosaur Land who is part of a large group of bullies who terrorise the area, mainly picking on a hothead named Blaze. He is first seen as part of a crew picking on the poor hothead and is fought there.

If Yoyo finds the Electro Koopa hideout he will be ambushed and attacked by the full gang including Sparky, however once they are defeated Sparky will remain behind in the hideout while the rest of the Electro Koopas flee. If Yoyo speaks with Sparky with any partner aside from Blaze he will just say sorry however if Blaze is the active partner he will join the team.

At the ending ceramony if he is not recruited Sparky is seen making amends with Blaze however if he is recruited the two are said to be best friends and went on a big adventure together through the Waffle Kingdom, where they met a timid man clad in green and an onsort of various friends.

Being the Bully

Sparky is first encountered in the Nintendo Wii RPG Fearsome Red's Fantastic Follies where he is a mini-boss and then potential recruit. He is a bully to another member of the team Blaze before he joins and makes amends. Sparky can evaporate small amounts of water to reveal secret paths, chests and even buildings.


Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Electro Dash None Attacks one enemy, ignoring enemy's defense value. Hold the A button to fill the gauge. Initial
Power Shock 2 Does double damage to single enemy. Press A repeatedly Initial
Turbo Charge 3 Temporarily boosts Yoyo's defence. Press A as the red stars light up. Super Rank
Mega Shock 5 Attacks all enemies. Repeatedly press A and B at the same time. Ultra Rank

Delfino Dealers

Sparky makes his second apperance in Delfino Dealers after his adventures in the Waffle Kingdom which he complains he didn't even get a mention by the green coward he decides to travel the world and finds himself in Isle Delfino. Here he has his best chemistry with Strollin' Suzie and his worst chemistry with Chuck.

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