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Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures Japan Artwork)

Sparkster (Sparkster- Rocket Knight Adventures 2 Official Artwork)

Full Name Sparkster Sanjulo
Gender Male
Species Opossum
First Appearance Rocket Knight Adventures
Latest Appearance Rocket Knight (2010)
Series Rocket Knight

Sparkster is the main protagonist of the Rocket Knight series. He is an anthropomorphic opossum and the leader of the Rocket Knights.

When the Devontidos Empire kidnapped Princess Sherry, Sparkster was chosen to head out and get her back. Since then, he has continued to wage war on those who threaten the Kingdom of Zebulos. Perhaps his greatest enemy is the infamous Axel Gear, who was initially a Rocket Knight before he turned to evil and joined the Devontidos Army.


Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces

Sparkster appears in this game as an unlockable character. He brings his jetpack with him, and it is used as his standard special as an attack and recovery move.

It is unknown what his role will be in the story mode, Path to Finale, but rumor has it that he will be an important character alongside Pit and Sonic the Hedgehog, among others.

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