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Sparkplug is a fighting game for the PC. It stars an original cast of 20 robots and cyborg characters in a shady competition, led by one of the robots themselves, Operative, who built the battle arenas and most of the other robots. The game has many different battle modes, and in general feels different from most other battle games, since it incorporates some elements of racing games. Sparkplug is mostly child-friendly, but it is still rated E10+ because of the lore behind the game, which is pretty dark compared to the rest of the game.


The story is one of the largest parts of Sparkplug. It follows two of the game's characters, Doormat and Cooler, who woke up in the main arena's sewer and are now trying to figure out the secrets behind Operative, CeROBral and the other robots.

More information at Sparkplug/Story.


Sparkplug is a 3D fighter, but innovates in that field. Instead of taking place in simple arenas, the game takes place on large arenas similar to racing ones; long, and with many rooms. Some maps are more open, but most of them are closed and are almost maze-like. Some maps are even like parcours in that you have to dodge obstacles and jump to reach other areas.

Each of the characters has 4 stats, that changes how they fight: Health determines how many hits a character can take before being knocked out. Attack changes the power of a character's attacks. Defense affects how much damage attacks sent on the character will deal. Finally, Speed will make a character faster or slower. Often, a character will have a lot of Speed and Attack, but low Health and Defense, or the opposite. However, this is not always the case; quite a few characters are bulky with high Defense and Attack, but are slow, too. Health eventually regenerates, so one doesn't have to worry too much about being damaged.

Stats aren't the only factors that change a character. Each character has a basic punch attack, but also 5 other "special" moves. Some characters have a special attribute or two instead; for example, Nuclear starts with double stats, but as time flies by, its stats eventually become half of a normal character's.

Game Mode: Escape

The main game mode combines Racing and Fighting into one. At some points in the map, you will get blocked by doors; which only open when a certain number of characters are knocked out (this amount of characters depends on how many players there are; for example, if there are 15 players, 3 of them must be knocked out to open the door to another section). You must survive and knock out the other robots in order to get to "The Room". Once you enter the room, you win; but only 1 robot can enter the room at the end. It is pretty hard to get to The Room when you begin playing, but as players get more experienced, it gets easier and easier.

Game Mode: Arena

Players who like more traditional battling can enjoy the Arena mode, which is the other game mode in the game. "The Room" is removed, while maps are changed to be slightly more open. Additionally, the doors around the arenas are now always open, and it's always possible to go both ways. The game is an elimination match, which means once a character blows up, it won't respawn.

Mode Twists

When playing one of the two game modes, one can enable "Mode Twists". Mode Twists affect the way the game plays, usually in a pretty drastic way. Mode Twists can combine into bigger modes, so for example, the "Speedy" and the "Race" twists on Escape can combine into a "Speedy Race Escape". There are a total of 15 Mode Twists: 8 for Escape and 7 for Arena. You can choose to make the Mode Twists randomly generated, or to choose the mode twists yourself. While you can put as much mode twists as you want yourself, Mode Twists will never be randomly generated with more than 3 twists at once.

Name Base Mode Description
Speedy Escape Boosts the speed of the characters. This makes the mode end quicker, notably. One can notice fast characters are slightly less boosted then slower robots, making the gameplay more balanced.
Race Escape Makes everyone the same speed and removes moves, stats and attributes, effectively making all characters the same besides appearance. Some characters are shrunk to balance gameplay further.
Volcanic Escape Makes lava slowly advance behind the players. This acts as some kind of timer, putting pressure on players. Lava instantly kills frailer characters and doesn't take long to knock out bulkier ones.
Glass Wall Escape A large glass wall blocks players from advancing. This glass wall slowly advances itself. This glass wall prevents the player from finishing the mode too quickly. The wall goes two times as fast if Race is in place too.
Mine Escape Lets each player place one mine somewhere on the map before the round. This adds an element of unpredictableness to the game, and forces players to be careful. Mines usually don't KO characters right away, however.
Balloons Escape Each player gets their Attack doubled. Here's the catch, however; players get 3 balloons on their heads, and when they die, 1 balloon pops. The other balloons stay on their heads. They get killed for good once all are popped.
Moving Forwards Escape Forces players to walk constantly. This makes fighting harder, and basically prevents camping even though it's impractical here. This twist can be hard to be used to at first, but most players eventually manage to get used to it.
Boss Escape Players have to fight a Boss before entering the final area. In case of the game mode being Race, the Boss will automatically destroy itself after a few minutes, making it more of a survival course.
Disaster Arena Causes Disasters to attack the arena. One example of such disaster is "Flood", where the robots have to get to high ground if they don't want to drown. A list of all disasters can be seen below.
Enemy Arena Makes waves of enemies attack the robots. All enemies specialise in a stat or a kind of move. For example, the "Beeee" is very fast, but doesn't attacks, being only a distraction and sometimes an attack sponge.
Respawn Arena Changes the arena into a deathmatch instead of an elimination. Players have to knock out as many other robots as possible to win, instead of being the last one standing. Thus, players can respawn when knocked out.
Coin Flip Arena Each minute, a giant coin is flipped next to the map. If the result is heads, the player with the least health left is fulled healed. If the result is tail, however, it is knocked out instead. This adds some panic to the game.
Monster Arena One player is randomly chosen as the monster, and becomes the only player able to attack. It has to kill all the "innocents". But there's a time limit and the innocents win if the monster doesn't kill them fast enough.
Coins Arena Makes a bunch of coins spawn in the arena. Players have to get as many coins as possible. The player with the most coins wins at the end of the round. Players drop all their coins when they die, so they can't abuse it.
Boss Arena Makes a boss spawn in the arena. Some players like to team up to beat the boss, but other players prefer to fight the boss without teaming up. Some disasters are particularly dangerous here.

Game Mode: Destruction

A single-player game mode in which you have to destroy machines created by Operative as quickly as possible. There is one machine for each character, and each machine is customized to force you to exploit each character's quirks. For example, in 2-ME's stage, there are special cubes that 2-ME has to use his Flash move on before being able to destroy them. In Cooler's stage, some bricks have to be destroyed with Stun Pulse; hitting them with one of his coolant-based moves will only make them harder to break. And so on. Beating the stage within enough time will give players an exclusive skin for the character. These skins do not unlock customization options for the characters.

Game Mode: Speedrun

This single-player game mode is pretty simple; you must get to "The Room" as quickly as possible. The game will save your record time for each character, and you are also able to see other player's high scores for each stage-character combo. Characters are still able to use their attacks here, and have the same stats that they usually do too. This allows some characters to do cool tricks.

Game Mode: Boss Rush

An unlockable single-player game mode unlocked after completing the story mode. You must fight all of the bosses in the game in a specific order, alone, with a single character (you're not allowed to change characters between bosses). The bosses have the same amount of HP as they normally would if you fought them alone. You are healed between each battle, thanksfully. Beating this game mode unlocks a Boss Rush Skin for the character you beat it with. Boss Rush Skins are a bit different from other skins in that they have animation and model differences instead of being simple pallette swaps. They also have a customisation option attached to them.

The game mode has its own arena. Each boss is in a different room, which are designed for the bosses; for example Coelachoire's room is filled with water.

The order of bosses is as follows:

  1. Evile Penguine
  2. Knockslice
  3. Coelachoire
  4. Machina Asteroida
  5. Lunar Machine V1
  6. Lunar Machine V2
  7. Moldibrad
  9. Imaginative

After beating those bosses, however, things are not quite over yet; there is an extra boss exclusive to the Boss Rush mode.


Destructive is the final boss of the Boss Rush mode, a fusion of MECHA-MARS and Operative, based on an early idea for the story's final boss. Destructive is an extremely tough boss with a large variety of moves he can use with both of his arms. At 100% HP, there are some pauses between each attacks, and he only attacks with one arm at once. After he reaches 75% HP, he will attack the player with both arms at once. Reaching 50% HP will make the pauses between the attacks shorter, and at 25% HP, there are no pauses between his attacks. Its arms can detach for some attacks, and they include a lot of weapons, which can seemingly grow or shrink at will.

Here is a list of the attacks Destructive can do with his "Axe Arm":

  • Enlarge the axe and then slam it into the ground, with the axe tip leaving cracks in the ground for a few seconds. Getting hit with this attack is an one-hit KO, but it is fairly easy to dodge.
  • Swing the axe at the player, dealing high damage and throwing them away.
  • Shrink the axe and then shoot the arm at the player. The arm and the axe will spin around like a boomerang, going back to Destructive after a short time.
  • Replace the axe with a hand and shoot the arm in the sky. The arm will then slam itself multiple times in the ground, creating shockwaves. These can be dodged by jumping above them.
  • Replace the axe with a magnet-like claw similar to the final boss's and use it to push and attract the player randomly. While harmless on its own, it can get dangerous if the other arm is attacking at the same time.

His "Rocket Arm" also has its own set of attacks:

  • Shoot 5-7 rockets in the sky, which will then fall near the player, creating a small explosion. While their accuracy is not perfect, the explosion makes up for this. However, the target of the rockets are indicated by red neon targets on the ground, allowing a careful player to move away.
  • Shoot a bomb that explodes into a lava puddle that will stay on the ground for about 10 seconds.
  • Shrink the arm itself and then shoot it at the ground, causing the arm to bounce around the room quickly on the XY axis.
  • Replace the rocket by a large beam launcher; as expected, it then shoots a large beam at the player. Similarly to the final boss's beam, however, if the player moves it is unlikely the rocket will hit.
  • Replace the rocket by a snow launcher, which will freeze the player for a few seconds if it hits, also dealing minor damage.

Destructive is defeated once he reaches 0% HP. Of note is that Destructive itself is immobile; however, it is not harmed by its own attacks.

Strategic Landmine of the Damned

Strategic Landmine of the Damned is a sub-game of Sparkplug unlocked by winning 10 battles. It is a puzzle game where you play as a Landmine which can collect various power-ups to solve trap-filled puzzle rooms. It has a small story which reveals more details about Sparkplug's lore, being a prequel to the game.

Mechanized Cooking Prophecy

Mechanized Cooking Prophecy is a sub-game of Sparkplug unlocked by winning 20 battles. It is an RPG with cooking-based mechanics where you play as Microwave as she goes through robot-themed areas to complete various quests, having heard about a "Prophecy" involving her.


The game has 20 different characters, each with their own stats, flavor and moves. All characters have stats, which always totals at 100. They all either have 5 moves. However, up to two of those moves can be turned into "Passive" attributes instead.

Do note that both SentROB and F0R3(A57 are unlockable characters. SentROB is automatically unlocked at a certain point in the story mode, while F0R3(A57 is unlocked after watching the extra scene, which itself has to be unlocked by spotting F0R3(A57 at various points early on in the story.

Character Description Stats Moves and Attributes



A robot built doors. In the most fancy ways you can imagine! Rumors says he has over 500 ways of opening doors. 

He's the fastest character in the game, and also has good strength. However, he's also one of the frailest characters in the game, so you can't be reckless.

Health: 5

Attack: 30

Defense: 15

Speed: 50

Move 1: Dash Slash

Dashes forwards while slashing.

Move 2: Grinding Slash

Slashes several times.

Move 3: Struggle Slash

Slashes forwards. Low HP boosts this.

Move 4: Power Mode

Becomes stronger, but slower.

Move 5: Rush Mode

Becomes faster, but weaker.



An adorable robot built to cool up machines with coolant. This coolant, however, ended up beign too cold. Now he's a battle robot.

Cooler is tough to take down, because he has a health stat of 30 and a defense stat of 50. He's rather slow, but he can slow down foes himself. But he's weak too...

Health: 30

Attack: 10

Defense: 50

Speed: 10

Move 1: Coolant Bomb

Shoots a large orb of coolant.

Move 2: Stun Pulse

Releases a stunning pulse.

Move 3: Cryo Spread

Shoots 9 coolant orbs in all directions.

Move 4: Cool-up

Blasts coolant under it, launching it up.

Passive: Coolant Leak

Slows enemies when hit directly.



A robot which has a nuclear generator inside of itself! It has a tendency to release a lot of energy at once.

Nuclear is a glass cannon, who is frail but strong and fast. Notably, he starts with double stats, but eventually gets it's stats halved. Playing him can be tough.

Health: 15

Attack: 35

Defense: 15

Speed: 35

Move 1: Explosion

Explodes. Deals recoil damage.

Move 2: Fireball

Shoots a fireball.

Move 3: Fire Spiral

Creates a spiral of fire around itself.

Move 4: Pyro Ring

Makes a damage-boosting ring orbit it.

Passive: Nuclear Energy

Starts with x2 stats, ends with /2.



A robot who uses Hydroelectricity for energy. It's a wonder how it and the other robots of it's type can contain those generators.

Hydro has 25 in each stats, making her a very balanced character. She is rather easy to learn. She can regenerate faster, making her a solid character.

Health: 25

Attack: 25

Defense: 25

Speed: 25

Move 1: Bubbles

Shoots 5 bubbles in a row.

Move 2: Water Pulse

Releases a pulse of water.

Move 3: Aqua Cut

Slices forwards with water.

Move 4: Air Swim

Jumps and temporarily hovers in the sky.

Passive: Regeneration

Regenerates health quicker.



Yet another robot in the Energy Sources series. This one uses solar panels to work. In general, it is opposite to Nuclear.

It is bulky, but rather slow and weak. However, it has a special asset: it's attacks get more effective each use, and they drain life. Be careful around this guy!

Health: 35

Attack: 15

Defense: 35

Speed: 15

Move 1: Robo-Seeds

Shoots seeds that stick to land.

Move 2: Photosynthesis

Healths 10% health.

Move 3: Plant Force

Temporarily boosts defense.

Passive 1: Life Drain

Attacks drain health from the foe.

Passive 2: Growth

Attacks get stronger when more used.


Mr. H20

A robot who was originally made to carry water to other places. But for this arena, it has been modified to attack other robots with it!

Mr. H20 is very fast, but while he isn't very strong, he's certainly more bulky then some of the frailer characters in the game. He jumps much higher than most characters as well.

Health: 20

Attack: 15

Defense: 20

Speed: 45

Move 1: Aqua Dash

Dashes forwards using water.

Move 2: Atomic Orbs

Makes 3 atom-like orbs orbit itself.

Move 3: Spout

Spouts water out quickly.

Move 4: Rain

Reduces the defenses of enemies.

Passive: Bubbles

Damaging bubbles pop from it's attacks.


Miss CO2

Miss CO2 is a modified version of H20 that carries other liquids then water; precisely, toxic ones. She can poison foes with them.

Miss CO2 is the only character who can poison other robots. She is kind of slow, but she is very bulky with 40 health, althrough 15 defense isn't very good...

Health: 40

Attack: 25

Defense: 15

Speed: 20

Move 1: Acid Spit

Launches an acid ball.

Move 2: Mercury Puddle

Creates a puddle of mercury.

Move 3: Poison Splash

Splashes poison forwards.

Move 4: Sticky Orb

Launches an orb that slows down foes.

Passive: Poison

Attacks have a chance to poison foes.



Operative was the first robot built and the one who built the others! He's very protective of his creations, too. What a nice guy!

Operative is a rather frail character, but he's decently fast and hits hard. He can turn invisible as well, patching up his defensive weakness.

Health: 15

Attack: 40

Defense: 15

Speed: 30

Move 1: Axe Spin

Spins, with his axe outstretched.

Move 2: Shadow Mist

Creates mist that slows down foes.

Move 3: Debug

Heals a little HP.

Move 4: Lighten

Becomes faster, but weaker to moves.

Move 5: Invisibility

Turns invisible until attacking.



CeROBral is a creepy experiment; it's a robot that's controlled by a child's brain! But where did Operative get it?

CeROBral is a rather balanced character. He has decent health and attack, but kinda low Defense and Speed. He can boost himself with "Buff Cubes".

Health: 30

Attack: 30

Defense: 20

Speed: 20

Move 1: Shock Stun

Scares nearby enemies, stunning them.

Move 2: Power Orb

Shoots an orb. Buffs it's stats if it hits.

Move 3: Buff Cube

Creates a cube that boosts it's stats.

Move 4: Kinesis

Pushes away nearby enemies.

Passive: Telepathy

Can see where players are on the map.



Incinerator is a radical character and the resident explosive robot. Although he's not the one who explodes, it's the other ones...

Incinerator deals some of the highest damage in the game. Additionally, he's not lacking in the defense department. However, he's one of the slowest robots.

Health: 20

Attack: 45

Defense: 30

Speed: 5

Move 1: Rocket

Shoots a rocket.

Move 2: Landmine

Drops a landmine.

Move 3: Radical

Increases attack for a few seconds.

Move 4: Detonate

If Landmine was used, makes it explode.

Move 5: Flamethrower

Launches flames from both cannons.



2-ME acts like a ninja in that he can create a dummy of himself. The dummy moves around too, so it's easy to fool enemies with it.

2-ME's best asset is his high speed. He also has passable defenses. However, he has trouble dealing damage, to the point bulkier robots can ignore him.

Health: 25

Attack: 15

Defense: 20

Speed: 40

Move 1: Neon Lazer

Shoots a beam. Reloads very quickly.

Move 2: Energy Orb

Shoots an orb.

Move 3: Tech Wheel

Rolls forwards like a wheel of sorts.

Move 4: Flash

Temporarily blinds nearby enemies.

Move 5: Duplicate

Creates a dummy that moves around.



The orb on top of Watchword contains various passwords to part of Operative's facilities. It can't see them, however.

To protect the passwords well, Watchword is incredibly bulky, having a whooping 70 defense combined with a decent 20 HP. But his other stats are horrible.

Health: 20

Attack: 2

Defense: 70

Speed: 8

Move 1: Leech Orb

Launches a HP-draining orb.

Move 2: Shield

Makes a barrier that blocks attacks.

Move 3: Firewall

Creates a wall that deals DoT damage.

Move 4: Shutdown

Temporarily invincible, but can't move.

Passive: IP Shield

Isn't targetted by enemies and bosses.



Microwave is a cooker robot. It is not very good at making cold things through, so if you want ice cream you'll get it melted.

Microwave's attacks lower the enemy defenses, giving other robots an easier time to kill them. She can also regenerate health, and has the highest of that.

Health: 50

Attack: 5

Defense: 35

Speed: 10

Move 1: Heat Wave

Creates waves of fire.

Move 2: Healing

Heals herself by 25%.

Move 3: Melted Cream

Creates a puddle of slowing cream.

Move 4: Deliver Mode

Doubles speed for 2 seconds.

Passive: Bake

Makes attacks weaken enemy defenses.



Time was built for the battle arena. He is a master of time. He is actually invisible; what you see is a vision of where he was.

Time is a very odd character to play agaisn't, but is also rather weird to play himself. He hits like a truck and is quite bulky.

Health: 35

Attack: 35

Defense: 15

Speed: 15

Move 1: Next Orb

Shoots an orb that is in the "future".

Move 2: Shock Wave

Makes an AoE pulse that hits instantly.

Move 3: Present

X3 speed for 1.5s. Makes him visible.

Move 4: Blind Ray

Shoots a ray that blinds for 1 second.

Passive: Master of Time

Appears behind his actual location.



Emit is one of the few robots built specifically for the battle area. Her attacks tend to have fancy effects. She is Time's twin sister.

Emit's attacks have high radius and deal high damage. However, it's attacks get weaker, similar to Nuclear. She and Time are the only ones to have the same stats.

Health: 35

Attack: 35

Defense: 15

Speed: 15

Move 1: Orbiton Blast

Creates five orbs that all collide together.

Move 2: Blue Inferno

Creates a ring of AoE flames.

Move 3: Royal Lightning

Strikes a targetted spot with thunder.

Move 4: Azure Rocket

Blasts forwards.

Passive: Emission

Starts with X1.2 stats. Wears off quickly.



Navexte was built with the idea of colonising planets and moons in outer space. She is the only character who can fly.

Navexte is a very fast character, and has decent bulk to boot. Her ability to fly makes her even harder to hit. However, her attacks are quite weak.

Health: 20

Attack: 10

Defense: 30

Speed: 40

Move 1: Argon Laser

Shoots a large beam. Reloads quickly.

Move 2: Whirlwind

Flings away nearby foes.

Move 3: Coil Boost

Boosts Attack by 10%.

Move 4: Coil Energy

Uses Coil Boosts to heal, erasing them.

Move 5: Flight

Makes Navexte fly. Has a fuel limit.



Zéro is a...strange robot. She seems to power herself with the absense of energy. She's also in a terrible state.

Zéro is obviously the frailest character in the game, dying in 1 hit. However, she is insanely strong and fast. She can reverse her gravity in some stages too.

Health: 1

Attack: 58

Defense: 1

Speed: 40

Move 1: Jumping Spider

Leaps forwards, screeching.

Move 2: Ceiling Drop

Drops from the ceiling if in NoGrav mode.

Move 3: Condensation

Shoots smoke that lowers stats.

Move 4: ERROR 0

Shoots an orb that blinds foes.

Move 5: NoGrav

Reverses Zéro's gravity if possible.



Dreadgon is the largest character in the game. He is a terrifying robot made purposely to scare people; he really likes that!

Dreadgon has a high attack stat of 40! He also has 25 Health and Defense, making him rather bulky. However, he's slow. Nonetheless, he's a scary powerhouse.

Health: 25

Attack: 40

Defense: 25

Speed: 10

Move 1: Massive Bite

Bites forwards, dealing high damage.

Move 2: Roar of Terror

Roars forward, slowing down foes.

Move 3: Frenzy

Slashes wildly around itself.

Move 4: Ire of Appaling

Sharply boosts attack for 2 seconds.

Passive: Perturbing Glare

Lowers the attack of nearby foes.



SentROB is the only character to wear clothes, wearing a jacket and pants. He is CeROBral's older brother and is very serious. He hates being called edgy.

SentROB is a balanced character who is very unpredictable, because it has more moves then the other characters thanks to it's passive.

Health: 22

Attack: 30

Defense: 20

Speed: 28

Move 1-A: Generic Shot

Shoots a generic bullet.

Move 2-A: Laser Blast

Shoots a weak laser that hits instantly.

Move 3-A: Triple Shot

Shoots three weak bullets.

Move 4: Magnet Gadget

Pulls other characters towards him.

Move 5-A: Swap to B

Changes SentROB's moveset to "B".

Move 1-B: Bash

Bashes enemies with his guns.

Move 2-B: Rocket

Shoots a powerful, but slow rocket.

Move 3-B: Machine Gun

Shoots a stream of very weak bullets.

Move 4: Magnet Gadget

Pulls other characters towards him.

Move 5-B: Swap to A

Changes SentROB's moveset to "A".



F0R3(A57 is a cryptic character, being only introduced in the secret ending. She is a ghost possessing a prototype weather control robot.

F0R3(A57's attacks are odd in that they don't damage foes immediately; she has to "activate" the damage with her fifth move. These deal fixed damage.

Health: 35

Attack: 25

Defense: 25

Speed: 15

Move 1: Revenant Rain

Makes it rain purple ovals around herself.

Move 2: Spirit Sunlight

Shoots a beam of purple ovals forwards.

Move 3: Soul Snow

Slows a targetted enemy instantly.

Move 4: Vanish

Vanishes for a second, dodging moves.

Move 5: Thunderstrike

Activates damage done by other moves.

Tier List

The various characters in the game are mostly balanced, meaning almost all of them can be used successfully, but some are just better then others. Characters are not ranked by number, but by this order: Great - Good - Ok - Bad. This section of the page shows the tier list, with reasoning:


  • Dreadgon: One should be thanksful for Dreadgon's slow speed and large size, because Dreadgon would be broken otherwise. He can OHKO most characters with a Ire of Appaling + Massive Bite combo, which is even more effective if Roar of Terror is used before.
  • Operative: He has very good offenses, decent speed, and better bulk then frail characters like Doormat, which give him good longetivity combined with his move Debug which lets him recover. His ability to turn invisible makes him even better as he can sneak behind foes, then hit them hard.
  • Emit: She is a very strong character with a wide range of powerful moves. She is rather slow but can easily boost herself forwards with Azure Rocket. While she has low defense, her Health makes her bulky enough to last for a good time.
  • Hydro: Her diverse movepool and her balanced stats make her a very good pick. She can reliably recover thanks to her passive, and can attack enemies no matter what the direction. She's a little slow, but that's her only real flaw.
  • Doormat: Despite his lack of projectiles, Doormat's decent offense and very high speed make him a great character to use. His range problem can be fixed with the use of Dash Slash, and since he's the fastest character, no one can outrun him. He has trouble hitting Navexte and Zéro though.


  • Time: Time is frustratingly hard to play, both with and agaisnt, due to his time gimmick. If you do not know him well, you will struggle agaisnt him. He can blind others with Blind Ray. Both of his attacks also hit very hard. However he is rather easy to whittle down with projectiles.
  • Incinerator: While he's slow, he hurts incredibly hard and has decent bulk to boot. His ability to pose landmines and then make them explode makes him a very dangerous character. He also has a strong projectile in Missile and a good melee attack in Flamethrower.
  • CeROBral: CeROBral is a balanced character, even if he's a little slow. CeROBral is mainly known for beign a good counter to Doormat, as he can stun him and push him away, then set up on him and OHKO him with a strong Power Orb. Additionally, Operative can't sneak on him.
  • Nuclear: He can cause utter carnage at the start of a round, dealing very strong attacks, and actually outspeeds Doormat at the start of a round. However, he becomes horrible near the end and he has little to no longetivity.
  • SentROB: SentROB has nicely balanced stats, and is very unpredictable thanks to his fifth move allowing him to swap between two movesets. However, he is poor defensively, lacking a recovery move, and additionally has trouble fighting faster enemies since most of his strong moves are slow.


  • Microwave: Ever since she was added, Microwave is considered the best defensive character in the game. Microwave has incredible defenses, and can heal very quickly. She can easily run with Deliver Mode and can slowly destroy foes with her Passive, Bake.
  • Navexte: Navexte has decent bulk and great speed. She is also able to heal, and can boost her attack. The problem is that her heal consumes her attack boosts and she has a terrible attack stat. Her ability to fly makes up for this, though, as it makes her the hardest character to hit.
  • F0R3(A57: F0R3(A57 is a decently bulky character, although she is slow. Her attacks have the unique characteristic of dealing fixed damage due to the way they work; this makes her bad for fighting characters with high HP, but characters with low health should stay away from her.
  • Solar: Solar is a defensive character, but defensive is rarely a good playstyle in Sparkplug as most defensive characters are bad offensively, and that happens to be the reason Solar isn't considered a Great character. However, he's able to make damage with his ability Growth.
  • Cooler: Like Solar, Cooler is defensive. Cooler can't do much damage, but he can slow down foes which is definitely an useful ability. He's also able to do decent damage despite his low attack stat. His big flaw comes from the lack of a reliable recovery, making him a bad wall.


  • Miss CO2: Miss CO2 has high Health and can do very high damage, but she's slow and her defenses are bad. This makes her very vulnerable to attackers such as Incinerator. Additionally, she doesn't always poison enemies with her attacks. Although "Bad", however, she is still viable.
  • Mr. H20: Mr. H20 is fast and can be annoying with his attacks, but his good traits end here. He's not very bulky, and can't deal much damage. However, his mobility is undeniably great. Like Miss CO2, Mr. H20 is considered "viable", or at least "usable" in competitive play.
  • 2-ME: 2-ME is a very annoying character, but besides that, you'll find out he simply can't deal damage to foes effectively. He can survive for a while but at the end of the round, he has a lot of trouble finishing the enemy. His defenses are also passable at best. All in all he's not a good character.
  • Watchword: Watchword is the worst wall in the game despite having the highest Defense. He simply can't hurt foes, and doesn't haves a reliable mean of recovering besides a very basic and weak attack that barely helps him anyways. His ability is also completely useless competitively.
  • Zéro: Zéro is terrible, as she has only 1 point of HP. Even though she does a lot of damage, she is forced to rely on ERROR 0 and Condensation because her melee attacks make her too vulnerable. While she is very fast, several characters are at the same speed or outspeed her.

Speedrun Tier List

The Speedrun game mode is single-player instead of multi-player, and is focused about speed instead of combat, which shakes up the tier list a lot; speedy, but weak characters get to shine here, while high-tier tanks usually wind up in the lower tiers. Characters are not ranked by number, but by a "Great-Good-Ok-Bad" order like the normal tier list. Here is the tier list for the Speedrun game mode:


  • Navexte: The fact she can fly gives her the ability to abuse way more shortcuts than the average character, and she is also very fast, with 40 base speed. Therefore, it is no surprise that the best character for speedrunning is Navexte.
  • Doormat: Being the fastest character in the game gives him an obvious advantage over some other characters, and he is also able to dash forwards for additional speed and shortcuts.
  • Mr. H20: Although generally outclassed by Doormat, he is still the second fastest character in the game, and can also dash forwards. His dash has more range than Doormat's dash, additionally, which may give him niche uses in a few stages.
  • Nuclear: Nuclear is even faster than Doormat initially, so if you complete the stage quickly enough, you can get some very impressive scores. However, he progressively slows down and does not have access to a dash.
  • Zéro: Since there is no fighting, Zéro is much better here. Her ability to go on the ceiling allows her to abuse some tricky shortcuts, too, and she has access to a dash with Jumping Spider. She is also quite fast.


  • 2-ME: Yet another fast character with the ability to dash forwards. However, 2-ME is slower than both Doormat and Mr. H20. His dash is more controllable than Doormat's or Mr. H20, which may give him niche uses.
  • Operative: Operative is a rather fast character who is able to make himself even faster with his Lighten move. However, he is not particularly special otherwise.
  • Hydro: Her Air Swim attack allows her to fly for a short time, which allows her to abuse a lot of shortcuts. However, she is not particularly fast.
  • SentROB: He's speedy, with 28 base speed. He doesn't gets any particular advantages otherwise, however.
  • Time: Present allows him to get 45 base speed for 1.5 seconds, allowing him to go surprisingly fast. He has competition with Microwave, but ultimately, Microwave is slower outside of Deliver Mode and her boost is not as high.


  • Microwave: Although her placement on the tier list this high may be a little surprising, her Deliver Mode move does not double the base Speed, but rather the actual Speed. This allows her to go much faster than you'd expect, although the Deliver Mode is only active for 2 seconds.
  • Emit: Emit is rather slow, but she's able to boost forwards with impressive speed using Azure Rocket, which gives her some niche uses. Emission also makes her slightly faster at first.
  • Cooler: He's slow, like Emit, but Cool-up allows him to boost forwards too. However, this boost is not as good as Emit's, so he winds up outclassed by her.
  • CeROBral: CeROBral's Buff Cube move allows him to reach impressive speeds over time. However, this speed is not instant and takes a while to reach, so it usually isn't very worth it.
  • Miss CO2: A generally outclassed character, but her 20 base speed is higher than some other characters.


  • Solar: Ties with F0R3(A57 for base 15 speed with no boosting means.
  • F0R3(A57: Ties with Solar for base 15 speed with no boosting means.
  • Dreadgon: He's very slow, has a huge hitbox, and is unable to make himself faster. However, there are two characters that are even worse than him.
  • Watchword: Second slowest character in the game, and no way to make himself faster. At least he's not the worst. Do note that Firewall is solid, so he can use the move to exploit a few shortcuts. He's still very outclassed, though.
  • Incinerator: Slowest character in the game, big hitbox and no way to make him faster. Don't use Incinerator unless you're trying to get the high score for him on a stage.


Each character has a figurine associated with them. In order to get a figurine, you need to do a challenge which usually requires you to play as that character or do something related to them. Unlocking a figurine lets you unlock the skin associated with that character. These are split in "waves".

Green Wave

Doormat Cooler CeROBral Operative Microwave






Use Doormat in the Story Mode. Chapter doesn't matters.

Beat 3 player-controlled robots using Cooler.

Beat any boss using CeROBral.

Destroy 10 enemies using Operative.

Beat a round of any type using Microwave.

Yellow Wave

Nuclear Hydro Solar Mr. H20 Miss CO2






Knock out 1 player-controlled Hydro and 1 player-controlled Solar.

Use Hydro in 5 rounds.

Win 3 rounds with Solar.

Destroy 15 enemies using Mr. H20.

Beat 3 bosses using Miss CO2.

Blue Wave

Emit Time Watchword 2-ME Incinerator






Knock out 7 player-controlled Times.

Knock out 7 player-controlled Emits.

Win 10 rounds of any type with Watchword.

Win 5 Arena rounds with 2-ME.

Win 5 Escape rounds with Incinerator.

Red Wave

Zéro Dreadgon Navexte SentROB F0R3(A57






Destroy 25 enemies using Zéro.

Knock out 1 of each character, including Dreadgon, as Dreadgon.

Beat 10 bosses using Navexte.

Knock out 20 player-controlled Operatives using SentROB.

Win 7 Arena rounds and 7 Escape rounds with F0R3(A57.


Skins are pallette swaps of the characters in the game. They are unlocked by getting a figurine; each figurine unlocks a certain skin. With the skin comes a certain small change in a character, for example 1 stat being stronger and another being weaker, or a move getting replaced with another. However, while this change is based on the skin, the player is free to give a certain change to the normal skin, and is also free to not use the change while playing as a certain skin.

Door Doormat Icy Cooler Humanoid CeROBral Evil Operative Air-Walking Microwave






Rush Mode -> Door Smasher.

Harsly lowers his Speed, but increases his Attack and Defense.

Coolant Leak -> Cold Air.

Cooler's own attacks have a chance of slowing down enemies.

+ 5 HP (30 -> 35)

-5 ATK (30 -> 25)

Debug -> Corruption.

Boosts Attack instead of healing HP.

+ 5 SPD (10 -> 15)

- 5 HP (50 -> 45)

Radioactive Nuclear Poisoned Hydro Punk Solar Crab Mr. H20 Alkanine Miss CO2






Pyro Ring -> Radiation.

Instead of boosting his own attacks, it poisons enemies who hit him.

Regeneration -> Poison.

Identical to Miss CO2's passive, but with a slightly lower chance.

Plant Force -> Style.

Increases Attack instead of Defense.

+ 5 ATK (15 -> 20)

- 5 SPE (45 -> 40)

+ 5 DEF (15 -> 20)

- 5 ATK (25 -> 20)

Pharaoh Emit Equinox Time Bubbler Watchword Technicolor 2-ME Bizarre Incinerator






Azure Rocket -> Lapis Rocket.

Blasts her backwards instead of forwards.

Blind Ray -> Blind Fog.

AoE attack instead of a projectile.

+ 5 ATK (2 -> 7)

- 5 DEF (70 -> 65)

Energy Orb -> Spectrum

Short-ranged attack that works similar to a flamethrower.

Radical -> Fabulous

Boosts Defense instead of Attack.

Spider Zéro Sewage Beast Dreadgon Shooting Star Navexte SentROB Claus Calm Spirit F0R3(A57






Jumping Spider -> Widow.

Poisons instead of dealing damage.

Perturbing Glare -> Sewage

Identical to Miss CO2's passive, but with a slightly lower chance.

Whirlwind -> Nova

Deals more damage, but doesn't flings.

+ 5 DEF (20 -> 25)

-5 ATK (30 -> 25)

+ 5 HP (35 -> 40)

- 5 ATK* (25 -> 20)

Note: F0R3(A57's attacks do not actually use her Attack stat due to her unique attack pattern. However, when using the skin's stat boosts, F0R3(A57 shoots less projectiles than she usually does.

Destruction Skins

These skins are not unlocked from the figurines, but rather, from the Destruction game mode. Unlike regular skins, no customization is unlocked when unlocking these skins.

Matdoor Snow Cooler Alien CeROBral Ancient Operative Crimson Microwave
DoormatAlt2SP CoolerAlt2SP CeROBralAlt2SP OperativeAlt2SP MicrowaveAlt2SP
Nuclear Winter Abyss Hydro Wooden Solar Mr. CO2 Miss H20
NuclearAlt2SP HydroAlt2SP SolarAlt2SP MrH20Alt2SP MissCO2Alt2SP
Temporal Emit Complementary Time Cryptic Watchword Evil Probe 2-ME Swamp Incinerator
EmitAlt2SP TimeAlt2SP WatchwordAlt2SP 2MEAlt2SP IncineratorAlt2SP
Scrapped Zéro Jester Dreadgon Evil Probe Navexte Camo SentROB Forecast
ZéroAlt2SP DreadgonAlt2SP NavexteAlt2SP SentROBAlt2SP F0R3(A57Alt2SP

Boss Rush Skins

These skins are unlocked by defeating Destructive in the Boss Rush mode as the character you want to unlock a skin for. Unlike Destruction Skin and like the normal skins, these skins unlock customization options for the characters. As usual, these options can be given to another of the skin, and these can use other customisation options. Of note is that some character can have double customization options. For example, Doormat can have both Door Smasher and Ghost Slash. However, SentROB cannot have both of his customization options on. Basically, if a character has two stat customizations, they cannot have both stat customizations at once. However, if a character has two ability options, they have both abilities, so long as the custom abilities aren't for the same base ability.

Abandoned Doormat Beta Cooler Failed Copy CeROBral Proto-Operative Fridge
DoormatAlt3SP CoolerAlt3SP CeROBralAlt3SP OperativeAlt3SP MicrowaveAlt3SP

Dash Slash -> Ghost Slash.

Charges for a few seconds, and then dashes towards the closest character.

+ 5 HP (30 -> 35)

- 5 DEF (50 -> 45)

+ 5 ATK (30 -> 35)

- 5 HP (30 -> 25)

Invisibility -> Proto-Ray.

Shoots a beam that deals massive damage, but that is laggy and that deals recoil.

Bake -> Refrigerate.

Slows down foes instead of weakening their defenses.

Terra Nuclear Fish Hydro Fiery Solar Dihydrogen Monoxide Miss U
NuclearAlt3SP HydroAlt3SP SolarAlt3SP MrH20Alt3SP MissCO2Alt3SP

+ 5 DEF (15 -> 20)

- 5 SPE (35 -> 30)

+ 5 SPE (25 -> 30)

- 5 ATK (25 -> 20)

Plant Force -> Fire Panic.

Increases Speed instead of Defense.

Aqua Dash -> Superhero Flight.

Allows flight for a few seconds.

Poison Splash -> Uranium Shield.

Protects Miss U from attacks for a second, poisoning foes that try to hit her.

Ultrasparkle Emit Lord Time Spooky Prop Watchword Beta 2-ME Plasma Incinerator
EmitAlt3SP TimeAlt3SP WatchwordAlt3SP 2-MEAlt3SP IncineratorAlt3SP

Azure Rocket -> Wings of Light.

Allows flight for a few seconds.

Master of Time -> Lord of Time.

Appears in front of his actual location instead of behind.

Shutdown -> Big Spook.

Creates an AoE that stuns foes for a few seconds.

+ 5 ATK (15 -> 20)

- 5 SPE (40 -> 35)

Flamethrower -> Plasma Bolt

Shoots three bolts that create lightning strikes when they hit something.

Fixed Zéro Dreddy Old-School Navexte Failed Copy SentROB 5K31370N
ZéroAlt3SP DreadgonAlt3SP NavexteAlt3SP SentROBAlt3SP F0R3(A57Alt3SP

+ 5 HP (1 -> 6)

- 5 ATK (58 -> 53)

+ 5 HP (25 -> 30)

- 5 ATK (40 -> 35)

Argon Laser -> Wood Box

Throws a box in an arc. The box stays on the ground until touched or the round ends. Deals damage once touched.

+ 5 ATK (30 -> 35)

- 5 HP (22 -> 17)

+ 5 DEF (25 -> 30)

- 5 HP (35 -> 30)

Custom Skins

After getting all three skins for a given character (not counting the Default one), you will unlock the option to make your own skins for that character. You can access this custom skin creator from the main menu; however, you cannot access it in the character selection menu, in order to not disturb the multiplayer experience.

When making a custom skin, the game will open up a menu where you can see each of the model's colors, as well as the model itself, so you can see the changes you make automatically. You can change these colors to whichever color you want by imputing a color code (for example, [255, 0, 0] would give a bright red color). You can also choose the texture of the character from a set of textures. Things like the wires on Zéro and the coils on Navexte can also be changed. Of note is that while the color of particles on a given character can be changed, you cannot make the particle have more than one color during its life cycle, and you cannot change the particle itself. Additionally, some textures, like Solar's solar panels, cannot be changed. The final limitation is that you can only use the "Default" skin as a base.

After making a skin, you can save the skin as a preset. You can then use this preset at will, being able to load the preset from a list of presets you have made. You can also delete the preset if you wish.


Sparkplug's main game modes take place in Arenas, which are split into 5 sections. In the Arena game mode, you can enter and exit sections freely, while in the Escape game mode, you can only access one section at a time, as subsequent sections are blocked off by various kinds of doors (depending on the stage). Doors to previous sections will also automatically close after 15 seconds; if you don't exist the previous section by then, you will be teleported back in the "current" section with half your current HP taken away as a penalty. This is done in order to prevent camping during the Escape gamemode.

Base Arena

Base Arena is a very basic arena, hence the name implies, also being one of the simplest maps overall. Being fully mechanical in design, there are no traces of "terrain" here, and most of the sections are rather flat. It is also one of the smallest arenas in the game. Although the hub world in the Story Mode is based on this arena in terms of design, it has a very different layout from it and lacks most if not all of the obstacles in the original Base Arena.

Section Description


Section 1 - Slope Loop

The starting area is rather basic, even compared to the rest of the stage. It consists of a corridor that leads to a slope leading to another slope, which leads to another slope, which leads to yet another slope, whose path splits in two; the first path leads to Section 2 (at least, once the door to it opens), and the second path is a drop to the starting corridor. The walls of the sections include various blast doors, but these cannot be entered and do not actually have anything behind them. Crates can also be seen scattered around the flat parts of the area.


Section 2 - Springs

This section starts with a wide square-shaped room with three large springs and more crates. These springs allow you to bounce up on platforms located on the corners of the room, near the ceiling. The top right and top left platforms lead to halls that join together; there are windows allowing you to see two other rooms, but these two other rooms are only decoration. The halls lead to another similar square-shaped room, except there are now four springs instead of three which are located on the corners of the room. There is also only one, large platform, which is on the front wall of the room (the one you see when entering the room). This platforms allows you to access Section 3 once it's open.


Section 3 - Spike Halls

Section 3 consists of a hall that splits in two, with trusses decorating the ceiling and many rows of spikes; you have to jump above them. When you enter the hall, you see a single row of spikes; the hall then splits in two, with each "hall split" having four rows of spikes separated from eachother. The halls then rejoin, and it takes a turn to the right, but before you can enter this turn, you have to jump above another row of spikes. The hall, now facing the right side of the map, has four rows of spikes, although these rows are placed in pairs instead of being placed away from eachother. A slope leads to Section 4 once it is open.


Section 4 - Laser Spinner

Section 4 is a simple square-shaped room with two laser bars set on the floor. These two laser bars spin constantly, meaning unless you go to the corner of the rooms you will have to jump above them; fortunately they deal low damage. On the left and right walls of the rooms are two "boards"; the first one, the "Missing Board", simply has various red-colored lines on it. The second one is the "Board of Sin", which shows a graph of a Sin Wave. The front wall of the room has a door to the fifth section.


Section 5 - Conveyor Belts

Section 5 starts with a conveyor belt which pushes you backwards; however, all characters are strong enough to push forwards, and you can jump to go faster on it. It leads to a platform - and the only part of the ground that isn't a conveyor belt in Section 5. The platform is part of a square-shaped room filled with conveyor belts which are designed to always make you spin in a loop if you are idle (unless you are on the platform). On the left and right side of the room are two more boards; the "Distance Scale Board", which tells you what "Voltmeters" are in various kinds of distance measurements, and the "Time Scale Board", which is similar except it tells you what "Amperemeters" are instead, and it compares them to time measurements instead (Both are puns on instruments used in electronics). Walk your way through the conveyors to get to another hall similar to the starting hall, except it is much stronger; slower characters are forced to bunnyhop in order to not get pushed away by it. This hall leads to "The Room", which is a very simple, small square-shaped room with nothing particular in it.

Base Sewers

Base Sewers is the junkyard of the "base" the story takes place in. Strangely enough, it is above the base and not below it, which suggests Operative, the creator of the base, is not the best at design choices. The arena generally has dark blue colors. The rusted-down ceiling has holes in it, allowing rain to enter the map, and also showing a night sky. The map in generally is filled with moss and boxes, and some of the later are rusted-down. This goes to show how broken-down this place is. The walls have a striped dark blue and black pattern. Large pipes can be seen dumping water (and probably other junk) in the arena. Most of the rooms take place in large, open rooms. Most of the stage takes place on platforms that are only standing thanks to vertical trusses. The floor of the stage is filled with water that will kill you on touch, so don't fall off the platforms.

Section Description


Section 1 - Path Split

A basic section meant to introduce you to the mood of the stage. It starts on a large platform. A thinner path in front of you eventually splits in two, and eventually lead to two smaller platforms. These platforms have more paths on their back, which leads to Section 2 once it is open.


Section 2 - Door Puzzle

Section 2 is slightly more complex; the door to Section 3 is locked behind laser bars. To "unlock" the door, you need to press two blue buttons located around the section. The main part of the section is a large platforms that is connected to Section 1 by more paths. A path on the left side of the platform leads to the laser-locked Section 3 door. There is another small path at the top right corner of the platform that leads to the first blue button, while the second one is located on the "Left Path leading to Section 1".


Section 3 - Platforming

Section 3 is simple yet dangerous; the platforms are now separate instead of being connected through paths. The starting platform has two more platforms on its side that leads to a path platform facing left. A "path split"  is then made, facing the side of the section you're facing when you enter it, but the "paths" are four smaller platforms. These smaller platforms lead to the door to Section 4.


Section 4 - Puzzles & Platforming

Section 4 combines the gimmicks of Section 2 and Section 3, having the door puzzle of Section 2 but featuring platforming too. It starts on a platform that is wide horizontally but that is short vertically. Similar platforms eventually lead to the door to Section 5, which is laser-locked. The buttons this time need to be accessed with another path split you can access from the starting platform. These paths consists of three platforms per path leading to a more square-shaped platform with the button on it.


Section 5 - Rust Platforms

The final section consists of three platforms connected together by large rusty paths, as well as a much thinner path. The rusty paths, however, will fall off a second after you walk on them, forcing other players to use the thinner path instead. This section leads to The Room, which is a small closed room with pipes on one of the walls in Base Sewers.

Martian Desert

There are no martians here, don't worry. Located near the top of Mars (as indicated by the pile of snow in the center of the stage), this map has very dull colors compared to most other maps, mostly having shades of red, brown and grey. It is a very hilly map, and also includes many rocks, some of which are large and other of which are thin. Some parts of the stage have falling rocks, so beware of those. Another gimmick in the stage is the present of smoke pipes and smoke-releasing structures in general; touching the smoke will launch you in that direction.

Section Description


Section 1 - Smoke Structures

The first section of the map starts off in a small cave with a bunch of the game's trademark crates. It leads to an outdoors area with several smoke-releasing structures. Touch the hole in the center of these structures to be boosted up in the air. Around 2/3 in the area, it turns to the left, giving the area a shape similar to a flipped L. Around the middle of it is also a somewhat large hill, and beyond this hill is a larger rock.


Section 2 - Stone Plateau

The second section is rather similar to the first, except with less of the smoke structures and instead having stones falling from the mountains. These stones can pack a punch, so dodge them. Midways into the area, you will encounter a stone plateau that divides the area in two. You can either get on top of it by taking these paths and reaching a rock that allows you to get on it, or you can use a "smoke trampoline" to boost yourself up on top of it. The plateau has a path to Section 3.


Section 3 - Desert

Section 3 is a very wide area with many of the stones from Section 2 in it. There are both hills and craters in it, as well as many big harmless rocks, making the area wide both vertically and horizontally. A small hole in one of the corners of the section leads you into Section 4.


Section 4 - Vent Cavern

Section 4 takes place underground, unlike most of the other sections. It is somewhat maze-like, although you should be able to reach the exit if you keep moving forwards. While it lacks much elevation, it has another gimmick than being underground; smoke-releasing pipes. Touching the smoke released by these pipes will fling you in the smoke's direction, usually throwing you into a wall and temporarily stunning you. You can dodge them by either jumping above the smoke, jumping above the pipe itself or just going to the side if possible. A tunnel guarded by around 5 of these pipes leads to Section 5.


Section 5 - Stone Worms

Section 5 has more of the stones introduced in Section 2 and 3, but the most impressive parts about it are the large worm-like rocks in it. You can climb these in order to snipe other foes from a distance. Like Section 3, the area is very open, although it is not as big. A rock leads to a valley in the walls, which is this arena's equivalent of The Room.

North Pole

How come nobody noticed the base Operative set up here from satellites or something? Anyways, North Pole is a quite complex map, as the first three sections actually include the equivalent of two sections; a safer, more open outdoors section, and a more dangerous underground sections. Beware of icicles in the underground passage; if you pass under them, they will drop down to you and potentially damage you. The open part of the map is not completely harmless, too, as shown by the later parts of the map. The outdoors section include many tall ice crystals, which can be used as cover, or alternatively can be climbed and used to snipe enemies.

Section Description


Section 1 - Cold Cliff

Section 1 starts outdoors, in a somewhat simple area. There are two doors to Section 2 here: You can either climb a hill to your left, walk through a path of snow and ice hanging above the ground thanks to ice pillars and then reach a tall hill at the top of the map, or go underground and travel through a maze of thin, looping corridors. This maze includes icicles, so watch out. While it is somewhat dark, there are lamps that light up the way. You can either enter this area through holes in the outdoors section, or you can walk down a path to the underground section you can reach from the hill. The latter is also the way you go back to the aboveground part of the map.


Section 2 - Ice Mushrooms

Section 2's indoors section is simpler, consisting of a path leading to a circular room. The outdoors section is more complex, however, as it effectively gives the map not two, but three floors! The "middle floor" is similar to Section 1's outdoors section, while the top floor is ontop of some enlarged versions of the ice crystals, which look a little like ice mushrooms (hence the section's name). You have to jump from one "mushroom" to another to travel through this section, or else you'll fall to the middle floor. Once again, you can reach the lower floor through holes in the middle floor. Be warned, however, that this time, you can't go back to the upper floors. Once again, there are two exits; once at the end of the lower floor and one on a cliff you can reach from the ice mushrooms. If you are in the middle floor, you can climb a hill to go back to the top floor.


Section 3 - Icicles

Section 3 more or less inverts the layout of the floors; the outdoors floor consists of several paths in a 8-like shape, while the indoors floor is more open than usual and has ice pillars supporting it. The outdoors floors also has ice crystals going through hills, with icicles forming under them, meaning it's not harmless anymore. The underground section has the icicles too, however. A hill in the underground floor leads to a hole at the middle of the outdoors floor, allowing you to alternate between the two floors at will.


Section 4 - Avalanche!

Section 4 merges both sections, the underground section this time consisting of simply a path to the upper floor. Said upper floor is open, but has large snowballs falling from the left wall. These deal a lot of damage (enough to knock out frailer characters in ~5 hits!), so you should be very careful. At the end of the open section is a door to Section 5.


Section 5 - Bouncing through Holes

Section 5 is one of the craziest sections in the game. It consists of many small underground caverns with two holes in each of them. There are trampolines leading to the outdoors sections for each of these holes. This means you have to bounce through the holes. The catch is that while there IS an outdoors floor, it is nearly completely covered in spikes, meaning you'll want to bounce through them precisely. Otherwise, you'll take potentially a lot of damage. While there ARE a few blind spots in the open section, you'll probably have to touch the ice spikes to get back to the holes. An indentation in one of the walls makes up this map's version of "The Room".

Europa Sea

Operative managed to prove there is indeed an ocean under Europa's crust. Unfortunately, it happens to be very polluted, which "likely" has something to do with the pipes dumping garbage in the water in the stage's open section. Even the ice is so brown it can be confused for rock. This stage introduces an oxygen meter, and nearly all of the map is flooded with water. You have to find oxygen-restoring structures or else you will likely "drown", or at least the robotic equivalent of that. The map is quite dark, with the only source of light outside the open area being red lamps. Fortunately, Europa Sea does not include other obstacles.

Section Description


Section 1 - Large Cave

Section 1 starts in a small mechanical area, which leads to an open cave with a low ceiling. A few cylinder-shaped structures can be seen, partly buried in the ground. Oxygen structures are somewhat common in here. Little else can be said about this area. A door to the next area can be found in the back of it.


Section 2 - Cavern Maze

Section 2 is a bit more complex, taking place in a maze of thin halls looping constantly. Fortunately, there are lights lighting up the corridors, although they do not tell you where to go. There are actually no dead ends in the maze, though you can still get spinning over and over again, which can get pretty troublesome if you are low on oxygen. More of the cylinder structures can be seen, still buried in the ice. If you try to not loop around, though, you should be able to find Section 3 with no particular trouble.


Section 3 - Facility

Section 3 starts in a small mechanical section, where you can potentially catch your breath. Move forwards to enter a cave with a path that splits in two, although there aren't much differences between the two paths. You will eventually reach one of two entrances to a facility. The cylinder structures seem functional here, and there are some red lights. After a short room, you will enter a half-flooded hall. Walk through this hall to reach another room containing a pipe. At the back of the pipe is a jet of steam or water that will propel you to Section 4 once said section is open.


Section 4 - Above-Ground

The fourth section takes place above the ground, unlike the other areas. The floor is covered in lakes, with pipes dumping garbage in them. More of the cylinder structures and lights are there, once again not buried in the ground. After getting through some lakes, you can reach the entrance to the fifth section. In the background are giant versions of the cylinder structures as well as a star-filled sky.


Section 5 - Final Cave

The final section is similar to the first section, but has little to no oxygen-generating structures, forcing players to quickly kill eachother before they drown. The floor of the cave is higher compared to the first section, and the cylinder structures in it are less buried than in the other sections. At the back of the section is another facility area that is Europa Sea's version of The Room.

Asteroid Arena

Asteroid Arena takes place on a lot of asteroids, as well as small "planets" with solid rings you can walk on. There are two colors of asteroids; the brown ones are rockier while the blue ones are smoother. You can also see boxes floating around, although they are usually out of reach. Be careful to not fall off the map as that is a one-hit knockout. You'll have to parkour your way through this map, although the third section gives you a slight breather. The map has lower gravity than most other arenas, which makes the jumps easier. The sections in this arena are not separated by doors, but by satellite-esque cannons that will shoot you to others sections of the map. When playing in Arena mode, more of these cannons will appear, allowing you to backtrack through the stage's sections. Be wary of attacks that can deal knockback, as they can make you fall off the map rather easily. This map is generally considered one of, if not the toughest map in the game.

Section Description


Section 1 - Triple Rings

You start the map on a large and flat asteroid. There are three asteroids with rings around them, which are close to eachother forming a triangle of sorts. They lead to another flat asteroid. On this other asteroid is the cannon that leads to Section 2.


Section 2 - Asteroid Field

You start Section 2 on a large version of the "planet asteroids" with a large ring around it. Near this asteroid is a wide "path" composed of a lot of asteroids at various heights. Make your way through these asteroids to reach a cannon that will launch you to Section 3 once it is open. Try to stay on the higher asteroids, because getting back to them from the lower asteroids can be tricky.


Section 3 - Space Cavern

Section 3 starts with the entrance of a crescent-shaped cave with holes in it. If you fall in these holes, you will fall to your death, so avoid them. This is more of a breather point, as you don't need to parcour your way through the area like crazy. There are two large holes in the ceiling, although these don't really do anything. If you are acrobatic enough, you can make your way above the cave, which will allow you to avoid enemy attacks. The end of the cave opens to a cannon that leads to Section 4.


Section 4 - Space Way

Section 4 is a simple path that splits into two near the start of the path, and rejoins near the end. Some asteroids float near them; you can go on them if you want, but this is only recommanded if someone is attacking you; otherwise, try staying on the paths. As usual, a cannon will propel you to Section 5 at the end of the path.


Section 5 - Mercury Meteor

Asteroid Arena's final section is reminescent of a harder Section 2, except you start on one of the asteroids, and this time you can't just stick to the higher asteroids. There is one massive asteroid at the center of the section, called the "Mercury Meteor" after the patches of mercury in it as well as its insides, which are made of mercury and even contain mercury crystals. "The Room" is inside a cave in this large meteor. To reach said area, you will have to parcour your way under the meteor to reach a cannon that will shoot you inside the meteor from below. There is no real safe ground in this area; good luck!

Lunar Base

This map is similar to Base Arena, but it takes place on the moon, as shown by parts of the first three sections. The map has lower gravity than other maps, as well (a trait it shares with Asteroid Arena). However, the map's main gimmick are "gravity floors" that push you to the closest wall. Gravity floors are usually combined with glowing circle-shaped structures, although these are only for decoration; notably, though, they emit sound. Be warned as some part of the stages include pits that will instantly destroy your character if you fall in them; in particular, the last two rooms combines the death pit with the gravity floor gimmick. Some areas also include glowing white pads that boost you up.

Section Description


Section 1 - Entrance Path

You start the map in a room with circular windows letting you see the moon's terrain, as well as space. You must walk across a twisting path that hangs above a death pit. However, because of the low gravity, most characters can actually just go in a straight line and jump when they need to. At the end of the path is the door to Section 3.


Section 2 - Dual Halls

Section 2 is a bit trickier, introducing gravity floors. It consists of two halls where the floor is made of gravity floors. The two halls are connected by a metal platform. One of the halls has a blue and red color scheme while the other has a green and yellow color scheme. Of note is that the metal platform hangs above a death pit. If you look under the second hall, you'll notice there's a secret entrance to a cave. There is nothing much to see in this cave, and in fact, if you're speedrunning, it's faster to go through the second hall than to go in the hidden cave. Both the hidden cave and the second hall lead to the third section.


Section 3 - Moon Cavern

Section 3 looks quite different from the other sections, as it takes place on a cave in the moon instead of the base itself. It's also generally more open compared to the rest of the map, and instead of taking place on machines, it takes place on terrain. The cave has various elevations, and you can get from one section to another by either jumping or using the white pads that bounce you up. At the highest "plateau", you can find the door to Section 4.


Section 4 - Gravity Pit 1

The fourth section is a long hall similar to Section 2's first hall, except there is now a pit between the hall and the floor, making it a lot more dangerous. Fortunately, there are white pads that will bounce you up; you are not affected by the floor while bouncing on them. At the end of the hall is a door to the last section.


Section 5 - Gravity Pit 2

The final section is very evil, especially if you're one of the slower characters. It takes place above a death pit, like Section 4, but it doesn't takes place on a hall, but on a thin square-shaped "loop" connected to the doors by more gravity floors. Every part of the ground you can stand on in this map is a gravity floor, and nearly every part of the floor will take you to a death pit if you're not careful. If you don't get destroyed while fighting here, you'll get destroyed by the map itself instead.

Other Arenas

Note: These Arena descriptions have not been converted to the current structure for arena descriptions. They will be updated as soon as possible!

Name Description
Ruined Residence This map could've looked like a nice place to live in if it wasn't for the fact it was completely ruined. The map has a "haunted house" theme, although nothing is actually haunted in it...probably. Cobwebs can be seen in the corners, mold can be seen on the walls, some of those walls are broken, and so on. It has a somewhat maze-like layout with several alternate paths to choose from. You can enter various rooms, including a kitchen whose floor is little but flour, bedrooms for 5 people at most, a living room, and so on. Wires hang from the ceiling, releasing sparks; if you hit the tip of these wires, you will get hurt, and they dangle around in order to be harder to dodge.


Name Description
Flash Flood Causes water to quickly flood the arena. Water deals damage very quickly if you're inside of it, so it's best to go to high ground as fast as possible if this disaster happen.
Power Outtage Causes everything to go dark (even if you're in an open arena like Martian Desert). All players are unable to see anything during this disaster. Particulary dangerous if the Enemy twist is present too.
Bomb Rain Causes time bombs to rain from the sky. Once on the ground, it counts down for 3 seconds before exploding. Be careful when this disaster happens and you will most likely survive.
Vacuum Error Causes some kind of error in the arena which makes everything forced to go towards the center of the arena. Don't ask how that happened. Not really dangerous, but can be annoying.
Wind Outbreak Causes a lot of wind to break inside the arena. Causes damaging tornadoes to pop up around the arena and pushes entities in random directions. This disaster can be very irritating at times!
Lightning Issues Causes thunderbolts to strike at random places. The thunderbolt one-shots all robots but the chances of getting hit by one are rather slim.
Acid Waves Causes acid waves start flooding the area. Players have to jump above the acid waves as they come in order to survive. This often interrupts battles going on before the disaster.
Flawed Temperature 1 Causes the ground to freeze, making everything slippery. This can be annoying at best but is never really dangerous, unless the arena has hazards in it.
Flawed Temperature 2 Causes everything to heat up, lowering everyone's stats (except Health, of course). The only really noticeable effect of this is speed, though, because the Attack and Defense nerfs cancel eachother.
Glitch! Causes everyone's health bar to be halved, effectively bringing everyone to at most half their health. If they already have less then half of their HP, the health bar's halving doesn't affects them.


There are 15 enemies in the game:

Name Specialises in: Description



Speed Beeee is the smallest enemy, and it's seriously way too fast, having double of Doormat's speed. Yep, that means it has...100 base speed! It can't attack but it will probably block a few of your attacks unintentionally.



Melee Attack Definitely a fan of heavy metal considering the name and the helmet, this robot is rather fast (but not as much as Beeee). It attacks using the spikes on it's helmet. Basically, it's an enemy version of Doormat.



Ranged Attack A cool name for an honestly pretty strange robot. This enemy floats in one place and shoots light orbs at the player robots. Occasionally, they will rocket into the sky and re-appear somewhere else.



AoE Attack This small rocket falls down from the sky until it almost reaches the ground, where it will rocket up very quickly causing an explosion. It also explodes once it's destroyed, so just stay away from it if you don't have a projectile.



Defense A wall of bricks with robot legs. I'm serious. This thing just wanders around. Occasionally, it may try bumping into a player to make them trip. They have very high defenses but they're not very threatening.



Dash He saw you, so now he's trying to attack you! He attacks in a way similar to Wheelies from Kirby in that it rolls towards any robot it sees. Except other enemies, of course.



Spawning A gigantic hammer robot with quite a lot of HP. It isn't as bulky as Wall-O-Brick though. It occasionally mashes the ground, creating a hole from which a Minihamma pops out. This whack also deals a lot of damage.



Being Spawned These small hammers are spawned by Maxihamma. They simply attack with a swing of their head, and are quite easy to beat as they are slow, frail and don't have projectile attacks.



Laser Greeneen pretty much loves the color green. It's even said to keep a collection of green things it found. Even it's laser attack is green. That laser follows you like a laser pointer, dealing damage.



Poison A rather stubborn robot that shoots small toxic bubbles from it's mouth. These bubbles do not damage you, but they poison you dealing damage over time, so they're still dangerous.



Freezing Cry-O-Cryo is mad at people that mispell Cryo and attempts to freeze them, even though there is no way it came in contact with such a person. It attacks by launching a ball of ice that deals damage and freezes for 1 sec.


Handy Hand

Pushing This hand only appears in stages with obstacles. In those stages, it will push you into obstacles, something you probably don't want to happen. In some stages it will also push you off the map.



Boosting Attack H-H-H seems to be a relative of Graviton. This floating altar machine boosts the attack of nearby enemies. Seems to be related to Shieldon Mk. III and MMMtelite, in one or another way.


Shieldon Mk. III

Boosting Defense Shieldon Mk. III has many shields spinning around itself. It's quite bulky, but it's main attribute is the fact it boosts the defenses of enemies. Quite terrifying if done on a Wall-o-Brick or a Maxihamma.



Boosting Speed MMMtelite's strange energy captors have the magic power of boosting enemy speed. This can make the enemies annoyances to get rid of, especially if they start outspeeding you.


Name Boss of: Description


Lunar Machine V1

Base Sewers A very fast, kinda humanoid machine. Operative must have been obsessed with crescents when creating it, considering it is a very prominent part of it's design. It can curl up into a sphere and roll into players. It can also use it's arms like blades by slashing forwards, or even surprise robots trying to attack him from behind by slashing them with its back.



Base Arena A gigantic cube-like machine with 6 legs, 2 on the left and right sides and back side except the top and the bottom. It was built specifically for the arena. It doesn't walks around much, but will rotate itself a lot. It's not named "Knockslice" for no reason, through; it has pincers it can use to clamp on players and can also flick them away. It's also the bulkiest boss.



Martian Desert This thing is buried under the ice in Martian Desert. It's the biggest boss. This collosal mech may punch players around the map and shoot rockets from an arm cannon. Overall, it's the one who does the most damage, as well. It cannot move, but it's massive size and it's arm cannon make up for that.


Evile Penguine

North Pole A very evil penguin robot! It's probably the evillest character in the game. But the reason why he isn't seen as the main villain is that he is absolutely pathetic in fighting. His only attack is tripping on the player, causing it to hit it's own head on the ground and getting damaged. This doesn't works out well considering it's low HP and defense. Oh, and it's pretty slow...Yeah.



Europa Sea Okay, what was in Operative's mind when he made this thing? It's horrifying! This fish-like monster can one-shot players by eating them with it's very scary mouth. It doesn't helps that no music plays when it spawns, and it won't alert you of it's presense until it tries eating you! It also outspeeds some of the slower characters, but gets slowed down by attacks itself.



Machina Asteroida
Asteroid Arena A giant robotic orb that acts like a core, with layers of asteroids protecting it. One has to destroy some of the asteroids orbiting it in order to reveal the core, which is rather vulnerable to damage itself. This core can launch some of the asteroids orbiting it in order to attack players. At low HP, it may even try shooting the robots with lasers in a last effort to defeat them.


Lunar Machine V2

Lunar Base Lunar Machine V1 was crescent shaped, but V2 is much more orb themed. While it is also fast, it attacks with projectiles instead of direct attacks. It is also slightly bulkier than it's first version. It's attacks include charging strong orbs and launching them at foes, spouting a bunch of small orbs in all directions and launching fast crescent-shaped projectiles.

MoldibradSP Moldibrad

Ruined Residence Moldibrad is a giant robotic worm whose segments are protected with bread. Said bread seems to be very hard since it is unbreakable. It has a knife for a tail. Inside of its two bread "jaws", you can find its actual head, which ressembles a toaster. This head serves as its weak spot, as attacking the bread does barely any damage. It often stays hidden under its arena's floor, but occasionally jumps out to shoot bread out of its head at foes.


One of the most known aspects of Sparkplug are the big changes that happened in it's development.

Work on the game started around January 2015. It started as a Five Nights at Freddy's fangame known as Five Nights at Fierce's. When Poisonshot posted information about the game on a fan-site for imaginary video games, however, it was met with very bad reception due to beign just a clone of the original FNaF with different animatronics. This didn't discourage Poisonshot, however, who found it kind of funny and decided to make a second game. This one was met with much better criticism, as it was very well described and was actually original unlike the first game. Poisonshot also started work on a third game, and two FNaF World-inspired spinoffs. Poisonshot actually planned to make all of these games, but only managed to make a rather buggy prototype version of the first game.

However, Poisonshot began to stop liking the FNaF franchise as much as he did, but still liked the characters he made for the "Nights at Fierce's" series. He had multiple plans to revive the series. One of his ideas was to completely revamp all games. Another idea he had was to make an Undertale-inspired game where there was around 20 "nights" and you eliminated one of the animatronics each night, and depending on which animatronic you fought last, you'd get a different ending and final battle. Another plan was a puzzle-esque game where you could summon robots inspired by the animatronics and make them use their powers to solve various puzzles. He eventually came up with Sparkplug.

At first the game was just a battle game, without a story mode, and a very different story behind it where the robots were just built for various tasks and then modified to battle. However, he didn't like this story and decided to make a new story inspired by the one he made for the "puzzle-esque game". Some characters, such as CeROBral, were also inspired by the designs he made for said game.

The story got some rather major changes during development. At first, Operative was planned to be the main villain, and Imaginative didn't exist at all. The final battle was going to take place on Martian Desert and the final boss would be Operative fusing with MECHA-MARS. This idea was later used for the final boss of the Boss Rush mode, although it does not appear in the story itself. However, the ROB duo would also be a lot more rude and it would be hinted that they were more or less responsible for becoming the cyborgs they are now. Additionally, 2-ME was not going to have an important role. The Landmine and the allusions to the game it comes from were also only added later in development, including SentROB's motive for attacking Operative.

At one point, a Target mode was planned, and you'd be able to get special skins that have different models from the originals from said game mode. They all also shared a general color scheme; deep black with glowing cyan pieces. This was replaced with the Destruction game mode, and the skins from said game mode are not different. Additionally, there was going to be an extra set of challenges for each character at one point; these challenges would give you skins with changed models and animations too. However, only a "Fixed Zéro" skin was made and the challenges were eventually scrapped. Ultimately, these skins would be revived as unlockables for the Boss Rush mode.


Sparkplug was met with rather positive reception. People like the unique take on 3D fighting the game has. Another aspect of the game that is liked a lot are the models, which are much better then the average models made in it's engine. People also like the story, with its mix of humor and darker moments later on in the story. The diversity of the characters and it's easily accessible gameplay is also very enjoyed by citics. Players also like how the gameplay is deep enough to be played on a serious level, although tournaments are only for fun and don't give out any rewards. Another aspect of Sparkplug that is generally liked is how balanced the characters are; no characters are considered "Broken", although some are considered terrible in serious play.

However, the game is not considered without flaws. Some players have compared the game to Overwatch; both of the games take place in a sci-fi universe and both have gameplay similarities in general. The number of characters and their moves is pretty low, and several characters have strong similarities to other characters in the game. Most of the characters also have similar color scheme; however, the skins were added in order to fix this problem. Some people are turned off by the game's more silly mood, although others praise the game for the same reason. Similarly, not everyone likes the game's lore.


  • All of the models in the game have been made on ROBLOX. No, seriously.
  • Mr. H20's name should technically be "Mr. H2O". Poisonshot only choose H20 because he though it looked better.
  • Operative is the first character to have been nerfed; his defenses were boosted slightly, but his attacks were weakened in order to not make him outright broken.
  • There are invisible barriers above and around the map. This was mainly added to prevent Navexte from abusing her ability to fly, and also to ensure that no one goes out of bounds.
  • SentROB, Watchword and Zéro are the only characters to have stats that aren't multiples of 5.
  • Isaw-Usaw, Maxihamma, Minihamma, Nozzule, Greeneen, Cry-O-Cryo, Handy Hand, H-H-H, Shieldon MK.III, and MMMtelite weren't made by Poisonshot, but by one of his friends.
    • Knockslice, Evile Penguine, Coelachoire, both Lunar Machines and Machina Asteorida's models were also made by him, although their concepts were made by Poisonshot.