The Spark Moon is the machine driven by the energetic and curious Princia Ramode. It was constructed using the advanced scientific technology native to the planet Magica by way of her loyal assistants and was
Spark MoonAX
designed in such a way that even a civilian could step into this machine's cockpit and perform in races with average to above-average results. As an added bonus and necessary precaution, the Spark Moon was also subject to a special safety system that runs through an artificial-intelligence database containing track data from some of the greatest pilots in F-Zero history. This allows the Spark Moon to enter a flawlessly-driven autopilot mode should Princia run into serious danger.


  • Body: B
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: B


Super Smash Bros. Universe

The Spark Moon appears along with its pilot Princia Ramode in Universe. The Spark Moon appears in both Princia Ramode's battle entrance and appears as her Final Smash. The machines also appears racing on the Mute City Serial Gaps stage.