Spark Incorporated is a fanon video game company owned by ShadeTheNarwhal, that was founded on November 26, 2015. It currently has one person working in it. It is, and will always be hiring.


ShadeTheNarwhal (founder & owner)


None currently.

Criteria for joining:

You must be active at least once every two weeks.

You must have at least two games.

Being part or owner of another company does not prevent you from joining, but actually encouraged.

If you decide to join, you must put your job you want to do next to your name under "Workers". Example: dontblink101 (artist)

No vulgar speech.

No trolling or ruining pages.

No editing pages without permission, unless adding proper punctuation.

Constructive criticism is allowed, but greatly hating on a page or worker is strictly prohibited.

You don't need to be classified as a game developer, you could just be an artist or other job.

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