Spade Amour
Full Name Spade Amour
Current Age 1000+
Date of Birth 30 June
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Evil
Current Status Alive (technically)
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 6'00"
Weight Unknown
Spade Amour, better known as just Spade, is a ghost that haunts the Zonar planet and by extension the Zaxinian Lifts. Spade is the official "Lorekeeper" of the Zaxinian Lifts, having lived during the time of the "Shadow Cage" and having extensively interviewed Silver Zin among others of his time during the years of the Zin Empire. She was initially Silver's secretary prior to her own death, and as such fiddled with the Zin folders a lot, looking through them and learning from them as much as possible. She was fatally shot by Silver Zin with an arrow when she was discovered trying to steal his Mind Weaver weapon; though unbeknownst to him, the arrow was cursed and gave Spade a chance to reincarnate as a ghost. She now resides alone in a temple, just waiting to share her history with someone that would care.


Spade is a pale ghost with the build of a full-grown human adult female. She wears a sparkly black cloak with crimson red innards, wears a black top hat with a big red spade embedded in the very front, and wears an emerald dress below her magician's cloak that has fancy lining and jewelry found all over. In the center of her dress is a symbol bearing the crest of the Zin Empire. Spade's hair is shiny white in color, but is short and doesn't reach beyond her neckline. Spade wears bracelets of several colors over her body and several jewels around her neck. Often in her right hand is a baton with a white tip, which allows her to create magic.


Spade, who was once a secretary for Silver Zin, was known for being very trustworthy, wise, and brave. She never showed fear, even when caught by Silver Zin right prior to her death, and was always willing to take what was coming to her. She never showed signs of weakness and stood up to everything with a straight face, which made her difficult to mess with. This personality remains with her today; she is cold and brutally honest with others and shows a lack of care for those that are impatient and brisk. She can be amazed by one's abilities and ability to bring out great power, but will scold and harshly criticize anyone that makes an effort to attack the Lifts' people or the bits of history she respects. However, in contrast to her cold appearance, one can easily make her heart melt if they figure out how to crush on her - that weakens her cold exterior and opens her to human conversation.

Spade is highly entranced by anyone that can lay down mass destruction or become really extraordinarily violent or dominant in any fashion. If they showcase a really tough, violent personality or a really really empowering one, Spade will fall for it and do as they bid on her own will. However, she is easily bored by dense or pessimistic people, preferring instead to have people around that are very hateful and disrespectful towards her and express a desire to kill her, and is entertained greatly by masochism and forms of torture. Though she cannot stand most derogatory terms, some tend to just blow past her mind if she is greatly distracted from her usual mood. These elements of personality came about during her time as a ghost, as she became so lonely and separated from human contact that she missed how things like her death went.

Relationships with other characters


  • Spade is named after one of the French four suits commonly used in playing cards.

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