Full Name Spade Amour
Current Age 24
Date of Birth 30 June
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Often debated
Align Evil
Current Status Alive (technically)
Vulnerable To Fire
Nationality French
Height 6'00"
Weight Unknown
Spade Amour, better known as just Spade, is a ghost that doesn't belong to any specific franchise.  She is a powerful and talented magician who uses her powers for only two purposes, which she holds herself heavily towards: amazement and mass destruction. She often works alone, and will only work for others unless they benefit either of her two purposes.


Spade's actual birth location is unknown and most of her early life is unknown, but she has hardly spoken throughout her life and became a magician who never spoke, forming an oddity of a human being. At some point, her home location was threatened by a mysterious gas cloud, and out of everyone, she was the only person who did not escape the town, but rather went underground and avoided the gas cloud.

Spade died of thirst in the underground, having been there for days without water, but before dying she cast a spell to separate her soul from her body, leaving it to rot. Her escape location is unknown, as no one knew much about what happened with her for the next fifteen years.

During her absence, Spade set up a quiet circus show that was actually about her preforming several tricks as a magician, not intent on showing her true intentions. In these times, she plotted out mass destruction to showcase the best of her powers to the world, and to amaze everyone who saw her rare and wondrous powers. These no good intentions led her to become antagonistic.


Spade is a white ghost that resembles the build of a full grown adult human being of the female gender. She wears a sparkly black cloak with crimson red innards, and wears a black top hat that has a giant red spade embedded in the front. Her hair is white just like the rest of her, and is quite short and doesn't reach anywhere further than her neckline. She wears a dark yellow dress which is often seen behind her magician's cloak.

Spade is often seen with additional garments, including bracelets of multiple colors and all different types of jewelry hanging around her neck. Very often she will be holding a baton with a white tip, which can create magic at the get-go.


Spade is a magician and ghost so you'd think she can utilize both of those traits well. As a magician, Spade is capable of making things disappear and reappear again, and can teleport things around. Out of ordinary skills, she is best at tricking the eyes, and can daze one with her superb abilities and stunning quickness. She is also capable of preforming elemental attacks, including fire and electricity.

Her abilities as a ghost allow her to turn invisible at will, and she can turn her body into a solid and back into a gas whenever necessary. She can pass through walls, although cannot see through them, therefore creating a disadvantage. If absolutely necessary, Spade can possess the body of another soul, and abuse that person's abilities to her own will, and use her own abilities within that body's interior.


There really isn't much better that can be said about Spade other than the fact that she is an evil, silent magician of many tricks. Her low level of communication can make it difficult for people to talk to her and vice versa, but she can well understand the motives of others through looking at them into their eyes. Spade only cares for two things: amazement from her own abilities and mass destruction, and she abhors people who get in her way in accomplishing those things.

Spade makes very few friends, and they can only be those who defeat her in battle and wish to support her goals and fight with her. Those people she can talk to tell and communicate very well with, and work as an outstanding team member. However, the slightest bit of betrayal will cause her to "panic" and attack that person instantly with a powerful fire attack, the strongest of her arsenal of moves.

Relationships with other characters


  • Spade is named after one of the French four suits commonly used in playing cards.
    • By coincidence, Spade's nationality is French.