Space Station Alpha is the seventh world found in Banjo-Kazooie x3. It consists of a large space station created for making robots, but has been abandoned. Apon entering, Banjo and Kazooie find themselves escaping trash crushers, robot-making machines, laser beams and evil AIs. The boss is Electro-Spider, who drains the power and forces the good guys to stop him.

Points of Interest

  • Paperwork Station
  • Train Station
    • Megtro Circuits
  • Trash Compactor Room
  • Computer Room
  • Paint Room
  • Vent Maze
  • Robot Creation Factory
    • Robot Storage Garage
  • Cicular Pedastal

Moves Learned

TBE (to be expanded)



  • The first Jiggy is aquired from beating the boss, Electro-Spider.
  • One of the rewards for "playing" with the trash compactor is a Jiggy. The other is a Treble Clef.
  • After completing (?) and learning how to use Metal Boots, you can use them at Mount Fire Eyes to activate a switch. Afterwards, a door leading to a secluded area in Space Station Alpha will open, allowing you to get a Jiggy.


  1. Inside one of the crates in the Loading Dock. You must shoot the crate with a Grenade Egg so it explodes, launching the Jinjo out so you can save him (as he in on a ledge).
  2. After the rampaging robots turn on, a large robot with bars on his stomach will appear. If you attack his head, the bars will lower so you can grab the Jinjo inside. After the rampaging ends, the robot will be in the Robot Storage Garage.

Empty Honeycombs

  1. As a prize for the Megtro-Circuits.
  2. Inside the yellow paint can in the Paint Room.

Treble Clef

Appears after stopping the Trash Compactor.




  • Curiously, one of the doors in the vents cannot be opened with Electric Eggs: the one leading to the computer room.

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