Space Invaders is a 2012 American alien invasion movie, directed by the people who did the screenplay for

Transformers, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It’s about a group of military

Space Invaders 2
Genre Action, Sci-fi
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release Date July 2nd, 2012

Liam Neeson

Jeff Bridges

Johnny Depp

Kate Upton

Budget $200 million

Running Time

137 minutes

soldiers trying to join together to stop an alien invasion that threatens to destroy Earth. The film will be released in theatres on July 2nd, 2012. The film stars Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp, Jeff Bridges, and Kate Upton.


A military base, with a squad consisting of Sgt. Rick (Johnny Depp) General Brandon (Jeff Bridges) and Lieutenant Susan (Kate Upton) discovers an object heading towards Earth. They suspect it’s a satellite crashing to Earth. But it’s far worse. It’s an alien mothership that is heading for Earth. The mothership arrives in Chicago and sends alien ships to destroy the city. More Motherships arrive and attack cities like New York, Boston, Tokyo, Paris, London, and Hong Kong. Now, an American military team must find the survivors of New York City and get them out of there.

The team, led by Commander John Harnell (Liam Neeson), arrive in Lower Manhattan, which is still under siege by the aliens. They find a group of civilians and escort them to the helicopter, but they are ambushed by aliens, and a battle happens. The team manages to defeat the alien foot soldiers. Soon, they head back to their base in California to think of a plan on how to stop the invaders. One of the civilians reveals that he has been captured by the aliens a while ago and knows their goal. They plan to steal Earth's water, and deliver it to their queen. The queen is a giant 80-foot monster that is leading the alien invasion. The civilians also reveal that the aliens always knew of Earth, and the only way to get the water was to wipe out the human race. The aliens conquered Los Angeles and made a fortress out of the city. That is why Los Angeles is the only city still intact. It is also revealed that they have pipes underground that are transporting the water to the fortress for the alien ships to take away.

The team then decides to raid the alien base and take Los Angeles back. The aliens spot the human soliders, and attack. An intense battle in Los Angeles ensuses, and General Brandon is shot by an alien in the battle. The battle ends. Before he dies, General Brandon declares John Harnell the new General. John accepts the burden, and leads the troops into the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, where the alien base is. They spot a water

The alien queen

transporter pod, that brings the water over to the ships for them to take. They are about to destroy the pod, but more aliens spot them. Even the ships see them. The Aliens and humans get in a big fight, filled with destruction and explosions. The aliens brutally overpower the humans, who are forced to take cover. When it looks like it's about to be the end for them, one of the alien ships blows up. It has been shot down by a squadron of Air Force Jets. The jets engage in a dog-fight with the alien ships. This gives the team enough time to use a C4 weapon to destroy the pod. The Earth is saved. But it's not over yet. The alien queen comes out of the ground, and attacks the team. The jets attack the monster, but the missiles are useless against it. The alien queen swats 4 out of the 8 jets to the ground. John notices the small lung sacks on the alien queens head, and decides if he can get a clear shot at them, they may have a chance. Sgt Rick takes a rocket launcher, and fires at one of the lung sacks, causing it to explode. With its source of breathing destroyed, the alien queen suffocates and dies. With the queen dead, the alien ships all over the world are forced to retreat and leave Earth. The military team celebrate their victory at a party in their base.


Liam Neeson as Commander John Harnell

Johnny Depp as Sgt. Rick

Jeff Bridges as General Brandon

Kate Upton as Lieutenant Susan

CGI (computer-generated images) as aliens