This article is about Space Invaders' appearance in Super Smash Bros. Riot. For the character in general, see Space Invaders.

Space Invaders (SSBR)
The Odd Aliens.
Symbol Coming soon
Universe Space Invaders
Smash Appearances
Super Smash Bros. Riot
Official Debut Space Invaders (1978)
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Invasion
Home Stage Space
Tier 52

Space Invaders (スペースインベーダー, Supēsu Inbēdā) is a group consisting of three aliens from the Space Invaders game. The Space Invaders are the main antagonists in said shoot 'em up game, where the player must use a laser cannon to obliterate the aliens. In this game, three Space Invaders unite forces to combat as one fighter. Unlike the Ice Climbers, Baby Bros., Plusle & Minun and other co-op fighters, Space Invaders will never separate in any way, none of them is controlled by the AI and they will keep themselves together even when hit.


Space Invaders are really quick, in both movement and attacking. The three aliens are always together no matter what, and they will use their abilities at the same time. Space Invaders are extremely floaty characters, meaning their air game is among the best in the game. The Space Invaders have a decent edgeguarding and grab / throw game, as well as an excellent recovery and good rack-up damage. While most of their attacks lack KOing potential, they are up for good combos which allows them to cause continuous damage if trapping an opponent and probably finish them if they've caused enough damage.

Space Invaders' range is also excellent, as most of their moves consist of ranged attacks. Despite being excellent for combos, they are also very vulnerable to other characters with high comboing potential. Space Invaders' melee combat is not that good, meaning that they mostly rely on their ranged attacks and combo combat, and they are weak against characters with better grab and throw game. Space Invaders are also very weak in defense and very lightweight, meaning they can be KO'd easily.

Unlocking Methods

  • Clearing all events.
  • Clearing 15-Minute Riot with any character.
  • Having them join you in Clash of Dimensions.

If any of these methods are cleared, except for the third one, the player has to fight Space Invaders in a match, in Space.


Ground attacks


  • Neutral attack - Each Space Invader attack with a tentacle every time the button is hit. The attack is extremely quick and Space Invaders can spam this ability to rack-up damage.
  • Dash attack - The trio will dash forwards with headbutts. Deals decent knockback.
  • Forward tilt - One of the aliens spins a tentacle forwards. Weak attack.
  • Up tilt - The three aliens will do a flip move, swinging their tentacles in an arc above them.
  • Down tilt - The aliens form a triangle and spin on the ground.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward smash - The trio extend their tentacles forwards with electricity coming from them. Shocks and sends opponents flying.
  • Up smash - The three line up and look above them with glowing eyes, releasing a powerful gas that sends opponents flying upwards.
  • Down smash - One of the aliens shoots an electric blast downwards while the others rotate around it on the ground.

Aerial attacks

  • Neutral aerial - The Space Invaders will spin like a ball together.
  • Forward aerial - The trio extend their tentacles forwards.
  • Back aerial - They do the same as the forward aerial, but backwards.
  • Up aerial - The trio will spin backwards and attack with their extended tentacles upwards. Can cause poison damage.
  • Down aerial - They will line up vertically and descend spinning. Covers a lot of distance below them but doesn't cause much damage.

Grabs and throws

  • Forward throw - While one is grabbing, the other two proceed to grab the victim from their back, spin them and throw them forwards.
  • Back throw - While one is grabbing, the other two smash the victim backwards.
  • Up throw - While one grabs, the other two throw the victim upwards and shoot small lasers at them.
  • Down throw - The three put the opponent below them, and they start releasing explosive blobs on them, sending them flying.
  • Aerial Grab - One grabs the opponent and the other two shock the victim with electric tentacles as they fall. Upon landing, they cause a small toxic explosion.

Special Moves

  • Neutral special - Plasma Blast: A chargeable move. The Space Invaders can charge a plasma orb and send it forwards. Depending on the size, (grows the more it's charged) the plasma ball will divide into two or three smaller orbs when reaching its limit or upon contact with an opponent. When it happens, the plasma orb divides into smaller orbs that travel diagonally and do mild damage.
    • Custom 1 - Ghostly Plasma Blast: The plasma orb passes through opponents and reaches a longer distance. Causes less damage and never divides into smaller orbs.
    • Custom 2 - Plasma Beam: Instead of a plasma orb, Space Invaders charge a powerful plasma beam that causes a small explosion when reaching its limit or hitting an opponent. Doesn't divide either.
  • Side special - Void Rift: The Space Invaders will slide forwards opening an intergalactic void behind them. They cause poison damage when hitting an opponent, and any opponent that stands on the void rift will receive rack-up damage and get stunned if they are still standing on it when the void seals. The Void Rift lasts 4 seconds, and there can be only one Void Rift at a time. Space Invaders will not open a void when sliding if there's already a Void Rift in the stage.
    • Custom 1 - Void Trap: The Void Rift sucks opponents in whenever they seal, instead of stunning them. It briefly reopens afterwards to send opponents flying upwards.
    • Custom 2 - Burning Rift: Doesn't stun opponents upon seal, but it causes more rack-up fire damage.
  • Up special - Galactic Fission: Space Invaders will turn into their pixel versions and glitch, dividing themselves and reappearing into a selected direction. Causes mild damage.
    • Custom 1 - Disintegration Smash: When dividing, they don't teleport and instead rise up vertically, poking opponents in the way and launching them when finishing the move.
    • Custom 2 - Extraterrestrial Path: They turn into their pixel forms but don't divide, instead, they line up and the player can control the directon they travel for about 3 seconds. Does no damage though.
  • Down special - Tectonic Disruption: Space Invaders hurl a big plasma blob below them, collapsing after a few seconds or whenever someone passes through it. It causes poison damage. If Space Invaders hurl it in mid-air, it explodes upon contact with ground.
    • Custom 1 - Tectonic Eruption: When collapsing, it releases a small eruption of dark matter, instead of an explosion.
    • Custom 2 - Black Hole: If an opponent passes through it, they get trapped in and are sent flying afterwards. Similar to the Void Trap custom move.
  • Riot Move - Organic Obliteration: Space Invaders release a burning gas on their victim, sending them flying if not KOing them with fire status damage.
  • Final Smash - Invasion: The trio will summon other Space Invaders to attack the stage, by sweeping at opponents and shooting lasers as well as plasma blasts. During the invasion period, Space Invaders receive a speed and attack buff.


  • Space Invaders line up and wave their tentacles around.
  • Space Invaders take each others' tentacles and spin in a circle.
  • Space Invadaders turn into their pixel forms and move up and down continuously.

On-Screen Appearance

  • 1st Entrance: A big UFO appears, leaves a landing light and the Space Invaders land from it.
  • 2nd Entrance: Various pixels accumulate on the stage and form the Space Invaders.


A modern 8-bit remix of the first segment of the Title Screen theme from the Game Boy Space Invaders  plays while they do one of the following animations:

  • An UFO light appears surrounding them, and Space Invaders rise up, exiting the winning screen.
  • Space Invaders take each others' tentacles, lining up and moving like waves.
  • Space Invaders fly up and down, spinning every so often.

Palette Swaps

Alternate Palettes

SSBRiot SpaceInvaders Color Palettes
  • Standard - Green: Based on their laser cannon used to defeat the Space Invaders in the first game and the green colorations in various games. Green is also the most used to represent them.
  • Blue: Based on the blue colorations in various Space Invaders games.
  • Yellow: Based on the yellow colorations in various Space Invaders games.
  • Purple: Based on the purple colorations in various Space Invaders games.
  • Red: Based on the red colorations in various Space Invaders games.
  • White: Based upon the Space Invaders sprites in the original arcade Space Invaders
  • Brown: Unique to Smash.
  • Dark Blue: Unique to Smash. Could have been created to represent the galaxy.