The Ceres Space Colony front view.

The Ceres Space Colony is the finest in the area!
Pertinax, Metroid Prime 4

Name: Space Colony Ceres
Location: Sola Sector of Space
Discovery Date: 23X0
Class: Titan Class Space Vessel
Size: 40,000
Atmosphere: Regulated through advanced ventilation systems used to accommodate the many different species of scientist inhabitating the facility.
Distinct Features: Ultra thick hull used to withstand nearby asteroids from the nearby Myloi Asteroid belt.


Named after the asteroid Ceres which also inhabits the same asteroid belt, Space Colony Ceres was founded in the hopes that it would serve as a deep space outpost for galactic civilization to further gather information about the unknown parts of the galaxy in that sector of space. Construction was a bit difficult, due to all the asteroid activity in the area, but in the end it proved of no concern. Its main purpose was to allow scientists of all species the chance to contribute for the benefit of civilization through the use of science and technology, as well as to allow them to all live in harmony with one another.


Space Colony Ceres has a unique hull, designed by Ferdenoc Ore Industries. It was built to withstand massive impacts such as asteroid and meteor collisions from the nearby asteroid belt of Myloi. It's main docking bay spreads down to facilitate 60 or more ships at a time with a 24 standard hour crew attendance to maintain all ships. The upper levels 1-22 are used to house and facilitate the many different laboratories of as many as 80 different species of scientists and crew members aboard. The lower levels of the station 23-40 are where any restricted or dangerous experiments are conducted. These areas also house the engine areas, supporting the gravity wells.

In order to maintain balance and gravity within the station, Ghor Mach 2 Gravity wells were carefully placed during construction. They are run of the power generated by the two JCC-32 Hypercore Power Generators located at the bowels of the station. These generators are self-replenishing, and have enough power to run the station for the next two millennium, although skilled maintenance is required on both to keep them in running condition.

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