Space Channel 5 Part I is a movie made by Golden Ring Studios. It is set 500 years in the future.


Ulala arrives on Spaceport 9 as one of the first test subjects to be sent to space. She steps into the rocket, where she meets Fuse. Fuse used to be a newsman, and he reveals he is going to start a news network in space. He hires Ulala.

Five years later, Channel 5 is dying, and Fuse is forced to send Ulala back to Earth. Ulala tells Fuse that she can revive Channel 5. Fuse tells her that she can't. Even though she was told not to, Ulala gets the camera crew to go to Earth with her. She lands, and finds that Morolians have taken over Spaceport 9. She tells the camera crew to tape the scene, and they do. Fuse finds out, and is about to go to Earth to stop her, but then notices many people watching Channel 5.

Back on Earth, Ulala is trying to hide from the Morolians. She sees the Morolians communicating by dancing. The next thing she knows, she is dancing along with them, and the Morolians don't seem to notice her. She dances all the way to the Flight Control Center, the only place in Spaceport 9 that no aliens can get into. However, the Space Rescue Police have been controlled by Mongolians.

Ulala's rival, Pudding, enters the Flight Control Center. They work together to stop the hypnotized Space Rescue Police. The Space Rescue Police cannot leave the Flight Control Center, so Pudding presses the self destruct button. The two, along with the camera crew, leave the Flight Control Center. Ulala gets mad at Pudding, and heads to the Launch Pad.

Upon reaching the Launch Pad, Ulala discovers that Pudding made it their first. The girls have a dance off. Ulala wins, but she decides to take Pudding along with her. Coco Tapioca appears in the Launch Pad, and will only let the one who dances best past. Ulala, the camera crew, and Pudding all dance against Coco Tapioca.

The team gets past Coco Tapioca, except for Pudding. Pudding storms away, just in time for the explosion. Ulala grabs Pudding and takes her with them. Once at the Channel 5 station, Fuse gets Pudding and helps her because she was injured in the explosion.

On the Luxury Spacecraft G, where there has been a Morolian report, Ulala finds Jaguar. He tells Ulala that nobody can go passed, because he says there is something dangerous. Ulala challenges Jaguar to a dance off. Jaguar claims that "he can't dance," but Ulala forces him to by saying he's just scared. Jaguar is beaten by Ulala, and he flies away. She enters the Observation Platform, where she finds Morolina. Morolina gets mad at Ulala, as she awakened her. Morolians seem to be in the room. Morolina throws stuff in the room at Ulala, but Ulala shields the objects with Morolians. She finds out the Morolians are trying to destroy Morolina, so all of them begin to throw objects at her. Ulala wonders why the Morolians are good.

Ulala is about to tell Fuse what is happened, but a hypnotized Pudding crashes into the station. Ulala grabs Fuse's invisibility belt and follows Pudding as she leaves. A while later, they enter the Morolian base.

She finds Jaguar at the base, and he is trying to hide from Morolian Monroe. Ulala goes in and forces Morolian Monroe into a dance off. However, she fails, and is hypnotized. Jaguar goes in to save her. He is almost hypnotized, but forces himself to remember the truth. Fuse then appears on the screen, saying "Shoot the TV!" and he does. Ulala and Pudding are no longer hypnotized.

Back at the station, Fuse recruits Jaguar. He then tells the two that he knows where the hypnotizing is coming from. Chief Blank appears when they walk out, and Pudding has been outside the room the whole time. Ulala is about to shoot at Chief Blank, but Jaguar stops her, saying that it was the founder of Space Channel 5.

Ulala is confused, as Fuse said that he founded Channel 5, but Chief Blank says that Fuse actually took over Channel 5, and he is there to reclaim it. Space Michael walks in, and sees Chief Blank, who teleports away. Space Michael says that Mongolians have taken over the station.

She finds that Chief Blank is threatening Hoorg, the Mongolian Leader. She saves Hoorg from Chief Blank, and the Mongolians join their team. The team agrees that Chief Blank is evil. Evila, a robot designed after Ulala, enters the room and tries to destroy the team. Ulala destroys her, but that just makes Evila larger.

After a dance off, Giant Evila is still evil, and the Mongolians destroy her. Ulala calls for Fuse to help. Pudding and Jaguar get knocked back. Chief Blank appears and sucks Ulala into a portal to the Blank Dimension. There, Chief Blank goes into his Blankbot. He challenges Ulala to a dance off, discovering her true potential. He asks Ulala to join The Dark Tribute. She declines.

They both go back to the normal dimension, but the Blankbot initiates self destruct. The explosion nearly destroys the station, but Fuse straps a rocket to the robot right before the explosion, and he flies away.

In the post credits scene, Purge appears, holding a paper. He says "Ha! The Egghead and the monkey failed! The real way to defeat somebody is to send somebody else to destroy them for you!" Chief Blank then appears, injured, and Purge gets mad at him.


  • Unknown as Ulala

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