The Source Universe
First Appearance Exodun
Current Ruler Unknown
Current Inhabitant(s)
Exodun characters
Location Type Universe

The Source Universe (alternately referred to as the Source anthology) is an alternate universe, parallel to that of the Fantendoverse, that branches off into a completely different path after the first generation of Fantendo video games occur. 

Following that statement, once the first wave of powered beings show up on the Earth, the non-powered populace feel a potential threat, and beg to them sent away. Thus, two regions were created on the planet Earth -  one for humans (the Solito region) and the other for the unwanted, super powered population (the Insolita region). Soon after this separation, a worldwide international security network is launched, referred to as the Watch, with another military network rivalling them - known as A.T.L.A.S

This universe serves as the home universe for the collection of series written by Dylan Lumanta-Simon of Starphare. With the series launched in early 2014, Lumanta-Simon states that the Ultimate Marvel comic book line serves as heavy inspiration, going as far as to say that "in comparison to the main Fantendoverse, I guess you could consider the Sourceverse... the Ultimate Fantendoverse."


Phase 0 (Birth, and Rise of the First Deities)Edit

  • Prior to Phase 0 (The Shattering / The Ripple): An event known as the Shattering was a cataclysmic event that greatly affected the prime Fantendo universe, to the point where it had completely reformed following the event. However, the abnormality that caused the reformation had sent a pseudo-shattering throughout the Fantendo multiverse - referred to as the Ripple, devestating several universes, causing them to enter their own Shattering. Some universes were not affected by this event, but all those that were had either been destroyed by the Shattering itself, or destroyed by the deities of that universe in order to limit the spread of the Ripple. Eventually, as the Ripple came to a halt, the destroyed universes lived on through "shattered panes" - parts of destroyed universes that contained information from the universe prior to destruction. The shattered panes of various universes came together in order to repopulate the universal population of the multiverse, eventually producing: the Sourceverse.
  • 13.8 billion years ago (Phase 0 - The Big Bang): The "rebirth" process of the universe eventually slowed down as the formation led it to enter an incredibly hot dense state, and stopped completely as it laid dormant in this state for an unknown amount of years. Eventually, almost 14 billion years ago, the universe suddenly exited this state of density, entering a sudden expansion. This is the true birth of the Sourceverse.
  • 13.3 billion years ago (Driving Forces, and the First Order): A small amount of time has passed since the birth of the universe, settling in and cooling down due to its previous state. This allowed for the formation of subatomic particles, succeeded by mere atoms. Afterwards, stars, and galaxies would eventually come into existence. The dense state in which the universe previously laid dormant within also had remnants floating away from the expansion point of the universe. These small parts of the universe prior to its inital form gained sentience, and formed bodies out of their "cocoons." Eventually, the four beings were able to completely comprehend what they were, and found themselves born with incredible, cosmic power. These beings were the Almighty Aktoz, the Everlasting Ektaz, the Deity Noir Khaos, and the Deity Blanc Micaliye, and agreed upon keeping the universe in balance. Intending to operate behind the scenes, serve as the highest level of judgement and power within the universe, and stop any threats that can act on a cosmic level, they became: the First Order.