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Source is a game engine created by Valve for primarily first-person games, although other gameplay can be created using camera manipulation. It is the same engine used in Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2 and Garry's Mod, among many others. Prior to this engine, Valve used the very similar GoldSrc engine.


This is a list of games on Fantendo made with Source.

  • My Little Pony: Source, an adaption of MLP: Friendship is Magic. It retains the series colourful and optimistic atmosphere.
  • Portal: invasi0n, a Portal spin-off that uses the Portal 1 base [with some P2 testing elements]. It is about another test subject that undergos the same tests Chell underwent, except an invasion of manhacks interrupts testing.
  • All of the games so far in the Emotion Spectrum series.
  • Half-Life: Adaptable Intelligence, a game taking place at the same time as Half-Life. It is about Veda Stark, a female scientist who was near the entrance to the facility during the Resonance Cascade, and her efforts to find the rumoured Emergency Miracle Pod, a device said to be able to reverse and block teleportation among other things.

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