Sour Patch Wars is a TF2-inspired game which follows 6 Sour Patch Kid kingdoms (Lime, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Berry and Grape) and their war to see who is the far superior flavor. It is online-based, having either 2 teams or whopping 6 teams on a map. Like TF2, new weapons and hats can be found, traded, or purchased from the shop.


Sour Patch Wars has many inspirations to Team Fortress 2, though is still it's own game. Sour Patch Wars doesn't have classes, but has color teams that you can pick that have one exclusive perk. You can pick your loadout (Main Weapon, Side Weapon, and Melee) and then enter the game. There are 6 spawnpoints in each map, all for one color team. Sometimes its only two teams, and sometimes it's all six teams. As you kill more enemies, you can earn perks (such as Increased Strength, Speed, etc.), but these perks will be lost upon death.

When Sour Patch Kids are killed, their body will ragdoll, but upon clicking them, you can eat them for health, gross, but it works. 'Perks' will drop on the field in the form of Jelly Bellies, though, not all of them are good perks.

If you get enough kills, you are able to summon the Juggerkid, a massive Sour Patch Kid with alot of health and defense. It ravages through the field, but can still be killed. There are several vehicles found around maps, which can all be rode in. In several maps, there are flying vehicles.

Grenades, in this game, take the form of 'Xtreme Sour Patch Kids', which can be thrown and explode upon contact. The Grenades stick the enemies in place for awhile, leaving them an easy target.


Stage Info
Gummy Flatishlands
(2 - 4 Teams)
A rather flat level made out of gummy land, with a few little forts and sniper huts around the map, nonetheless, it's still pretty barren.
Jawbreaker Dam
(2 - 6 Teams)
A dam made out of jawbreakers, the dam is massive and is great for a fight, but dont drop into the lake below! During the match, the dam can be broken in half, making it harder for transitioning to each side easily.
Caramel City
(2 - 6 Players)
A larger maze-like map that has non-enterable buildings that gummies can traverse around, you can zipline at the top of specific buildings for crazy mid-air fights. Watch out though, if two people zipline on the opposite direction they slam into eachother and explode!

Gummy Towers
(2 - 3 Players)

Four towers that have about a dozen ziplines connecting them, and it's a very compact map. The tower floors are small, and you can even crash into people on the ziplines. There is one plane, but it takes some guts to get to it. You have to jump off the map and land in a specific spot.
Swedish Fish Docks
(2 - 5 Players)
Swedish Fish Docks are filled with water-vehicles, making this a great map to mess around with. The surface area is a large maze-like dock that intertwines everywhere. The lake area is large, making a great spot for massive wars.





Jelly Bellies

Jelly Bellies are the 'perk' items of the game, they spawn around the map and rotate around in the air, glowing a green hue. Different jelly beans give different perks, though there is a chance they can be bean-boozled jelly beans, which give bad perks!

Jelly Bellies

Jelly Belly Jelly Belly Jelly Belly Jelly Belly Jelly Belly
A&W Cream Soda A&W Root Beer Berry Blue Blueberry Bubblegum
Buttered Popcorn Cantaloupe Capuccino Caramel Corn Chili Mango
Chocolate Pudding Cinnamon Coconut Cotton Candy Crushed Pineapple
Dr. Pepper French Vanilla Green Apple Island Punch Juicy Pear

Bean-Boozled Jelly Bellies


Each team has one special perk, though nothing else.


Lime are the 'Swamp Kingdom', their villages set in a swamp, while this may sound all bland and crap, they get around pretty well, and have some sweet mud wars. Lime have a slight speed perk for every Lime player.


Lemon are the 'Cave Kingdom', residing entirely undergrounding and living their life as miners. While they don't see much sun, they still are extremely athletic, participating in the Sour Patch Wars. They have a 5% chance of poisoning an enemy for 6 seconds every shot, lemon on a wound isnt the best thing ever.


Raspberry, the 'original' kingdom, or so they say. They reside in a cliche castle kingdom and speak all fancy and all that shit. They also joust a lot (a lot). They are tough little gummies, having a small boost of health for every Raspberry player.


Orange, the 'high flying' kingdom, they reside up in the clouds and are steampunk as all hell, that's pretty sweet, though. They usually fly around in flying ships and make dragons out of cogs and stuff. They have a 4% higher chance of getting a critical hit on enemies, so make sure to make every shot precise!


Blue are the newcomers, being relatively new to the island of Gumia, though that doesn't mean they are bad at this war, they can still kick some gummy rear. Berry does seem to try too hard to be 'hip', though they have amazing reload speeds (15% faster!).


The pirates, who literally reside beside the ocean, have conquered one land before and plan on kicking all the other kingdoms out of Gumia! Purple have slower reload speed but are able to fire a bit faster than the other team.

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