Soulver (Shiny for short) the Pikachu (or the Telekenischu) is a time-travelling character in the RenarioExtreme series, an odd looking Pikachu with golden-yellow eyes, a lot of spikes, six tiny wings covered with golden-white fur, blue neon stripes on his body, and came from 500 years from the future. He is also old friends with Blade the Bayleef, who came from the 17th century.

Game appearances

Renan: Travel Through Time

Soulver first appears in the game, where he was travelling through time, fighting the enemies who try to destroy the future, but Spikelesis, a ruthless, cruel crystal like monster, tricks him into believing that Renan is the true enemy. After seeing Renan getting blasted off by Dr. Mewtwo's goons when he tries to protect Princess Vespi, who was in the Honey Festival. After Renan rescues Princess Vespi from captive, Shiny attacks him, thinking that he is the "Future Destroyer", but was stopped by his friends.

Renan Gears: Into the Light

Soulver is an unlockable character, and a heavyweight class (for no reason). He is unlocked after clearing 100 races with a Renan: Travel Through Time save file, or clearing 5000 races, or all Reflected Course Cups with three-star ranking.


Soulver is a very confident creature, but is very short-tempered and always do things without thinking (even worse than Renan). When he first saw Renan, he sees him as the "true enemy", the "Future Destroyer", after being tricked by the crystal monster Spikelesis.


Soulver can float and use Psychic. He can also use plasma bolts with his front legs or his cheeks.


Blade the Bayleef

Soulver and Blade are old pals, since they first met. Soulver also hates being seperated from her, since he cried after she disappeared back in time.

Mewtwo the Second

Mewtwo the Second is Dr. Mewtwo's second clone, and Soulver's main enemy. The Second was also the one responsible for creating Spikelesis, who blackmailed him into believing that he is the true master.

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