Souji Tendou

24 years old, born August 6. Souji Tendou, also known as NintenWings, is the 6th member of the Nintengers.


He is actually Tsubame's long lost (fraternal)twin brother, though it is not known how he was lost. He was found and taken in by the Tendou family, and pampered him. He knew he was destined for greatness, just not what it would be. 

In the year 2013, he witnessed Jinzeono's first attack, and saw Akira Hino, Taro Hikari, Tsubame Takara, Hoshino Kiba, and Denki Shou get teleported away somewhere, and was dissapointed that he wasn't teleported. He witnessed all of the Nintenger's battles, and longed for his desstiny to take place. One night, after he saw the Nintenger's get defeated by The DarKnight, a light came to him which turned into the Golden Nintenshin. He tried using the power, but the being known as YokOmoi, told him that he can only use the power for justice. Some time later, when HebiKe attacked the Earth herself, he used the Nintenshin, and transformed into NintenWings. He fought her, and drove her off, unlike the Nintengers, who had failed. After HebiKe retreated, he was sent to GamUchu where he was questioned by Iwata where he gained his powers. After replying he didn't know, YokOmoi responded saying he went to Souji himself, because he believed it was time that the 6th Nintenger should arrive. At first, he disagreed to work with the team, and fought alone. But later joined them, after discovering Tsubame was his sister.


  • His profile picture is actually Masato Uchiyama.
  • He is based on Pit, from Kid Icarus.

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