I fight for my family, and I fight against tyranny. That is enough.


Sothe is a newcomer fighter representing the Fire Emblem franchise. He debuted in the 2005 installment of the Fire Emblem series Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Sothe is a unique fighter compared to the other Fire Emblem characters, since he is neither a swordfighter nor a mage, but instead he is an rogue.

Sothe is a fighter whose speed and power are equal, having high speed and power. However, being a Rogue, Sothe has less HP and lower Skill than most of the other Fire Emblem classes, in game, that means that Sothe recieves more damage and his more powerful moves usually don't result in a KO.

Character description

Sothe is a tall fighter, around the same height as Peach, but he also is middleweight fighter. Sothe is a close ranged fighter, utilizing his Dagger, the Kard, that has a higher chance of KO if the opponent is hit by it. Similar to Robin, Sothe also has limited uses of the Kard, that once it is used 30 times, it is replaced by a normal Dagger that cannot KO opponents like the Kard can.

Sothe's abilities from the games that he appears (Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn and Awakening) from are carried over to Project L as well, his skill Blossom, allows him to become slightly more powerful after scoring a KO, Steal allows Sothe to steal the opponent's item, Guard increases the size of the shield, Acrobat makes Sothe dodge attacks easier on the air and Defender is an unique techinique only used in Team Battles that allows Sothe to take a hit instead of the ally if he is close to them.

Special Moves



Victory Theme

Palette Swaps


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