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Sadness in My Heart :

Mei is at her home. She is no longer depressed, as she is starting to feel happy, hoping to see son again.

“Can i go to the mall today?” Shirley asked “Namely to buy some new clothes for whenever i see big brother again.”

“Yes we can.” said Mei.


Sadness in My Heart :

“Great. We’ll prepare now.” said Shirley.

A man sneaks into the house, but it was Dean... Getting the S01-Arthur out of the basement. While they were gone, Dean goes away with the S01-Arthur. He then takes it to Task Squad 589's Gur-M labs, he adds the F.L.E.I.J.A. (Field Limitary Effective Implosion Assault) system, a device that is able to directly interpret the user's thoughts by picking up their brainwaves to the ASO. He prepares to go to combat, mainly to test out his new-found Farsian abilities.


“I think you’ve tried too many clothes... Let’s pay for this and go home.” suggested Mei.

“Okay.” Shirley replied.

As she prepares to leave the mall, a S10-Black Elpeo appears and destroys the mall, causing it to fall apart. Everyone but Shirley left the mall to evacuate, Shirley starts to cry for help.

“Huh?” said the pilot “Who’s the one crying over there?”

Dean zoomed the screen. It was Shirley.

“Shirley?!” he gasped “Why is she here?”

He lays the S01-Arthur's hands down to save her, she tells whoever is piloting the S01-Arthur to put her down, he acknowledged greatly to do so.

“That Elpeo has destroyed the mall...” said the pilot. “Its one of our units, but why did it destroy too many people?” “Big Brother?!” Shirley is shocked.

“I-I have to leave, Bye!” Dean ran, but Shirley forces him to stay here for a moment.

“Wait! Why are you piloting the S01-Arthur?” asked Shirley.

“I-I joined the Task Squad 589.” said Dean.

“What?!” His family were shocked.

“You are disowned, Dean. Go back to your adoptive parents and stay out of our family!” Dean’s father said “We’re going home, without you!”

Everyone left, except for Nine, which follows him going to the T.S. 589 Office.

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