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My Mother:

January 7, 2127, Mei Kitagawa takes the bus to the Lightning Squad main office. She begins to miss her son, and gets her postcards ready to write to him.

“For Now, You are a petty officer.” said the Commander.

“But, I don’t want this job! I don’t want it!” Mei complained.


My Mother :

“You must accept this, or else you’ll never join us!” said the Commander.

“Fine...” Mei finally agreed.

But instead of working like a normal officer, she was forced to do the Lightning Squad's dirty work.

“What the?! You promised i will be like a normal officer. You just broke it! I deserve to be treated better than the way i am being treated now.” Mei complained again.

“Listen, Kitagawa. If this is your job, it’s your job. So stop complaining and get back to your work!” the Commander said.

“S-Sir, Yes Sir!” said Mei.

For Now it is Lunch Break, but she chose to eat in her own dorm. She received Dean's reply from the mail, and he said:

Dear Mother,

Thank you for the postcard! I am doing horrible and my time at the United Nations is worse than my time in High School. I was assigned to be a petty officer as well. I was even forced to do their dirty work. I don't even understand what I did to deserve such a punishment. I even told the commander of the United Nations that I changed, but he didn't believe me.

I really, really hope that I can see you again, and be sure to write back!

I love you and Happy Birthday, Mother. From your loving son,

Dean's reply to Mei's postcard.

She took her time to write back, but then sent it to the mail because Dean defected from the United Nations. She said:

I love you too, and thank you for the birthday wish! I always knew that you care about me. I told the commander at the Lightning Squad that I changed, but he didn't believe me either. Their dirty work is just too much, and I can't even take it anymore!

I was depressed enough to get near anyone, and I started to cry while I was eating. I really want to see you again, Dean. I also learned their true motives, instead of treating people right, they treat them like they are their puppets. I am going to leave the Lightning Squad tomorrow morning.

I love you Dean, come back soon! From your mother, Mei.
Mei's reply

On the morning of January 15, 2127, Mei left the Lightning Squad, wanting to never think about them again. She then went to her house to live with her family, telling them everything that happened.

“Don’t be sad,” said Dean’s little sister, Shirley “We will see big brother soon.”

“Oh wait, the phone is ringing.” said Mei.

Mei picked up the phone and answered the phone call. It was Dean.

“Don’t worry Mother, You’ll see me again soon.” said Dean.

“Did you leave the United Nations already?” asked Mei.

“Sure did.” said Dean.

“Okay. See you again soon.” said Mei.

The call ended and is excited to see her son again.

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