Soran the Fire Dragon
Full Name Soran the Fire Dragon
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Fire Dragon
Class Protagonist
Emperor Kinyuu (mentor)
Ability/ies Fire, Flame Burst, Blue Fire,


Vulnerable To Water
Blazing Warrior
Voice Actor(s)
Kouki Uchiyama (Japanese voice)

Joshua Seth (1st Generation) Johnny Yong Bosch (2nd and 3rd Generation) Jesse McCartney (4th Generation)

First Appearance A Dragon's Pure Heart
Soran the Fire Dragon is the main protagonist in the original series A Dragon's Pure Heart created by RenarioExtreme Inc. He is a red and yellow striped fire dragon who lives with the ruler of Dragon Planet and his mentor, Emperor Kinyuu. Soran is best known for breathing fire, and also cannot fly, despite having perfectly developed wings. Soran is also known to be kind and caring to his friends and allies, but can be very stubborn at times.


Early life

Soran was born in Honou Island. His biological father was a legendary fire warrior. His mother took care of him until Professor Toxicspike attacked her and threatened to kill Soran. His father then showed up to stop Professor Toxicspike, and ordered his mother to send Soran away to keep him safe by an Air Dragon. The Air Dragon then sends Soran to Emperor Kinyuu, who then raised him after the attack of Professor Toxicspike.

A Dragon's Pure Heart

Soran was hanging out with his girlfriend until they find all their animal friends missing. When Soran asked his girlfriend to stay while he goes searching for the missing animals, Professor Toxicspike kidnapped her before Soran returns. When Soran returned, he finds his girlfriend missing, and starts following Professor Toxicspike before he turns all the animals and his girlfriend into mutants and robots.

Physical Appearance

Soran is a fire dragon that resembles a Digimon, which many people mistake him for one. He has bat wings like ears, yellow eye markings and stripes over his red body, a long dinosaur tail with a flame on it, large wings with fire  patterns on it and three claws on each of his hands and legs.

Personality and traits

Soran has a great sense of peace, as he always protect his friends from Professor Toxicspike, his long-time nemesis. Being free-spirited and adventorous, he is known to be kind, caring and benevolent, but very quick to anger, being very bad-tempered, impatient and stubborn. He sometimes does things without thinking at all. He hates evil a lot and will always choose to destroy them. He is also shown to be very competive and take challenges very confidently, as he always enjoys battling with is rivals.

Abilities and weaknesses

Soran has great power of fire. He can breathe strong fire, burst out flames from his body, and send out some hot wind from his wings. Because he is mainly a fire dragon, he is very weak to water and incapable of swimming.


Professor Toxicspike

Professor Toxicspike and Soran has been enemies since he was a baby. Professor Toxicspike has always tried to take over Dragon Planet and eliminate Soran, but always ended up with Soran foiling his plans, resulting all plans becoming failures.


  • As of the 4th Generation, he shares his voice actors with Roxas.