"Sora brings the heart!"

(Introduction tagline)

NSM Sora
Kingdom Hearts symbol
The King of Hearts
Series Kingdom Hearts
First appearance Kingdom Hearts (2002)
Recent games Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX (2014)
Availability Starter
Final Smash Trinity Limit
Home stage Dive to the Heart

Sora, the King of Hearts, surprisingly joins the battle in Super Smash Bros. NeXt! He comes packed with his Keyblade and his spells, that deserve as his special attacks. Also you can choose to play as Sora or Riku. Each one has three different outfits: Sora's are his outfit in Halloween Town, his one in Christmas Town and his one in the Grid. Riku's are his outfit in the Grid, his one in Dark Mode and his one Hooded seen in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


Sora is a powerful swordfighter with many good moves. First of all, he is and heavyweight character with good mobility due to his fast dash and high jumps. Sora, unlike many other swordfighters, has projectiles: his spells Fire, Blizzard, Aero and Stop. To make these spells stronger, you have to hold B and Sora will charge up the magic. A skilled Sora player always knows when to do a strong spell or a weak one because the charge takes time. Sora's Smash attack are very unique: he summons his helpers Simba, Genie and Tinker Bell and they can act alone. The longer you charge the Smash attack, the longer they stay out and fight. Sora's main problem is Aero: it works as an excellent ground move but has an awful recovery. However, due to Sora's high jumps, it shouldn't be a problem to return to the stage.

Pros and cons


  • Powerful moves
  • Blizzard can freeze opponents.
  • Heavyweight
  • Fast and agile
  • Smash attacks summon helpers that works also alone.


  • Predictable recovery
  • Opponents can attack him while charging the spell.
  • Poor combo ability.


Ground attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Jab Combo 7% A single Keyblade swing. Can be used as a spacing tool while not the best move in Sora's moveset.
Side tilt 11% Sora stabs his Keyblade forward. Can be angled. Faster than jab and generally more useful.
Up tilt 6% Sora stabs his Keyblade upward. A very situational move but with high knockback.
Down tilt 8% A quick stab downward, like Marth's in Melee. Can pseudo-crawl and combo into itself.
Dash attack 12% Sora slashes while running, like Link's dash attack prior Smash 4. Low knockback for its damage.
Forward Smash Genie Varies Sora summons Genie, the strongest helper he has. Genie is also the helper who lasts the least.
Up Smash Tinker Bell Varies Sora summons Tinker Bell, the weakest helper he has. However, Tinker Bell lasts the most on the battlefield.
Down Smash Simba Varies Sora summons Simba. He is in the middle in both power and duration.

Aerial attacks

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral aerial 8% Sora swings his Keyblade forwards, from the up to the down.
Forward aerial 9% Sora stabs forward. High knockback, starts KOing at 120% near the Blast Zone.
Back aerial 5% A backward kick. Its low damage and knockback, with its high speed, can transform this move in an excellent pseudo-wall of pain technique.
Up aerial 8% (clean), 7% (late) Sora swings his Keyblade upwards, like Ike's up aerial. The sweetspot is a little stronger with a little more knockback.
Down aerial 21% (clean), 2% (late) Sora stabs his Keyblade downward, casting a powerful Thunder magic. The sweetspot has the strongest meteor effect in the game but it's hard to land (as hard as Zelda's forward or back aerial).

Grab and throws

Move Damage Description
Grab -% Sora grabs the opponent with his right hand.
Pummel 2% Pummels with a Thunder magic. Unique pummel because the hitbox starts upper than Sora and the grabbed opponent, so it can hit other opponents.
Forward throw 12% Sora attacks with a Fire magic. Sora's most reliable throw, with the highest KO power among Sora's throws (KOs at 104%).
Back throw 8% Sora throws the opponent backwards. Can lead into back aerial at low percentages.
Up throw 3% (throw), 14% (Thunder) Sora's most damaging throw. Throws the opponent upwards, then casts a Thunder spell that meteor smashes the opponent. Can lead into a Blizzard or a Fire.
Down throw 14% Sora casts a Thunder magic that meteor smashes. Very powerful throw although not useful in combos.


Move Damage Description
Floor attack (front) 5% Sora gets up while casting a Fire magic.
Floor attack (back) 5% Sora gets up while casting a Fire magic.
Ledge attack 8% Sora gets on the battlefield while attacking with the Keyblade.

Special moves

Move Name Damage Description
Standard Special Fire 12% (Fire), 16% (Fira), 24% (Figara). Sora creates five fireballs circling his body. While not powerful in Fire status, Figara is one of Sora's best finishers as it KOs the opponents at 90%.
Standard Special: custom move 1 Frontal Fire 14% (Fire), 20% (Fira), 30% (Figara). This variation makes the flames only forwards, while the flames are stronger and Figara can KO at 70%. This variation also makes the charge time longer.
Standard Special: custom move 2 Quick Fire. 8% (Fire), 11% (Fira), 18% (Figara). Loses lots of power while gaining larger hitboxes and shorter charge time.
Side Special Blizzard 6% (Blizzard), 10% (Blizzara), 12% (Blizzaga). Sora's main projectile. He casts an ice shot that can freeze at higher percentages. While gaining less power when becoming Blizzaga, in this form this attack always freezes.
Side Special: custom move 1 Storm 12% (Blizzard), 20% (Blizzara), 30% (Blizzaga). Loses the freezing propriety while gaining more power. This version is also faster in movement but not in charge.
Side Special: custom move 2 Explosive Blizzard 8% (Blizzard), 12% (Blizzara), 37% (Blizzaga). This variation makes Blizzaga one of the strongest moves in the game. However, the other spells are worse than the other variations.
Up Special Aero -% Sora creates an hurricane. Aerora and Aeroga have stronger push effect. When used in the air, only Aeroga is usable and pushes also Sora upwards.
Up Special: custom move 1 Aqua Splash 12% (Aeroga) This variation makes the Aeroga an attack with its hitboxes. However reduces the recovery.
Up Special: custom move 2 Aero Shield -% This variation reflects all the projectiles, while losing the push effect. The recovery is improved, however.
Down Special Stop 4% (Stop), 8% (Stopra), 16% (Stopga) A rather unique counter as Sora can charge it up and then, when the opponent attacks, he can strike back with his attack. Stop as also the unique propriety that it stuns the opponent.
Down Special: custom move 1 Don't Move! 1% (all variations) This variation does extremely low damage but the stun time is higher and grows even more in Stopra and Stopga.
Down Special: custom move 2 Stop Bomb 8% (Stop), 16% (Stopra), 32% (Stopga) Loses some of his stun power while gaining lots of damage. Also this variation increases the charge time.
Final Smash Trinity Limit 2% (light), 58% (animation) This Final Smash is very similar to Shulk's as it traps the opponent in a cinematic scene. However, Donald and Goofy will appear if Sora is used. If Riku is used Maleficent and Captain Hook will appear instead.



  • Grips the Keyblade even more.
  • Stands up, watches forward then returns to his fighting stance.


  • Up: Points his Keyblade to the sky. Sora will say: "Let's dance!" while Riku will say: "Talk is cheap"
  • Side: Puts his Keyblade on the shoulders. Sora will say: "So I think we're gonna fight..." while Riku will say: "So come at me..."
  • Down: Moves his fist forward. Sora will say: "I'll win!" while Riku will say: "You can run away, if you want"

Fighting stance

Very hunched with the Keyblade held backward.

Victory poses

  • Swings his Keyblade. Sora will say: "Today, I've given you a heart." Riku will instead say: "Today, I've stolen your heart..."
  • Jumps down from the Gummi Ship, striking a pose.
  • Appears alongside two allies. Sora will say: "My friends are my power" and will be with Donald and Goofy. Riku will say: "Behold the power of the Heartless!" and will be with Maleficent and Captain Hook.

Losing animation

  • Sora: claps to the opponent.
  • Riku: like Mewtwo, stays with crossed arms.

On-screen appearance

Just walks to the stage.

Walking and dashing animations

  • Walk: walks with the Keyblade pointed behind.
  • Dash: dashed with the Keyblade pointed behind.


  • Dodging: walks forward/backward very quickly.
  • Spot dodge: moves like he dodges a projectile.
  • Air dodge: similar to his spot dodge.

Crowd cheer

SOOOOOOOOORA! (deep males)

Victory theme

A remix of Dearly Beloved version from the first Kingdom Hearts (from 12.00 to 12.15).

Trophy description

We are proud to present you Sora, the owner of the mythical Keyblade. This young boy left the Destiny Island and went across lands and planets to defeat the Heartless and a plenty of opponents such as his good friend Riku, is Nobody Roxas, Maleficent and Xion, his indirect Replica. Sora isn't alone however: Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, Genie and many other special character will help our hero. In Smash NeXt, Sora can use many powerful spells but he has to charge them to use their stronger form!

Appeared in: Kingdom Hearts (3/02), Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distances (3DS, 3/12).

Revealing trailer

Trailer's name: Dive to the Heart.

Link and Samus are fighting each other in Battlefield when a massive amount of Heartless arrives. They don't know what to do when they hear to a young boy's voice saying: "BLIZZAGA!" and he freezes the Heartless. Samus attacks him with her Charge Shot when this boy dodges the move and attacks her. After that, he starts fighting against Link but then other Heartless arrive. So the boy shows who he is: SORA BRINGS THE HEART! This trailer is shorter and has less gameplay scenes than the others but in this one the Story Mode is officially revealed as Sora says: "So today I can see what Smash is. But there's a menace coming. The Heartless are arriving." At the end of the video, the Smash logo is seen and under it it's written: Story Mode: the Darkest Day.


  • Initially, Roxas was hinted as Sora's alternate costume instead of Riku. However Tetsuya Nomura, Kingdom Hearts' director, noticed that Riku would be more interesting due to being more different from Sora. Roxas appears as a Trophy.