Super Mario is a project by Sonny Daye (tbc) that is meant to convey what his ideal Super Mario game would be like. It is viewed as a sort of "love letter" to the franchise, both to the main series games and the spinoffs. It celebrates the creator's sixteen-year-long history with the franchise (beginning with Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Super Mario 64, the Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario World, and the original Mario Party [all within two years]). The story is fairly straightforward: Mario and his friends band together to defeat Bowser, who is attempting to boost his often-forgotten dark magic to astronomical levels. The game would release on the Nintendo Switch and be rated E10+. The graphics would look similarly to Super Mario Odyssey, but levels would be designed so that they do not look like floating islands. It would include an abundant amount of references to the creator's favorite games in the franchise.


This title would feel fairly similar past 3D Mario titles. Mario retains most of his old moves, such as the ground pound, long jumping, rolling, back flips, and the side somersault. The life meter returns, acting as it did in the Galaxy games and Odyssey. The game again features no lives or "game overs", and Mario will instead lose Coins after dying. However, the more Coins Mario has, the more he'll lose. The amounts range from 10, 30, 50, and 70. This was added in order to give dying more impact. The game is classified as a "collect-athon. Players get to collect all sorts of goodies like clothing, upgrades, trophies & CDs, and artwork. These appear as new items called Capsule Orbs. The player can then spend Coins to unlock the Capsule Orbs and earn the prize inside. Power Moons were originally meant to be the game's collectible, but were replaced due to their hollow and inconsistent nature (for example, some Moons in Odyssey can be gained in seconds, while others are gained in minutes). The value of the prize depends on where the Capsule Orb was found and the challenge the player went through to get it. The prize for a rigorous platforming section could be the Dry Bowser trophy, while ground pounding a shiny area could reveal a Goomba trophy. To encourage players to search every spot, rare prizes can be found in simple areas too. Other rewards include upgrades, Hearts, and large groups of Coins.

Power-ups would return to the series after an absence in the previous game. Items from the Galaxy and 3D Land titles are featured, including Bee Mushrooms, Super Leaves, and Super Bells. A new mechanic called upgrading is introduced. Upgrades can seem simple, but they are a big help to the player. For instance, the Bubble upgrade will protect the character from one hit, and the Magnet upgrade will draw in faraway Coins. Other upgrades, such as the Luck upgrade, can increase the chance of finding a gold Capsule Orb. Snapshot Mode also returns. This function allows players to pause their game and take photos, which they can then share with people all over the world. In this iteration, more filters would be added, and players could now insert text in their photos.

Similar to the modern Sonic the Hedgehog games, Super Mario alternates between 3D and 2D, depending on what part of an area Mario is in. Controls remain mostly the same, except the player can now only go left and right. 3D sections focus more on the explorative side of the game, while 2D focuses on platforming.

Super Mario uses the mission-based system seen in 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. Just like those games, the player will return to the hub world (Peach's Castle) when (s)he collects the Power Star. However, this is done so that the player doesn't get lost or have to do needless backtracking, since each mission explores a different portion of the stage. After the first two missions of a stage has been completed, the rest of the missions are unlocked, allowing the player to skip a mission if (s)he doesn't like it. The "Free Roam!" option will also be unlocked, letting the player explore and search for Capsule Orbs without having to chase a Power Star. So, in a way, this game combines the 64/Sunshine/Galaxy system with the Odyssey system.

This game uses an inventory system similar to the one seen in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Before one of the bros enters a Locale, the player can fill the inventory's four slots with a Heart, power-up, or upgrade. Once the item is used, the slot will become empty. Players can toggle/refill the inventory only on the map screen.

250px-Mario Spin Art - Super Mario Galaxy

Mario using the Spin Attack

The Spin Attack (renamed from "Star Spin", also called spinning) is Mario's offensive maneuver of the game. This ability is acquired after beating the game's first mission. This must be done by pressing X or Y. Aside from being used to attack enemies, it can also be used to activate switches, deflect certain projectiles, swim faster, and pick up nearby items. It will also let the character skate on icy surfaces. After performing a spin, the character must wait for only two seconds to use it again. When spinning near a Coin, power-up, Shell, Heart, or Capsule Orb, the spin will attract the items toward Mario, making them easier for the player to collect. This doesn't work on items that are more than a few paces away from the character, meaning the player still has to be somewhat close in order to spin-pull them.


Camera tilt NS R Stick to move, NS L Button + NS R Button to reset
First-person mode Click and move NS R Stick, click NS R Stick again to reset
Ground movement
Run NS L Stick
Spin Attack NS Y Button or NS X Button
Crouch NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button
Crouch walk Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + NS L Stick
Roll (Mario), slide (Luigi) Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + tap NS Y Button or NS X Button repeatedly
Hops, skips, and jumps
Jump NS B Button or NS A Button
Double Jump While landing from standard jump, NS B Button or NS A Button
Triple Jump While landing from double jump, NS L Stick + NS B Button or NS A Button
Backward somersault Hold NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + NS B Button or NS A Button
Side somersault Run + NS L Stick in opposite direction + NS B Button or NS A Button
Long jump NS L Stick + NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + NS B Button or NS A Button
Spin jump NS L Button or NS R Button
Wall slide In midair, NS L Stick into most vertical surfaces
Wall jump Wall slide + NS B Button or NS A Button
Ground pound In midair, NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button
Ground pound jump Ground pound + NS B Button or NS A Button when landing
Dive (Mario), midair hop (Luigi) In midair, NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + NS Y Button or NS X Button
Grab object Press NS Y Button or NS X Button near object
Throw item Tap NS Y Button or NS X Button for short throw, hold for long throw
Swim NS L Stick + NS B Button or NS A Button
Descend NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button
Quick descend NS L Button or NS R Button
Water dash NS ZL Button or NS ZR Button + NS Y Button or NS X Button
Hydro spin NS L Button or NS R Button + NS Y Button or NS X Button
Pole climbing NS L Stick up or down to ascend or descend, left or right to switch sides
Grab fence NS B Button or NS A Button when in front of fence (press button again to let go)
Fence punch Tap NS Y Button or NS X Button
Fence dash Hold NS Y Button or NS X Button + NS L Stick
Pause NS Plus
Map/inventory NS Minus



MarioSMS 193px-Luigi MP10

- Jump: horizontal distance
- Faster swimming
- Better traction
- Wider spin attack
- Moves: roll, dive


- Jump: vertical distance
- Slower air consumption
- Achieves top running speed quicker
- Faster spin attack recovery
- Moves: slide, midair hop

Yoshi - Mario Party 10
Yoshi logo

- Flutter-jumping
- Grabbing enemies with his tongue and swallowing them
- Spitting out certain enemies as projectiles
- Grabbing faraway ledges with his tongue
- Producing a Capsule Orb after eating enough fruit

Supporting cast

Peach - Mario Party 10 150px-Toadsworth artwork -- Super Mario Sunshine CaptainToadSMS Sphynx SMO Dog
Peach Toadsworth Captain Toad Sphynx Dog
StarBunny Birdo MP9 Green Koopa New ACL MK8 Blue Koopa Troopa 001-1518294592
Star Bunnies Birdo Koopa the Quick Tracewalk Koopa Border Bros
Waluigi Golf BlueToadSML3D2 UncleAmiibo ToadsBattleForTheRuins Daisy MP10
Waluigi Hint Toad Uncle amiibo Toads Daisy
Tostarean Lochlady Bob-ombBuddy PiantaTree NokiShell
Tostarenans Lochladies Bob-omb Buddies Piantas Nokis
Gearmorender PenguinSMG VolbonanCyan Wario MP100 SMO Pauline (no mic)
Penguins Gearmos Volbonans Wario Pauline
NewDonker RenderNewDonker Female Render Whittle SteamGardener Jibberjay Bee 2 SMG
New Donkers Whittles Gardeners Jibberjays Bees
Greenie - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon BowlerSWO ACL MK8 Pink Yoshi 200px-BluebabyyoshiNSMBU GuppySMG
Ghosts Bonneters Yoshis Baby Yoshis Guppy
Coachsmg DK Strong DiddyKong2 Cranky Kong New Candykongdkjc
Coach Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Cranky Kong Candy Kong


In this game, Mario and Luigi must travel through the Mushroom Kingdom to get to Bowser's Castle. Because the creator enjoys mission-based levels and free roam, both are included in this project. Aside from Power Stars, players can also find Capsule Orbs that contain clothing, trophies, and upgrades, among other goodies. This was added to address the creator's complaint that there are too many Power Moons in Odyssey. The main hub in the game is Peach's Castle, but rainbow-colored Warp Pipes are used instead of paintings. Once all main missions are completed and a certain number of Power Stars has been gathered, the player can move on to the next area. After defeating the final boss, Prankster Moons appear. They act just like Prankster Comets in Galaxy.

A list of all the game's Capsule Orbs can be found here: Sonny Daye's Super Mario/List of Power Moons

Room 1 - Entrance Hall

Warp Pipe Gateway Capsule Orbs:
Power Stars:
GrandStarIcon Clearing the Way for Adventure
Population: None • Size: Deep, smallish • Weather: N/A

Mario and friends have been locked in Peach's Castle by Bowser! Thankfully there is a hidden network of magic pipes that the heroes can use to defeat him. Since it hasn't been used in years, they must travel underground and clear the pipes of baddies. The Gateway was constructed decades ago, long before the princess was born. Construction was nearly completed, but when a giant egg suddenly appeared, the Gateway was immediately abandoned. The network was built from the energy of Power Moons. Therefore, the heroes need to collect them to get to Bowser's Castle.

SM64S C1
Shroomshine Plains

Based on:
SNES Donut Plains 3 (Mario Kart 8)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Climbing the Ridge
RegPowerStarIcon Goomboss's Grand Goomba Guard
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Forest Outskirts
RegPowerStarIcon Return of the King
SpeedyPowerStarIcon Goomba Guard Speed Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Purple Coins in the Plains
RegPowerStarIcon The Big Mushroom's Big Secret
Goomboss New Render MP9 Big Bob-Omb
Population: Middling • Size: Wide • Weather: Clear (75%), rainy (20%), snowy (5%)

The mainland of the Mushroom Kingdom, located only two miles away from Peach's Castle. The aesthetic could remind one of the beginning of an adventure. Tourists are captivated by its verdant grasslands, fluffy clouds, shimmering ponds, and (of course) exquisite mushrooms. Some mushrooms are gigantic, able to hold two or three small houses! Tourists will regularly complain about the Goombas and Koopas, however. If they think that's bad, then it's a good thing they don't venture into the small forest in the southeast. That place holds some vicious creatures, including a large Bob-omb colony.

SM64S C2
Dino Desert

Based on:
Yoshi Desert (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Firing Up the Dunes
RegPowerStarIcon Hisstocrat's Hidden Haven
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins on the Giant Yoshi Sphynx
RegPowerStarIcon Prince Pikante Under the Searing Sun
CosmicPowerStarIcon Cosmic Race through the Sand
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Sandy Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon The Pyramid's Hidden Treasure
Hisstocrat2 PrincePikante
Population: Middling • Size: Expansive • Weather: Hot 'n' sunny (90%), drizzly (10%)

A searing savannah located on the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom. It's filled with Yoshi motifs, including giant sphinx statues with his head on them! In the middle of the landscape is an oasis, where Hisstocrat's lair resides. If you accidentally find yourself there, then consider yourself a tasty snack for a giant snake. This area has an abundant population of Lakitus, who like to follow people around and throw Spiny Eggs at them! The self-imposed "ruler" of this area is Prince Pikante, who loves riding around in his cannon-adorned vehicle. When he shoots coconuts at you, whack 'em right back!

SM64S C3
Lake Harmony

Based on:
Lake Lamode (Super Mario Odyssey)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Exploring the Water Plaza
RegPowerStarIcon Harmonious Silver Stars
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Spiky Cave
RegPowerStarIcon Battling the Blooper Brigade
CosmicPowerStarIcon Cosmic Race through the Water
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Peaceful Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Shortcut in the Cave
Population: Middling • Size: Limited • Weather: Clear (55%), foggy (30%), drizzly (15%)

A giant clear-water lake that's renowned for its sophisticated architecture. It is commonly referred to as the Mushroom Kingdom's art capitol by artsy scholars. Above the water on the west side is a large viewing balcony that's been called a perfect spot for romance. The locals, some of them accomplished designers, are all peace-loving creatures, and the lake itself proves to be a great place to relax...until the baddies start getting out of control.

SM64S C4
Concrete Castle

Based on:
Whomp Fortress (Super Mario 64 / Galaxy 2)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon The Castle's Colossal Cannons
RegPowerStarIcon A Toad Among Whomps
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in Thwomp Hall
RegPowerStarIcon Conquering Concrete
FastFoePowerStarIcon Fast Foes of Thwomp Tower
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Angry Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Whimp Army
King Whomp
Population: Small • Size: Tall, deep • Weather: Clear (80%), stormy (20%)

A castle made up of--you guessed it--only concrete. Dozens of Thwomps and Whomps live here, ready to flatten any and all intruders. Given its twisty structure and heavy residents, it's amazing the castle hasn't crumbled yet. The ruler is the Whomp King, who resides in the tallest tower. While the castle may seem difficult to traverse, remember that Thwomps and Whomps are frankly not that smart. If the residents can make it around, you can too! While Concrete Castle's exterior is pretty ugly, the interior is actually somewhat fancy. Perhaps Whomp King has an exquisite side?

Bowser Jr.'s Magma Meltery Capsule Orbs:
Power Stars:
GrandStarIcon Draggadon's Dungeon
Population: Unknown • Size: Limited • Weather: Lava-baked (100%)

A once-beautiful landscape that's been totally destroyed and covered in lava by its only known resident, the giant dragon Draggadon. He lives in a pool of magma deep inside a crater. He isn't very smart, however, so it may be possible to use his attacks against him...

Room 2 - Dining Room

SM64S C5
Cocoa Isle

Based on:
Chocolate Island (Super Mario World)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Silver Stars Down the River
RegPowerStarIcon Lava Cake Mines
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins at the Fudge Swamp
RegPowerStarIcon Ascending Cocoa Mountain
DaredevilPowerStarIcon Lava Cake Daredevil Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Chocolate Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon The Mountain's Hidden Cavern
Population: Unknown • Size: Wide, tall • Weather: Clear (80%), stormy (20%)

A mountainous island made of all kinds of chocolate, including white, mint, dark, and more. The landmark's signature chocolate river flows down from Cocoa Mountain, where it boils deep in its caverns like a volcano. When the chocolate gets hotter than usual, it rises up and protrudes from the ground, forming foot-sized lava cakes. The fudge swamp is another popular spot. Sugar rocks constantly erode into the ground, making the swamp the sweetest part of the island. The only vegetation is the strawberry trees, which conveniently grow close to the river.

SM64S C6
Toy Park

Based on:
Ribbon Road (Mario Kart series)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Bullies on the Run
RegPowerStarIcon The Rollercoaster of Doom
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Playpen
RegPowerStarIcon Ferris Wheel Faceoff
SpeedyPowerStarIcon Rollercoaster Speed Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Playful Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Winning the Funhouse Challenge


Population: Unknown • Size: Expansive • Weather: N/A

A wonderland theme park that seems to take place in a giant bedroom. Its exact location in the Mushroom Kingdom is unknown. The place is supposedly ruled by Prince Bully, who likes to push around visitors he doesn't like. A dark, terrifying monster is rumored to live here, but no one has ever seen it. You'll hardly have time to think about those things, however, because this park has so much to do! Ferris wheels, funhouses, rollercoasters, giant bouncy houses, and even a mosh ball pit that rivals the size of a football field.

SM64S C7
Windmill Village

Based on:
Bianco Hills (Super Mario Sunshine)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Goop Clearer
RegPowerStarIcon Fixing the Big Windmill
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins of Windmill Village
RegPowerStarIcon Down with Petey Piranha!
DaredevilPowerStarIcon Petey Piranha's Daredevil Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Breezy Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Climbing the Steepest Hill
Petey Piranha MPSR
Population: Middling • Size: Smallish • Weather: Clear (40%), windy (30%), drizzly (20%), rainy (10%)

This lively village is an exceedinly popular place with tourists. People from all corners of the world come here to marvel at the large windmills, crisp clearwater rivers, and flavorful culture. The residing Piantas and Nokis are known for throwing jubilant, wild parties. The only downfall is the inconsistent weather; one day it'll be nice and sunny, and the next it'll; be howling with wind. Ways of getting around the village vary depending on what the weather is.

SM64S C8
Mount Chillia

Based on:
Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Journey to the Ice Path
RegPowerStarIcon Under the Bird's Eye
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins Below the Summit
RegPowerStarIcon Baron Brrr's Chilly Throwdown
FastFoePowerStarIcon Fast 'n' Slippery Foes
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Frozen Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon The Secret of Wingo's Nest
WingoCaptainToad Baron Brrr
Population: Middling • Size: Deep, tall • Weather: Snowy (75%), sleety (20%), blizzardy (5%)

One of the better-known locations in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi have had to deal with places like this for a long time. This mountain is the highest point of the entire kingdom, standing at a mighty 25,000 feet! At the tip of the mountain resides Baron Brrr, who challenges all who make it to the summit. The south side of the mountain is never hit by the sun, making it a perfect home for a certain large, black bird, who patrols the mountain looking for anything good to eat. When blizzards hit, it becomes very difficult to traverse the mountain. If you find yourself caught in a snowstorm of this size, a heavy coat is recommended.

Bowser Jr.'s Auto Burner Capsule Orbs:
Power Stars:
GrandStarIcon A Lunch of Giant Proportions
Population: Unknown • Size: Smallish • Weather: N/A

This is a smelting factory that uses the energy of the Power Stars to run. While getting to the main chamber is simple enough (at least compared to what the bros have been through before), the Grand Star is guarded by Gobblegut, Bowser Jr.'s hungriest pet. He eats so much that red bellyache bulges are spread throughout his whole body.

The Crater Capsule Orbs:
Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon The Koopa King's Wrath
Bowser's had it with constantly being chased by Mario and Luigi. So, he does what they'd least expect: he takes the fight directly to them. He puts up a brutal match, but is eventually defeated. Even so, the chase for Peach rages on...

Room 3 - Library

SM64S C9
Royal Cruiser

Based on:
Daisy Cruiser (Mario Super Sluggers)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Let There Be Light!
RegPowerStarIcon Providing the Best Service
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins on the Port Bow
RegPowerStarIcon Tentacled Terror Beneath the Ship
CosmicPowerStarIcon Cosmic Race through the Ship
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Purple Coin Luxury
RegPowerStarIcon Brave the Waves
Gooper Blooper
Population: Crowded • Size: Wide • Weather: Stormy (first visit only), clear (90%), foggy (10%)

A luxurious cruise ship sailing in the ocean. Because this ship is so famous, it's a elting pot of people and culture. (Or maybe that's what MAKES the ship so famous...) Guests can treat themselves to endless buffets, a water park, or simply relaxing while gazing at the sparkling ocean. Recently, the ship has been a target of a giant sea monster. Thankfully, the crew has been brainstorming ideas about how to deal with this problem.

SM64S C10
Twilight Plateau

Based on:
Sunset Wilds (Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Underneath Flat-Top Mountain
RegPowerStarIcon More Money, Mole Problems
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Dirt
RegPowerStarIcon Escaping the Shy Guy Camp
DaredevilPowerStarIcon Mole Problems Daredevil Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Purple Coins at Dusk
RegPowerStarIcon The Pipe in an Alcove
Major Burrows
Population: Small • Size: Smallish • Weather: Clear (70%), cloudy (15%), drizzly (15%)

A warm, high-grounded area that seems caught in a constant sunset. On the sound end of the area is an abyssal canyon that no one has ever been brave enough to explore. The plateau is inhabited by two Shy Guy tribes: the tribe wearing red clothes is friendly, but the blue-clothed tribe is deadly and malicious. The area is also abundantly populated with moles. The sunset is one of the most photographed spots in the Mushroom Kingdom, and legend says that its light gives life and prosperity to the plateau.

SM64S C11
Ghostly Grove

Based on:
Ghostly Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Petrified Toads
RegPowerStarIcon Scream King
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins of the Mansion
RegPowerStarIcon Bombing with Bouldergeist
SpeedyPowerStarIcon Petrified Speed Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Haunted Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Secret of the Tall Tree
Mario Party Star Rush King BooBouldergeist
Population: Middling • Size: Wide • Weather: Clear (60%), foggy (25%), stormy (15%)
SM64S C12
Giant Land

Super Mario Bros. 3

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Baddie Buffet
RegPowerStarIcon Goomboss's Big Break
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins on the Rotating Blocks
RegPowerStarIcon A Chain Chomp's Rampage
FastFoePowerStarIcon Fast Foes of the Big Island
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Supermassive Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Riding the Giant Wiggler
Goomboss New Render
Population: Massive • Size: Expansive • Weather: Clear (75%), drizzly (25%)
Bowser Jr.'s Aerial Observatory Capsule Orbs:
Power Stars:
GrandStarIcon Kamella's Shell Spell
Kamella SMG
Population: Unknown • Size: Tall • Weather: Rainy (100%)

An airborn research facility that resides high in the clouds. It used to be abandoned, but has been taken over and revived by Bowser Jr. There are a lot of electrical fixtures that can harm the bros, but hitting them with Shells renders them harmless. At the top of the Observatory is Kamella, one of Bowser's more powerful troops. She attacks by throwing fireballs and Shells with her Grand Star-powered scepter.

Room 4 - Throne Room

SM64S C13
DK Jungle

Donkey Kong Country series

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon The Great Ape Escape
RegPowerStarIcon Kremlings on the Loose
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Canopy
RegPowerStarIcon War for the Jungle
CosmicPowerStarIcon Cosmic Race through the Jungle
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Hairy Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon The Top of the Ancient Temple
Kalypso King K. Rool
Population: Middling • Size: Giant • Weather: Clear (70%), rainy (20%), snowy (10%)
SM64S C14
Shimmer Beach

Based on:
Yoshi's Tropical Island (Mario Party)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Rolling Watermelons
RegPowerStarIcon Hanging Ten
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins Buried in the Sand
RegPowerStarIcon Kingfin's Deep-Sea Dive
DaredevilPowerStarIcon Kingfin's Deep-Sea Daredevil Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Sparkling Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon The Second Surfing Challenge
Population: Middling • Size: Wide • Weather: Clear (65%), drizzly (20%), foggy (15%)
SM64S C15
Sweet Peak

Based on:
Sweet Sweet Canyon (Mario Kart 8)

Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Saving Frosting Falls
RegPowerStarIcon How to Decorate a Cake
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Honey Sea
RegPowerStarIcon Party Crashers
FastFoePowerStarIcon Fast Foes of Frosting Falls
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Sugary Purple Coins
RegPowerStarIcon Yoshi's Cake
SM3DL Boom Boom Solo ArtPomPomElementalChaos
Population: Middling • Size: Tall • Weather: Clear (60%), snowy (25%), foggy (15%)
Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada Capsule Orbs:
Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon A Son's Destiny
250px-Bowserjr MP9
Population: Unknown • Size: Spawling • Weather: Clear (100%)

Desperate to stop the Mario Bros. in their tracks, Bowser gives Bowser Jr. full control of the Koopa Troop's air fleet. Bowser Jr. will stop at nothing in order to keep the bros from reaching the Koopa King's castle.

SM64S C16
Bowser's Castle
Capsule Orbs: Power Stars:
RegPowerStarIcon Surviving the Castle's Trials
RegPowerStarIcon Red Coins in the Keep
RegPowerStarIcon Boss Rush
GrandStarIcon The Final Showdown
SpeedyPowerStarIcon Boss Rush Speed Run
PurpleCoinPowerStarIcon Purple Coin Dash
RegPowerStarIcon Leaping from Tower to Tower
WingoCaptainToadMP9 Big Bob-Omb Mario Party Star Rush King BooPrincePikante MotleyBossblobSSBHBowserNSMBU
Population: Evil • Size: Fit for a king • Weather: Lava-baked (100%)



FireFlowerMK8 Right ArrowNSMB2 Fire Mario
Fire form
Chuck fireballs at your enemies!
BeeMushroom Right ArrowBee Luigi
Bee form
Gain the power of flight and the ability to cling to sticky surfaces!
Super Leaf SMBU Right ArrowTanookiMario3D
Tanooki form
Attack with your tail while slowing your fall!
MiniMushroomMarioKart8 Right ArrowMini Luigi Artwork - New Super Luigi U
Mini form
Become super-light and fit into tiny spaces!
SMG2 Cloudflower Right ArrowCloud Mario
Cloud form
Create up to three cloud platforms underneath your feet!
SuperBell Right ArrowCat Luigi - Super Mario 3D World
Cat form
Scratch enemies and climb to high places!



Question Block 3D Rectangleblock Brick Block SMB3DS Blocks Question Blocks and Brick Blocks always contain some sort of prize inside, whether they be a coin, a horde of coins, a power-up, or a red Capsule Orb. Blocks must be hit from below with a jump, or from above with a Ground Pound.
CoinSM3DL Coins Serve as the game's currency, letting the player purchase clothes, Life Mushrooms, and more, while also being used to unlock Capsule Orbs
CoinsNSMB2 Coin Stacks Large piles of Coins that hold anywhere from 50 to 200 Coins!
GoldenringNSMB2 Coin Rings When the character passes through one, he earns 3 Coins
Red CoinSMWWii Red Coins Appear during "Find the Red Coins" missions. In these missions, the player must explore a specific part of the stage and collect the designated number of Red Coins. After they've all been gathered, the player is rewarded with a Power Star.
Purple CoinSMWWii Purple Coins Special Coins that only appear when a course is visited by a Purple Prankster Star in the post-game. Their numbers are either 50 or 100. After all Purple Coins have been collected, a Power Star will appear.
Heart SMO-0 Hearts Replenish the character's health meter. If the meter is full, the player will instead earn 5 Coins.
PowerStarCTTT Power Stars The game's main collectible. They are used to discover more pathways in the pipe system under the castle. There are five special Stars that appear in the post-game. Speedy (red): Players have a time limit to complete a mission/objective. Cosmic (blue): The player must race a shadowy clone of Mario. Daredevil (white): The player must defeat a boss with only 1 point of health. Fast Foe (orange): Enemies and obstacles move at an alarming pace. Purple Coin (purple): The player must find and collect 50 or 100 Purple Coins.
BlueCapsuleOrbGreenCapsuleOrbGoldCapsuleOrbRedCapsuleOrb Capsule Orbs The game's secondary (but more abundant) collectible. Their functionality is similar to Power Moons from Odyssey. Each one has a prize inside that the player must use Coins to unlock. The Orb's color represents the value of the item inside: blue is less-value, green is medium, and gold is rare. Sometimes rare items can be found in blue Orbs. Red Orbs hold upgrades that can be put into the inventory, ranging from free Hearts, coin magnets, and Orb detectors.
Lifemushroom Life Mushrooms Extend the character's health meter by 3.
POW Block Artwork - Super Mario 3D World POW Blocks Once hit, these Blocks emit a short-ranged shock wave that defeats enemies, hits other nearby Blocks, and reveals secrets. Red and gold POW Blocks must be hit the same way as Question Blocks and Brick Blocks, but blue and black POW Blocks can be picked up and carried.
PSwitchBlue Blue P Switches Act similarly to ? Coins from the Super Mario Galaxy games. When jumped on, they can reveal: copious amounts of Coins, a Capsule Orb, a Life Mushroom, hidden Blocks, or a power-up. Square variants open up doorways.
PSwitchRed Red P Switches Act like traditional P Switches. When jumped on, they can reveal hidden platforms, Blocks, Blue P Switches, or other Red P Switches. Mario and Luigi are able to pick up and carry this variation.
SMO Scarecrow Scarecrows When the players uses the Spin Attack on it, it will trigger a short timed challenge that will earn him/her a Capsule Orb when finished. If failed, (s)he can Spin Attack it once more to try again.
Binoculars SM3DL Binoculars Usually spotted at high places, when the character steps on the panel, he will be able to view things far away in a first-person view.
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL Checkpoint Flags When touched, progress on a level will be saved, and the health meter will be completely replenished. The player can warp to any Flag once touched, as long as the character isn't in the air.
545px-Sling Star Sling Stars Usually appearing in isolated areas, these stars will launch the character back to the main part of the stage.
Cannon3 Cannons Act similarly to Sling Stars. However, when Mario or Luigi enter one, the player will enter a first-person point of view and be able to aim the launch.
Warp Pipe 3D Land Warp Pipes When Mario or Luigi enter one, they will be taken to a new area where they can earn two Capsule Orbs (one in plain sight, the other hidden).
ClearPipe Clear Pipes Just like their appearance in 3D World, they transport the character a short distance away (for example, over a tall wall or a wide gap).
200px-SMO - Single Seed Seeds When thrown into a patch of soil, a variation of plant will grow that will lead the player to a Capsule Orb.
BeanstalkNSMBW Beanstalks Sometimes grow from seeds. If Mario or Luigi climb up one, they'll be taken to a secret area in the sky, where they can collect a giant array of Coins as well as two Capsule Orbs.
Baseball3DWorld Baseballs A weapon that can be thrown. It stuns bosses and completely discards most enemies.
RedShell SM64S Shells Just like Baseballs, they can be used offensively against enemies. However, a Shell's momentum will keep going until it's precisely jumped on. These items are useful underwater; when held onto, they let the character swim at a faster pace.
Kab ombb Kab-ombs A weapon that can be thrown. At first, they're just like regular Bob-ombs, but when jumped on, their legs disappear and they become able to be grabbed. Their blast radius is surprisingly large, so it's best to keep a distance away from the target.
BeeMushroom Bee Mushrooms Gives the user the power of flight, as well as the capability of clinging to sticky walls. They can only fly for a few seconds, then must return to solid ground to recharge. They retain all of their abilities in this form. They immediately return to regular form when touching water.
Super Leaf SMBU Super Leaves Tanooki form cannot fly like the Bee form, but, by holding the jump button, characters can slow their descent for an unlimited amount of time, and without any loss of momentum. The Spin Attack is replaced by a tail attack.
FireFlowerMK8 Fire Flowers Similar to its appearance in the Galaxy games, the Fire form is time-limited, lasting about 15-20 seconds. Enemies hit by a fireball release three times the amount of Coins they usually do. The player can unleash two fireballs at a time.
SuperBell Super Bells Characters in the Cat form can climb walls by running into them, perfect for finding hidden areas. They also gain a scratch attack, done by pressing the X or Y buttons. When the scratch attack is performed in midair, the character will dive downward at a diagonal trajectory.
SMG2 Cloudflower Cloud Flowers By pressing NS Y Button or NS X Button, Cloud characters spin and create a large cloud that they can use as a platform. They are only able to make three clouds, but they can make more by grabbing another Cloud Flower. They will go back to normal when touching water.
MiniMushroomMarioKart8 Mini Mushrooms Shrinks the character down to miniature size, allowing him to fit into small spaces. It also grants them extra air time in his jumps and increases aerial speed. Since he's small, it reduces the health meter down to 1, meaning he'll die immediately if hit.


Goombas SuperMarioSwitch Paragoomba in flight TailGoomba Cat Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Goombas Paragoombas Tail Goombas Cat Goombas
Goombrats SuperMarioSwitch Goombansmbw PumpkinheadGoomba 200px-Bone Goomba
Goombrats Big Goombas Jack O'Goombas Bone Goombas
KoopatroopaNSMBU Paratroopa New Dry Bones MPSR 150px-Para Dry Bones Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Koopa Troopas Paratroopas Dry Bones Para Dry Bones
Octoomba BiddybudEJ Para-Biddybuds Artwork - Super Mario 3D World SM3DL Prongo
Octoombas Biddybuds Para-Biddybuds Prongos
Galoombas SuperMarioSwitch Flipbug Scuttlebug SM64S Stingby 3D art
Galoombas Flipbugs Scuttlebugs Stingbies
PiranhaPlantSM3DL (1) Venus Fire Trap Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land Dry Piranha Plant 300px-ChainChompMP8
Piranha Plants Venus Fire Traps Bone Piranha Plants Chain Chomps
Pokey NSMBU Lakitu (NSMBWii) Spiny, New Super Mario Bros. 2 BuzzybeetleNSMBU
Pokeys Lakitus Spinies Buzzy Beetles
Hammer Brother. FireBroNSMBU SledgebrosNSMBW Sumobrofist
Hammer Bros Fire Bros Sledge Bros Sumo Bros
Cheep Cheep SM3DW SpinyCheepCheepNSMBU PorcuPufferNSMBU Blooper - MarioPartyStarRush
Cheep Cheeps Spiny Cheep Cheeps Porcupuffers Bloopers
Clampy UrchinNSMBU Gushen Icon SMO FishboneNSMBU
Clampies Urchins Gushens Fish Bones
Spike Eel Cooligan Pokey Snow SM3DW Bitefrost
Spike Eels Cooligans Snow Pokeys Bitefrosts
Uproot small 351px-Wiggler Walking RexSMWWii CharginChuck
Uproots Wigglers Rexes Chargin' Chucks
MontyMole - MarioPartyStarRush Rocky Wrench Smeech SM64S Swoop SMR
Monty Moles Rocky Wrenches Smeeches Swoops
496px-Bob-ombMK8 Bulletbillmk8 BanzaibillNSMBU Torpedo Ted
Bob-ombs Bullet Bills Banzai Bills Torpedo Teds
Li'l Brr Li'l Cinder Magmaargh New Render Lava Bubble SMR
Li'l Brrs Li'l Cinders Magmaarghs Lava Bubbles
Thwomp2 Raccoon Thwomps SM3DW WhompSSB4 WhimpGuy
Thwomps Tail Thwomps Whomps Whimps
Wallop Artwork Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Peepa MPSR BombBoo
Wallops Boos Peepas Bomb Boos
Spike - Super Mario 3D World Bully Artwork SMEJ BroozerOmega Draglet
Spikes Bullies Broozers Draglets
Redshyguy FlyGuy Kritter
Shy Guys Fly Guys Kritters


In the game, there are 27 regular bosses, and 11 special bosses (marked with an *). All bosses appear from previous games in the franchise. Some of the methods used to defeat them are unchanged, while many others are overhauled to fit the style of this game.

Baron Brrr                   Baron Brrr

When the player character arrives, Baron Brrr will start shooting ice balls at him/her from the top of his head. The player must dodge the ice balls while making his/her way up the path leading to the boss. (S)he can then wall jump up to his platform. There, the Baron will begin slamming his body against the ground, creating icy shock waves that the player can dodge by jumping. Brr will eventually tire out, becoming vulnerable. The character then must climb onto the top of his body and ground pound him. This must be done three more times. After Baron Brrr is damaged twice, he calls three or four Li'l Brrs to help him.

SM3DL Boom Boom Solo Art                   Boom Boom

Boom Boom starts the battle by extending his bulky arms and spinning towards the character. After chasing him/her for a few seconds, he'll become dizzy and fall down, ready to be attacked. He'll be defeated after this is repeated three times. The second time he's fought, Boom Boom will leave a trail of fire behind him as he spins, limiting the player's mobility. It also takes him longer to become dizzy. For the second rematch, he battles alongside Pom Pom.

BossSumoBroArt                   Boss Sumo Bro

During the fight, Boss Sumo Bro jumps between the three platforms in the area. By stomping one of his feet, he can create electric projectiles below him in attempt to hurt the character. Stomping the ground causes it to shake for a few seconds, which stuns the character if (s)he isn't in the air. Sometimes, he stomps the floor twice in quick succession. To defeat him, the player has to jump and hit the bottom of the platform where Boss Sumo Bro stands, causing him to fall on his back. Thanks to the spike on his head, he cannot be jumped on while standing. While Boss Sumo Bro is stunned, the player must jump on his stomach. (S)he must to do this four times to defeat him.

Bouldergeist                   Bouldergeist

The fight commences when Bouldergeist roars at the character and throws three kinds of rocks at him/her: regular rocks (gray), Super Mushroom rocks (maroon), and Bomb Boo rocks (black). When one or more Bomb Boos appear, they will chase after the character. When they use their tongue attack, the player must press X or Y to grab on to their tongues and throw the Boos at Bouldergeist, damaging it. It also attacks by rising rows of sharp stone spikes from beneath the character. After it's hit three times, its rock coat disappears, causing it to float around as a black ghost, which Mario must hit again with a Bomb Boo. Bouldergeist will recover and grow two giant rock hands, which it uses to try to punch and squash the character. These hands can be destroyed by Bomb Boos as well. After the hands have been dealt with and Bouldergeist's main body is hit three more times, the black ghost appears again. Hitting the ghost one more time defeats the boss once and for all. In the rematch, it fights with four hands.

BowserNSMBU                   Bowser
250px-Bowserjr                   Bowser Jr.
200px-DinoPiranha                   Dino Piranha

The game's first boss. Dino Piranha's fight is almost the exact same as his debut in Super Mario Galaxy, only this time it's on a flat surface. To deal damage on him, the character must run up to Dino Piranha's tail (while also simultaneously being chased by him) and press the X or Y buttons to fling it outward, which causes it to slingshot back against his head. The more damage he takes, the faster he runs after the character. Dino Piranha must be hit in the head by his tail three times in order to defeat him.

Draggadon                   Draggadon

Room 1's final boss. Being the largest enemy in the game, it's impossible to damage him directly. Draggadon starts the fight by spitting fireballs at the character. When they hit the ground, the fireballs explode into Li'l Cinders that immediately start chasing the character. After a few seconds, they tire out and become regular rocks, which the character can break for Super Mushrooms. Eventually, the boss gets angry and breathes a steady stream of fire at the ground, following the character in hopes of hitting him/her. The player must then make him breathe fire into a giant rock pillar. When he unwittingly destroys the base, the pillar will topple onto his head, damaging him. This must be done three times to defeat him. During his third phase, Draggadon will bounce in his pool of lava, creating large waves that the player must time properly to jump over. He'll also shoot three fireballs instead of one.

Gobblegut                   Gobblegut
Goomboss New Render                   Goomboss

Goomboss is unique in that he's one of the few bosses to be battled in a 2D section instead of 3D. As a large boss, his size must be used against him. He mainly attacks by trying to step on the character. When he lifts one of his feet high into the air, he'll stomp it on the ground and try to damage the character with a shock wave. When his foot is lifted, the player must move toward him until (s)he is below him. When he stomps down, (s)he will be completely safe from the shock wave, and can stun him by repeatedly jumping against his red- and-white colored posterior like a Question Block. After hitting him enough times, he'll roll backwards on to the top of his head, dazed. Then, the player must use a Propeller Mushroom to fly high into the air and hit him from above. This process must be repeated three more times to defeat him. In his rematch fight, after taking damage, Goomboss shoots Big Goombas out of his mouth in order to hurt the character.

Gooper Blooper                   Gooper Blooper
SMO Hariet                   Hariet*
Hisstocrat2                   Hisstocrat

Hisstocrat's encounter is very similar to his last appearance in 3D World. He will remain stationary in the top half of the circular battlefield. Since he's too big to jump on directly, the player must utilize the snake minions he sends out. They rise from the ground and stand straight up, with circular platforms balanced on their noses. The character must hop from snake to snake until (s)he's high enough to jump on Hisstocrat's head. If the character is in Cat form, (s)he can climb up the tallest snake, making the journey much more manageable. After taking damage, Hisstocrat will spit out a rainfall of boulders in hopes of hurting the character. Damaging him five times will defeat him.

Iggy Koopa                   Iggy Koopa*
Kalypso                   Kalypso
Kamella SMG                   Kamella
MP9 Big Bob-Omb                   King Bob-omb

King Bob-omb's battle is much different from his original appearance in Super Mario 64. The only similarity is that he chases the character. In his first phase, when he stamps his foot on the ground, a group of blue Bob-ombs will rise from the ground and chase the character as well. If the character jumps on or otherwise touches the Bob-ombs, (s)he will take damage. Sometimes, a Kab-omb will appear. When this happens, the player must jump on it and grab it, then throw it at King Bob-omb, damaging him. After being hit, he will curl into a ball and try to roll into the character at a rapid speed. The more damage he takes, the more blue Bob-ombs he summons. After being hit by three Kab-ombs, he flies into the air and explodes in a brilliant fireworks display, releasing a Power Moon.

Mario Party Star Rush King Boo                   King Boo
King K. Rool                   King K. Rool
King Lakitu                   King Lakitu
KingfinNew                   Kingfin
Larry Koopa 3D                   Larry Koopa*
Lemmy Koopa 3D                   Lemmy Koopa*
Ludwig Von Koopa 3D                   Ludwig von Koopa*
Major Burrows                   Major Burrows
Morton Koopa Jr 3D                   Morton Koopa Jr.*
MotleyBossblobSSBH                   Motley Bossblob
Petey Piranha MPSR                   Petey Piranha
PomPomElementalChaos                   Pom Pom
PrinceBully                   Prince Bully
PrincePikante                   Prince Pikante

Prince Pikante attacks by shooting four fireballs--three from his cannons and one from his mouth. When the fireballs touch the ground, they create small, temporary puddles of lava. Occasionally, Pikante will spit out a coconut. When he does, the character will need to hit it back at him with his/her X/Y button move. Another attack consists him firing a 11 fireballs and one coconut into the sky, which will all land in random spots in the battlefield. After he's hit, Pikante will move slightly faster. After the prince is hit again, he will do a small leap in the air and slam his vehicle against the ground, turning the entire area into ice. This severely lowers the character's traction, making it difficult to move around and dodge his attacks. Getting a third time defeats the boss.

SMO Rango                   Rango*
Roy Koopa                   Roy Koopa*
SMO Spewart                   Spewart*
SMO Topper                   Topper*
Wendy O Koopa 3D             Wendy O. Koopa*
King Whomp                   Whomp King

After delivering his infamous "It makes me so mad!" speech, Whomp King starts his assault by chasing the character down until he gets close. Once he does, he will try to slam down on them like a normal Whomp. If the player gets crushed by him, (s)he instantly loses a life. If (s)he dodges the attack but is still on the ground, (s)he will be stunned for a few seconds. After attacking, the Whomp King will remain stationary temporarily, giving the player the chance to get on his back and attack. Differing from past appearances, it takes 3 ground pounds in order to do one unit of damage to Whomp King (this means it will take 9 ground pounds to defeat him). After taking damage, he will summon a group of Whimps to chase and dive after the character. In his third phase, he will try to fake the player out of by preparing a slam, stopping in midair, then quickly correcting his path to hit the player.

WingoCaptainToad                   Wingo

Capsule Orb prizes


Image Name Description Orb Color Stage Found
SMO Mario Cap Regular Cap A simple hat that exudes an aura of confidence. - Available from the start
SMO Mario Suit Regular Suit A classic outfit that's suitable for any hero. - Available from the start
SMO Luigi Cap Bro's Cap The same hat but in the opposite color. GreenCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
SMO Luigi Suit Bro's Suit While the color is different, the level of heroism remains the same. GreenCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
SMO Golf Cap Golf Cap A hat that makes it clear you're the king of the fairways. GoldCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
SMO Golf Outfit Golf Suit Dazzling duds that also inspire feelings of liberty and freedom. GoldCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
SMO Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat This hat excels at protecting your eyes from the sun. BlueCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
SMO Cowboy Outfit Cowboy Outfit After putting this on, saddle up on a Yoshi and ride! BlueCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
SMO Sombrero Sombrero A great hat to practice your festive cries in. GreenCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
SMO Poncho Poncho Let the good times roll with this colorful outfit. GreenCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
SMO Swim Goggles Goggles A sleek pair of goggles with a mouthpiece added for extra flavor. GreenCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
SMO Swimwear Swimwear Complete with a tube, this lets people know you're a serious swimmer. GreenCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
SMO Fashionable Cap Fashionable Cap An upscale upgrade to an upstanding hero's upper half. GoldCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
SMO Fashionable Outfit Fashionable Outfit I'm not clashing, YOU'RE clashing! GoldCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
SMO Mechanic Cap Mechanic Cap The go-to hat for hard workers everywhere. BlueCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
SMO Mechanic Outfit Mechanic Outfit An outfit that stays dapper even when covered in stains. BlueCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
SMO Builder Helmet Builder Helmet Being able to build your own levels requires good head protection! GoldCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
SMO Builder Outfit Builder Outfit With this outfit, you become a true builder bro! GoldCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
SMO Aviator Cap Aviator Hat Gotta keep those ears warm at 33,000 feet. GreenCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
SMO Aviator Outfit Aviator Outfit This jacket lets people know you're a pilot when you're not in the cockpit. GreenCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
SMO Wario Cap Wario Cap A hat that's a little tight and smells like garlic. GoldCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
SMO Wario Suit Wario Suit An odd outfit worn by a great rival to the bros. GoldCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
SMO Clown Hat Clown Hat You'll be the life of the party with this hat. BlueCapsuleOrb Toy Park
SMO Clown Suit Clown Suit "Want a balloon?" BlueCapsuleOrb Toy Park
SMO Painter's Cap Painter's Cap If you want to be an artist, you should look good doing so! GreenCapsuleOrb Toy Park
SMO Painter Outfit Painter Outfit The splatter is so impressive, people will think you put it there on purpose. GreenCapsuleOrb Toy Park
SMO Sunshine Shades Sunshine Shades A hat to remind you of an earlier island adventure. GoldCapsuleOrb Windmill Village
SMO Sunshine Outfit Sunshine Outfit An outfit that impresses anyone, except polluted Piranha Plants. GoldCapsuleOrb Windmill Village
SMO Snow Hood Snow Hood The bros' heads would've appreciated this 20 years ago! BlueCapsuleOrb Mount Chillia
SMO Snow Suit Snow Suit Keeps you warm and comfy during races on ice slides. BlueCapsuleOrb Mount Chillia
SMO Sailor Hat Sailor Hat A hat for people willing to brave the sea. GreenCapsuleOrb Royal Cruiser
SMO Sailor Suit Sailor Suit Not even the stormiest waters will scare you when wearing this. GreenCapsuleOrb Royal Cruiser
SMO Pirate Hat Pirate Hat Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me! GoldCapsuleOrb Royal Cruiser
SMO Pirate Outfit Pirate Outfit Yar! Ahoy there! Shiver me timbers! Other pirate sayings! GoldCapsuleOrb Royal Cruiser
SMO Caveman Headwear Caveman Headwear Me like Dry Bones design! GreenCapsuleOrb Twilight Plateau
SMO Caveman Outfit Caveman Outfit Outfit be light for maximum moving-ment! GreenCapsuleOrb Twilight Plateau
SMO Black Top Hat Black Top Hat A sleek hat designed for elite heads. BlueCapsuleOrb Ghostly Grove
SMO Black Tuxedo Black Tuxedo A suit made to be worn only by the fanciest of the fancy. BlueCapsuleOrb Ghostly Grove
SMO Scientist Visor Scientist Visor A strange piece of headwear that gives off a sciencey vibe. GreenCapsuleOrb Ghostly Grove
SMO Scientist Outfit Scientist Outfit It's a scientific fact that nothing says "scientist" like a labcoat. GreenCapsuleOrb Ghostly Grove
SMO Classic Cap Classic Cap A hat for the truly nostalgic. GreenCapsuleOrb Giant Land
SMO Classic Suit Classic Suit Mario and Luigi's regular threads, but in the bros' original colors. GreenCapsuleOrb Giant Land
SMO Football Helmet Football Helmet For when you need protection from high impacts and bulky enemies. GoldCapsuleOrb Giant Land
SMO Football Uniform Footbal
This will make you (un)popular among Chargin' Chucks. GoldCapsuleOrb Giant Land
SMO Explorer Hat Explorer Hat A perfect hat for people who love all things exotic. BlueCapsuleOrb DK Jungle
SMO Explorer Outfit Classic Suit Mario and Luigi's regular threads, but in the bros' original colors. BlueCapsuleOrb DK Jungle
SMO Diddy Kong Hat Diddy Kong Hat A long-brimmed hat with a rather elegant logo plastered on the front. GoldCapsuleOrb DK Jungle
SMO Diddy Kong Suit Diddy Kong Suit No business like monkey business. Smells of bananas... GoldCapsuleOrb DK Jungle
SMO Resort Hat Resort Hat This hat is great for protecting your eyes from the sun. GreenCapsuleOrb Shimmer Beach
SMO Resort Outfit Resort Outfit A light outfit that conveys your goals of relaxation. As if... GreenCapsuleOrb Shimmer Beach
SMO Chef Hat Chef's Hat A fashion staple in the far-off Luncheon Kingdom. GreenCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
SMO Chef Suit Chef Suit The red scarf is a favorite among Volbonans. GreenCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
SMO Waluigi Cap Waluigi Cap The purple color and upside-down L are especially trendy. GoldCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
SMO Waluigi Suit Waluigi Suit An outfit that will have people exclaiming, "WAH!" GoldCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
SMO Knight Helmet Knight's Helmet Headwear for the ultimate hero. GreenCapsuleOrb Bowser's Castle
SMO Knight Armor Knight Armor Wear this while riding Yoshi for a brave and noble look. GreenCapsuleOrb Bowser's Castle
SMO Samurai Helmet Samurai Helmet This helmet practically exudes strength and honor. GoldCapsuleOrb Bowser's Castle
SMO Samurai Armor Samurai Armor Perfect for when you want to add Eastern flair to your heroics. GoldCapsuleOrb Bowser's Castle





This project's soundtrack is filled with the creator's favorite songs from the entire franchise. These tracks can all be found in Capsule Orbs. This list provides the track name as well as the song itself. (For the best uninterrupted listening experience, AdBlock is recommended.)

# Track Name Song Orb Color Stage Found
01 Title Theme BlueCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
02 File Select Screen BlueCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
03 Intro GreenCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
04 Peach's Castle GreenCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
05 Bowser Crashes the Party GoldCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
06 Warp Pipe Gateway GoldCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
07 Grand Star Found! GoldCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
08 Shroomshine Plains GreenCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
09 Dino Desert GreenCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
10 Lake Harmony BlueCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
11 Lake Harmony (Underwater) GreenCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
12 Concrete Castle GreenCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
13 Cocoa Isle GreenCapsuleOrb Toy Park
14 Toy Park GreenCapsuleOrb Windmill Village
15 Windmill Village GreenCapsuleOrb Mount Chillia
16 Mount Chillia GreenCapsuleOrb Royal Cruiser
17 Mount Chillia (Slide) BlueCapsuleOrb Royal Cruiser
18 Royal Cruiser GreenCapsuleOrb Twilight Plateau
19 Royal Cruiser (First Visit) GoldCapsuleOrb Twilight Plateau
20 Twilight Plateau GreenCapsuleOrb Ghostly Grove
21 Ghostly Grove (Outside) GreenCapsuleOrb Giant Land
22 Ghostly Grove (Mansion) GreenCapsuleOrb Giant Land
23 Giant Land GreenCapsuleOrb DK Jungle
24 DK Jungle BlueCapsuleOrb Shimmer Beach
25 DK Jungle (Cliff) GreenCapsuleOrb DK Jungle
26 DK Jungle (Factory) GreenCapsuleOrb Shimmer Beach
27 Shimmer Beach BlueCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
28 Shimmer Beach (Underwater) GreenCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
29 Shimmer Beach (Deep Sea) GoldCapsuleOrb Sweet Peak
30 Sweet Peak BlueCapsuleOrb Bowser's Castle
31 Bowser's Castle (Outside) GreenCapsuleOrb
32 Bowser's Castle (Inside) GreenCapsuleOrb
33 Secret Castle Star GoldCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
34 Athletic Theme 1 BlueCapsuleOrb Concrete Castle
35 Athletic Theme 2 GreenCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle
36 Athletic Theme 3 GreenCapsuleOrb Toy Park
37 Athletic Theme 4 GreenCapsuleOrb Toy Park
38 Athletic Theme 5 GreenCapsuleOrb Windmill Village
39 Athletic Theme 6 GreenCapsuleOrb Mount Chillia
40 Underground Theme BlueCapsuleOrb Lake Harmony
41 Power-up: Fire Mario GreenCapsuleOrb Dino Desert
42 Power-up: Flying Mario GoldCapsuleOrb
43 Upgrade: Rainbow Mario GoldCapsuleOrb
44 Power Star Found! BlueCapsuleOrb Shroomshine Plains
45 Capsule Orb Found! BlueCapsuleOrb Cocoa Isle

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