The Sonic Nintendomon game.
Developer(s) SEGA

Creatures Inc. Pocket Monsters Sonic Team

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
US Flag 30/06/2014

Japan Flag 10/07/2014

Flag of European Union 10/07/2014

Australia Flag 20/07/2014

Genre(s) RPG, Action
Sonicmon is a Pokémon game based off of the Sonic series, but the game is in Nintendomon series. It's release date is yet to be revealed, and is still in lots of progress. The boxart has been revealed, although the back hasn't.


Main Page: Sonicmon Pokedex

Sonicmon Pokemon (or "Sonkémon", pronounced sonky-mon) are the Badniks and other enemies in the Sonic series, like Crabmeat and Bozz Bomber. You use Sokéballs to catch them, and the Sonkemon have different types. The starter Sonkémon are: Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber and Newtron (Metal Fire, Bug Water and Grass Metal).


Art Name Clothes
SonicSonicmon Sonic TBA
AmySonicmon Amy TBA



Chapter 1: When Hedgehog meets Robot.

It all starts when your Trainer walks into a lab. Proffesor. Eggnick (the games Professor) says: "Hello young ones! Have you ever wanted to own a robot?" then an option screen pops up. 'Yeah! Robots are epic' 'Well yeah'. Proffesor Eggnick replies: Ah! Would you like to own one today? Whats that I hear? Yes? Alrighty! Choose from these: 

Then the trainer chooses their Sonkemon, Lets just say Sonic chose Newtron.

Proffesor Eggnick: 'Mmm, so you want Newtron?' then an option screen pops up. 'Yes, I love reptiles!' 'No, wrong click'. Mostly, you will choose the 'Yes..' part. WIP