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Sonic vs Mega Man is a franchise with includes a Super Smash Bros style game. It has the first appearence of Archie Characters. It so far has four games. Sonic vs Mega Man, Sonic vs Mega Man 2: The Dark Ages,  Sonic vs Mega Man 3: Battle of the Multiverse,and Sonic vs Mega Man 4: Fate of the Multiverse. It is rumored to have a fifth game coming.

Characters(Compared to their Sonic/Mega Man "counter part")

First Appearence in Sonic vs Mega Man

Sonic/Mega Man



Knuckles/Proto Man



Omega/Napalm Man

Eggman/Dr. Wily

Metal Sonic/Mega Man ?

Chaos0/ Yellow Devil


Blaze/Fire Man

Super Sonic/Super Mega Man(Game)

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