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Sonic the hedgehog (Secret elements) is a game developed by Sonic team and Master games and published by Sega.

Sonic the hedgehog (Secret elements)
Developer(s) Sonic Team and Master Games
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Nintendo wii u, playstation 4, pc and nintendo 3ds.
Release Date(s)
Spring 2016.
History, multiplayer, rush, free mode.
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Rpg / Plataformer 2d
Series Sonic the Hedgehog.
Predecessor Sonic Versus Shadow.
Successor Sonic Adventure in 3d!
Media Included Dependent the console!
The game is a classic 2d plataform Sonic game, your objective is collect the five secret elements, beyond earth, water, air, and fire, wich are, chaos earth, chaos water, chaos air, chaos fire and chaos materia. 


Sonic and Knuckles were running aimlessly in Angel Island when Knuckles see they old enemie, Chaos, in a strange form, where he controlled the four elements of nature. Sonic run to him but receive a fire atack, leving the unconscious. Sonic wake elsewhere and discovers that besides Chaos, Eggman (Robotinik) is planning to end the world, and, the gameplay starts.

Playable CharactersEdit

You can play with four characters, each has his story.

Sonic 2!

Sonic the hedgehog! Playable in nature and modern levels!*


Knuckles the echidna! Playable in nature levels!

Sonic is the first character you use in the game, he have classic and modern moves. follows a basic moves list; Spin dash, spin attack, homing attack, light speed attack, light speed dash and kick dash.

Knuckles first mission is find Sonic and tell everyone about what happened.

Basic moves; Climb, dash punch, double punch, chao attack, spin attack and spin dash.

Tails 2!

Miles tails prower! Playable in nature and modern levels!*


Tails is smart and helped Knuckles to find Sonic, her have the mission to discover as chaos was that way.

Basic moves; Adrenaline rush, jump dash, homing attack, tornado attack and spin attack

Level DesignEdit

As in almost all Sonic games, the stages are divided into zones (Also called quests) each set of stages is called large quests, having influence on the game story. List of large quests.

Florest Zone 1;3Edit

Sonic is lost, you objective is find a exit to the green hill.

Finding Sonic 1;1Edit

Fly trying find Sonic, you will play with Knuckles, and Tails control Tornado (plane).

Dominated Green Hill Zone 1;3Edit

Here you face the first boss of the game, Eggman (Robotinik) in his death egg.

Cassinopolis 1;1Edit

Find treasures and secret map with Tails.

Devasted City 1;1Edit

Chaos has devasted the city, use Sonic finish him.

Angel Island 1;3Edit

Probably the most important stage of the game, use Knuckles and Tails in Sonic Heroes gameplay style, you objective is discover the secret elements are being used. In this level we discover the secret form of Tails, Fire Tails.

Returning The City 1;1Edit

Chaos have transformed in Elements Chaos, the form where he was in the start of the game, Eggman (Robotinik) joined the Chaos and acquired the 7 emeralds. Knuckles was knocked out, and the emerald master was caught.

Death Egg 1;2Edit

Fight with Metal Sonic on his perfect form!

Versus Perfect Chaos 1;1Edit

Sonic finally got the five secret elements, and in his element form, he will destroy Chaos!

End Of Eggman 1;1Edit

Secret Stage, where Tails and Knuckles defeat Eggman, this while Sonic fight with Chaos.

Stage Classification

Stages are classified into two types; Nature (Like Green Hill) and Modern (Like Cassinopolis)