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Sonic the Hedgehog Redux is an remake of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) for an unknown fan-made console.

New additions to This Game

  • It has the same features from Sonic 1 (2013 remake), but with new ones!
  • New zones are added.
  • New playable characters are added (Including the infamous Somari the Adventurer).
  • New cutscenes are added, including new zone-to-next zone cutscenes from Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
  • HD graphics!
  • An new storyline part where each character has a different story (EX.: In Sonic's story, an new part where Eggman kidnaps Tails similar to Sonic 2 (8-Bit)).
  • Time-travel is in this game, but only Present and Past.

Playable Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower-Can be unlocked after beating the game one time with all six (or seven) Chaos Emeralds.
  • Knuckles the Echidna-Can be unlocked by finding him in Jungle Zone, Act 1 in the bushes with his eyes hiding.
  • Somari the Adventurer-Can be unlocked by putting in an cheat code called "BOOTLEGS".
  • Every Character in Sonic 1 DLC-Features every character in Sonic 1 or reference Sonic 1 (Amy Rose, Motobug, Dr. Eggman, etc.)

Zones (W.I.P.)

  1. Green Hill Zone (Present)/Asian Hill Zone (Past)
  2. Bridge Zone (Present)/Red Lake Zone (Past)
  3. Marble Zone (Present)/Underground Zone (Past)
  4. Green Hills Zone (Present)/Jungle Zone (Past)
  5. Spring Yard Zone (Present)/Desert Dunes Zone (Based on the desert place from the Sonic 1 "SegaSonic" Commercial/Past)
  6. Night Hills Zone (Based on the early Green Hill Zone/Present)/Sky High Zone (Past)
  7. Labyrinth Zone (Present)/Aqua Lake Zone (Past)
  8. Star Light Zone (Present)/Light Cave Zone (Past)
  9. Scrap Brain Zone (Present)/Metal Works Zone (Based on the early Scrap Brain Zone/Past)
  10. Gimmick Mountain Zone (Present)/Clockwork Zone (Based on the clock tower place from the Sonic 1 "SegaSonic" Commercial/Past)
  11. Sky Base Zone (Present)/??? (Past)
  12. Scrambled Egg Zone (Present)/??? (Past)
  13. Crystal Egg Zone (Present)/??? (Past)
  14. Final Zone
  15. Final Fight Zone (Zone within Final Zone)

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