Sonic the Hedgehog Moonlight Mayhem is a new 2D Sonic game developed by Dreams Inc. and Sonic Team for the Wii U.


Unlike most recent Sonic games, this one has a surprisingly small cast consisting of Sonic, Eggman, Fang and Tails in multiplayer. In this game Eggman is trying to find a way to make his robots more powerful, he is stuck until he finds that Chaos Power reacts strangely to the moonlight, and finds that there are properties in the Mobian Moon that could potentially power his machines and help him take over Mobius.

He hires a bounty hunter named "Fang the Sniper" (renamed "Nack the Weasel" in PAL Regions) to collect the Chaos Emeralds from the Special Zones and bring them to him, however, the hero of Mobius, "Sonic the Hedgehog" finds out and tries to stop Eggman. Sonic destroys the machine he was building and the Chaos Emeralds fly back to their Special Zones, but since he destroyed it after it was acitvated, the machine blows up and the moonlight energy spreads throughout Mobius, causing all sorts of anomalies. Now Sonic must collect the Chaos Emeralds and defeat Robotnik once again!


The game plays like a classic 2D Sonic game, you must beat 2 Acts plus a Boss Act, and in the way you can collect Chaos Emeralds by finding 2 Emerald Tokens, one in each Act and unlocking a brand new Special Zone, however, you do get abilities from the newer Sonic games like Boosts, Homing Attacks and Wall-Jumping. There are also 3 Red Ring in each act EXCEPT the Boss Fight and the Fang Act.

The Spin Dash returns after many games of absence with a few chances, first of all now you can charge it to get a bigger boost, apart from that now you can also aim the starting boost.

However, there aren't only 2 Acts and a Boss Fight, meet Fang, he sometimes appears in stages to mess with you, but in certain stages he gets his own acts known as "Nack/Fang Acts", these stages usually include Sonic competing against Fang in some way.

The game also has a Challenge Mode where you can beat short challenges and missions, beating all of the Single-Player challenges unlocks an extra bonus stage.

The game does have Multiplayer, in Co-Op you can team up with your friend to beat stages exclusive to Multiplayer or beat challenges together and in Vs. you each battle to see who gets the most rings, who gets to the end of the stage first and even who's the last one standing.

To get a Chaos Emerald you must beat a Special Zone, Special Zones are more unique compared to the other Special Stages, as they're modelled after Japanese Pachinko/Pachin-Slot Machines, in these you control Sonic in a stage where there are bumpers and pistons everywhere like the inside of a Pachinko machine, when the iron balls start falling you must Homing Attack into them to claim them as your own and then they'll follow Sonic around, Sonic then has to avoid the obstacles and free-fall through the tray to cash in the balls he got, if you cash in Sonic alone you'll only get 50 rings, each ball adds 20 to that, and then you're thrown up again, you must also avoid enemies taking your iron balls away. While this is happening you have a Slot Machine in your Wii U Gamepad that starts up scenarios and can give you upgrades and power-ups to help you out, but on rare occassions it can also work against you. You must get the amount of rings that the Special Stage tells you to in order to get the Emerald.


There are a total of 13 Zones, the eleventh is post-game and completely optional, the twelfth zone is unlocked by beating all the challenges and the thirteenth one is unlocked by beating the 12 before it and getting all 72 Red Rings in every stage. 

Zone 1 - Beautiful Fields

Beautiful Fields is a beautiful camp with windmills and lakes, this act starts you off by running through the fields and fighting robots in a simple setting that teaches you the basics of the game with easy enemies. The second act on the other hand, starts you off with some high platforming that eventually takes a full speed Sonic hanging onto a windmill until he's thrown off to the rivers, this gives you the first few platforming and water sections but they aren't too hard.

The first Fang Act makes Sonic fall into a trap by Fang in which he ends up trapped in some old ruins underground, Sonic must beat the stage under the time limit while collecting clocks and avoiding Fang who stays in the background shooting at you and throwing bombs (which you can actually send back if you time your Homing Attack, this stuns him for a while).

The boss of this stage is Egg Pogo, a machine that bounces around trying to crush you.

Zone 2 - Botanic Park

At the start of Act 1 Sonic runs inside a botanic museum held hostage by Robotnik, inside he finds plant themed robots and some traps with vines that eventually lead him underground and out. This stage introduces you to "Venus Fly Trap Platforms" and grinding rails (robotic vines in this case) as you destroy the giant robotic plant and free the botanic museum.

This Fang Act involves Fang hiding in a display case protected by tons of plants while he controls the spiky vines from the inside, you must hit each vine's non-spiky part to make it go back until the display case ends up defenseless to win.

The boss of this stage is the Egg Venus, a giant robot resembling a venus fly trap that can do damage to Sonic by "biting" him.

Zone 3 - Mechanical Utopia 

This stage resembles a highly advanced futuristic city filled with robots and advanced machinery, Sonic can run through the highways, bounce off cars and jump onto anti-gravity pads which let him "fly" temporarily.

In this Zone's Fang Act you follow Fang for a bit until you end up in a highway where he shoots a truck holding metal barrels, making it go out of control and drop the barrels, in this stage you must try to dodge the incoming cars in a scrolling stage, if you go too slow the barrage of barrels behind you will crush Sonic and you will lose a life, if you time your jumps correctly you can bounce off cars to get speed.

The boss of this Zone is the Egg Bulldozer which you fight in a sidescrolling stage as it tries to crush you.

Zone 4 - Abandoned Mineshaft

Sonic runs into a cave, the cave includes many slides, falling rocks and avalanches until Sonic ends up in a mineshaft. Sonic can grab and ride a minecart, run through tracks, grind rails and jump through ravines.

In this stage's Fang Act, Fang pushes Sonic into some unstable tracks with a minecart, Sonic has to avoid falling to his doom and dodging all the things coming his way, including Fang himself trying to shoot him in the background (though you can jump with the correct timing to avoid him).

In this stage you fight the Egg Drill Mk. IV, a small flying ship with drills to it's sides.

Zone 5 - Genocide City

This stage is inspired by the unfinished and unused Genocide City stage from Sonic 2. You start by running htrough some hills until the trees start getting less alive until they're completely dead, the grass starts going dry and you run through what look like graveyards until reaching a deserted and mostly destroyed city, you go inside some buildings and jump through the rooftops as you run through the destroyed city and avoid debris until reaching the center near the end of the stage where there's a giant crater with a meteorite in the center.

The Fang Act requires you to race against Fang while Robotnik starts up a laser behind both, you must try to outrun Fang but avoid getting too far behind or you'll be defeated in one shot by the laser, you can homing attack Fang if he's in your range to stun him but he can shoot you to slow you down (you can dodge it by jumping however), if you win the race first, some debri will fall off and block the way to the finish line, forcing Fang and Eggman to do a sudden stop, making Eggman's laser burn Fang, which makes him run away in pain.

The Boss Act requires you to fight the Egg Pyro, a ship with a flamethrower strapped to it that can shoot extremely intense flames.

Zone 6 - Aquatic Fortress

A fortress located in the middle of a big lagoon, the castle is old and a bit rusty but the insides are enormous, this level has bigger water sections and has you avoiding falling structures as you move inside the mazey castle and try to avoid drowning.

This Fang Act involves Fang trapping you in the bottom of the castle's basement, which is completely underwater, meanwhile Fang is in the background with a scuba diving suit, you must try to escape the basement without drowning, sometimes Fang will shoot at you from the background, he shoots more bullets this time but since they're underwater they go slower.

The boss of this act is the Egg Water Serpent, a giant robot shaped like a serpent with the ability of electrocute things.

Zone 7 - Mecha Hill Zone

This stage starts off very similar to Green Hill Zone in the first game until the stage starts looking more robotized and starts changing, the stage is being mechanized and it's still unfinsihed so many of Eggman's robots are trying to remove and re-add mechanic parts, changing the stage layout, you may come across unfinished parts which are dangerous or you may just find yourself running through the construction machines that are mechanizing the place.

This Fang Act involves Fang protecting himself inside one of the construction machines while controlling it to hurt you, you must destroy the main points of the machine to deactivate it and leave Fang defenseless.

The boss of this act is the Egg Crawler, which is based on the boss of the original Mecha Green Hills Zone in Sonic Chaos for the Game Gear and Master System.

Zone 8 - Wacky Circus

In this stage you must run through circus tents as you face through all sorts of obstacles like tightropes, robot lions, platforming sections resembling trapeze acts and even giant robot elephants you can ride.

The Fang Act involves another race between you and Fang, meanwhile Eggman is riding a much faster version of the Egg Mobile-D, the first boss from Sonic 2, if you reach the end first Sonic will hit a cage and release some lions to chase away Fang and Eggman. This time Fang gets the ability to throw bombs that can stun you.

The boss of this act is the Egg Safety Net, a robot mixed into a trapeze safety net that chases you and tries to destroy you as you rise through an upwards scrolling stage.

Zone 9 - Phantom Manor

An enormous abandoned mansion said to be haunted, inhabited by all sorts of ghosts that can posses different objects and use them to attack you, the mansion also has all sorts of different rooms, passageways and traps. 

The Fang Act involves Fang waking a barrage of ghosts that end up chasing Sonic, you must try and avoid falling behind or else the ghosts will kill you in one shot, in the meantime you must avoid traps and obstacles in your way.

The boss of this act is the Egg Horseman, a robot modelled after the Headless Horseman holding a spear who rides a robotic horse.

Zone 10 - Egg Citadel

A citadel taken over by Eggman, while at first it still looks like a battle fort, by the time you're in Act 2 you see more and more advanced technology until reaching Eggman's main laboratories, this stage tests your platforming skills and has tough obstacles that you must pass before fighting Eggman.

The Fang Act involves Fang about to blast Sonic with a laser cannon made by Eggman, but the canno crashes and hits a toxic pipe instead, making it leak and thus Sonic and Fang start racing to get out of there while avoinding the dangerous toxic waste, Fang has all the abilities from before but now he can also Homing Attack objects and even target you if you get too close.

The boss of this act is the Egg Arm Mk. II, a more powerful version of the Egg Arm from Sonic 3.

If you don't have all the Chaos Emeralds by the time you fight this boss, the game will end after beating the Egg Arm and you'll get the "Bad Ending"

Zone 10B - Deadly Skies

If you get all the Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik will start up "Plan B" whch involves activating Metal Sonic, however he instantly reacts to the energy of the moonlight and drains it all for himself before draining the negative power of the emeralds, he then flies outside to cause havoc in the world until Sonic uses the positive power of the emeralds to turn into Super Sonic and then chases after him.

In this one-act stage you battle Metal Sonic through the skies as Super Sonic, you must dash at him to stun him and make him malfunction, then he'll start throwing debri at you crazily which you must deflect with the shield and then throw back at him to cause damage, however, in the meantime he'll be using his moonlight powers to throw extremely powerful attacks at you and at the same time you must try to get rings to make sure you don't run out of Chaos Energy, if you do Sonic will snap out of his super form and plummet straight to the ground.

Zone 11 - Fang's Ruins

This stage is unlocked after beating Zone 10B. In this stage you fight through the same ruins that you fell into in the first Fang Act, but this time you get to explore more of it while Fang ocassionally appears from time to time in the background to ruin your day, this stage doesn't have a short time limit like the first Fang Act, this time it has a normal time limit since it's a normal stage.

This stage has no Fang Act, but in the Boss Act you finally get to fight Fang himself one-on-one.

Zone 12 - Egg Armada

This stage is unlocked after beating all of the challenges in Challenge Mode. This stage starts you off with Sonic running into a small ship and hanging onto it, the ship takes off to the skies until you're able to see the Egg Armada itself, when Sonic releases the ship and drops into one of the ships, in this stage you battle through many different ships filled to the brim with enemies as you jump to the main ship in which Eggman is located, after going halfway through Act 2 the ship starts exploding and Sonic has to escape or else the explosion will engulf him too.

The boss of this stage is the Egg Crusher, a giant flying robot with two enormous hands which Sonic must stand on (since all of the Egg Armada blew up) or else he'll plummet straight to the ground.

Zone 13 - Angel Island

This stage is unlocked after beating every other Zone and collecting all of the Red Rings. This stage is modelled after Angel Island Zone from Sonic 3 and Knuckles but includes many new challenges to make this much more challenging, in this stage you run through Angel Island as it's being invaded and you fight through all sorts of robots. Around halfway through the second act, you reach Sky Sanctuary which includes pits, bars you can hold on to and fans that can propell you upwards.

Instead of a Fang Act, this stage has a third act, in this stage you start by running into Hidden Palace where you find that while all of the Super Emeralds (which mark their return from Sonic 3) are there, the Master Emerald is nowhere to be seen, Sonic then sees Knuckles who has been kidnapped by Eggman along with the Master Emerald and he chases after Eggman, in this stage you must chase after Eggman's ship. After finding him and releasing Knuckles, Sonic checks to see if he's alright but Knuckles suddenly reacts hostile and forces Sonic to fight him, after beating Knuckles snaps out and apologizes before telling Sonic that he escaped into Flying Battery, which Sonic manages to get onto before it blasts off with the help of Knuckles.

In the Boss Act you fight Barrier Eggman, but after beating him and hitting the Animal Capsule, it turns out to be a trap and it's actually a Monster Capsule, after defeating the robot you'll see Eggman trying to escape to outer space in a capsule but Sonic turns into Super Sonic and chases after him. Once you're in outer space you'll be ambushed by Egg Doomsday from Sonic 3 which you must defeat.

Playable Characters

Name Description
Sonic Sonic is back as the main protagonist of this game! Sonic plays just like he did in classic Sonic games but he has also gained abilities from modern games.
Tails Tails is playable in Co-Op Mode but he can also be unlocked after beating Egg Citadel Zone, he can't homing attack but he still has his classic ability to fly temporarily.
Super Sonic Super Sonic can be unlocked after beating Zone 10B, after that you can replay old stages as Super Sonic, you must collect 50 rings then jump in the air and press Up+Jump to transform into Super Sonic, who has an aimable dash and a Chaos Shield that can catch projectiles so you can shoot them back again whenever you want.


Name Description How to Defeat
Egg Pogo This boss bounces around the stage trying to crush you, ocassionally he'll jump from the background to the foreground, he also has a super-jump which makes shockwaves when he lands. When he lands from his super jump the machine will go on cooldown mode, leaving you the chance to strike, you must do this 4 times to beat him.
Egg Venus This boss uses it's robotic vines to crush you, shoots small spore capsules that contain small enemies, fires the thorns from the vines as missiles of sorts and ocassionally tries to "bite" you directly. The Egg Venus' head is in the background, to destroy him you must destroy the thorn missiles when they land by homing attacking them, destroy enough of them and he'll try to "bite" you directly, if you dodge it he'll be defenseless for a bit and you'll be able to attack him, you must do this 4 times.
Egg Bulldozer This boss chases you in a scrolling stage as it tries to crush you, but he can also fire bombs at you, there are also cars in the way that you must dodge or else they'll push you back. Sometimes a small truck will pass by, you must jump on-top of him with the correct timing and from there you must hit the Egg Bulldozer's cockpit, if you do this 5 times, the Egg Bulldozer will explode.
Egg Drill Mk. IV This boss flies around and tries to dash at you, dig in and then pop out of the ground and dig through the ceiling, making tons of rocks fall which can crush you. When he starts drilling through the ceiling his back ends exposed, you must then avoid the rocks that fall until a big rock falls, homing attack it and you'll bounce and be able to hit him, you must do this 5 times to take him down.
Egg Pyro This boss flies around and shoots fire from his flamethrower, as well as dropping napalm bombs and dash around the stage. You must try to sneak up behind him as he starts up his flamethrower and hit the gas tank strapped to the back until it breaks, making the flamethrower explode and temporarily breaking his shield, letting you attack him (however he can still throw napalm bombs until his shield recovers), attack him 8 times to make him explode.
Egg Water Serpent This boss pops up from the water and can shoot sparks at you, release enemies, shoot his fangs at you, bite you directly and electrocute the water. When the Egg Water Serpent fires his fangs, they're connected by chains, if you dodge the fangs and make them hit the platform, he'll start trying to pull the chain to make the fang pop out, while he does this you must go underwater and break the chain's main point while avoiding enemies so that when he pulls the fangs back out, he takes the platform as well, making it hit his face, repeat this 6 times and you'll win.
Egg Crawler This boss sticks to 3 trees in the arena, ocassionaly jumping from one to another as he fires bullets, throws bombs, fires homing electric blasts that can stun you and shoots spikeballs that roll across the ground. When he shoots the homing electric blast, try to make it hit a bomb while it's in the air, when the Egg Crawler jumps to the other tree he'll hit the bomb and he will explode and take damage, repeat this process 8 times and you'll defeat him.
Egg Safety Net This boss chases you while you try to avoid him by rising up, he can juggle around knives on fire, shoot missiles, aim at you with giant saws and shoot fire. This boss practically defeats itself with time, if you survive for long enough it'll eventually run out of energy and plummet straight to the ground, but it does speed up every so often making it harder for you to survive.
Egg Horseman This boss runs across the arena trying to crush you directly by charging at you, throwing his robotic head across the arena like a boomerang, spawning ghosts and throwing his lance.

When he throws his lance, it sticks to the ground for a bit until he runs to get it back, once it sticks to the ground you must run up to the top of the lance and homing attack his head before he picks up the lance again, which requires correct timing, repeat this process 8 times to take him down.

Egg Arm Mk. II This boss attacks by charging at you, throwing you, crushing you, using the spikes on his head to hurt you, firing homing missiles, shooting fire. Meanwhile, Fang ocassionally appears on the background and tries to shoot at you and jumps on the foreground to attack you. The Egg Arm is always protected, the only way to attack him is to hit Fang 3 times while the Egg Arm rests on the air, then you must bounce on his head to hit the Egg Arm's back while he's unprotected, repeat this process 10 times to destroy him.
Metal Sonic Phase 1 This boss attacks you by launching blasts of moonlight energy at you, throwing homing orbs that explode after a while, dashing at you, stunning you with electrical bombs and if you dash at him 3 times he'll malfunction and throw debri at you. You must dash at him 5 times to make him malfunction and throw debri at you, then you must deflect them with the Chaos Shield and throw them back at him, attack him 8 times to defeat him.
Metal Sonic Phase 2 After defeating his first phase Metal Sonic plummets to the ground and explodes but he quickly forms back again and fuses with bits of Eggman's robot before flying back up, he has all the attacks he had before plus the ability to make lightning strike, make a shield with spikes, shooting napalm bombs, grabbing and throwing you and even throwing black hole bombs.  When lightning strikes, deflect the lightning bolt and it'll hit Metal Sonic and stun him temporarily, letting you dash at him, this will make his spike shield malfunction, giving you the chance to deflect his napalm bombs and deal damage to him, repeat this process 8 times and Metal Sonic will go down. 
Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel Phase 1 Fang rides on a pogo stick that also works as a jack hammer of sorts, he jumps across the room trying to crush you, he uses the jackhammer itself to charge at you, shoot at you from the air and even do a super-jump to crerate shockwaves. You must time your jumps and hit him 8 times right before he does his super-jump.
Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel Phase 2 Fang can shoot at you, homing attack, spin-dash, throw bombs and he even gets the ability to briefly boost through the room once his health is almost depleted. You have to attack him right before he starts charging his spin-dash 6 times to defeat him.
Egg Crusher Since this boss is high up in the air the only platforms are his hands, he can attack by crushing you, flipping his hands upside-down, breathing fire, shooting missiles and spawning enemies and smaller versions of itself. After it shoots a copy of itself, homing attack it into one of the hands, lighting a fire and making Eggman starts shaking said hand to put it down, right when he starts shaking the hand you must try to jump on-top of it and you'll be launched upwards where you'll be able to hit his eyes, you must attack each eye 4 times to make him explode.
Knuckles Knuckles can punch you, uppercut you, glide across the arena, spin-dash and dig through the ground. You have to attack him 6 times to take him down.
Barrier Eggman While Eggman is protected behind a laser barrier you must try and take it down by destroying the core attached to the ceiling, but to do that you must avoid spiky platforms that spin all around the area trying hit you, laser beams, homing missiles and even walls that push you against the laser barriers. The spikey platforms' spikes sometimes retract back inside the platforms when the walls try to push you against the barrier, you must jump on top of the walls in the correct time and jump on top of the platforms to hit the core before the spikes pop out again, repeat this process 7 times to defeat the boss.
Monster Capsule

This boss has two giant chains with spikeballs, he can spin them around, crush you with them, release them and make them roll across the arena and throw bombs.

You must make him hit his own button to break the lock and leave his core defenseless, allowing you to attack it, repeat this process 7 times and defeat him.
Egg Doomsday Phase 1 This boss flies around in space while it shoots homing missiles, laser beams and bombs. You must lead the homing missiles to destroy the 4 blasters and leave the engine exposed, then you have to deflect bombs and throw them at the engine 3 to make the engine blow up.
Egg Doomsday Phase 2 This boss flies around while holding the Master Emerald, he has the abilities from Phase 1 plus the ability to shoot fire, spawn smaller ships which release their exploding cores after being defeated and shoot electrical barriers to push you back. You must deflect the bombs and throw them at his back 4 times to break his shield, then you must desroy smaller ships and deflect the exploding cores at the head 3 times to make him malfunction and drop the Master Emerald.
Egg Doomsday Phase 3 After the Egg Doomsday blows up a small part of it is released and turns into a ship that chases after the Master Emelrad just like you, it can attack by shooting homing missiles and laser beams. You must get to the Master Emerald before the Egg Doomsday or else he'll charge it and blast you with a one-hit kill attack which you can't avoid.


  • Fang wasn't originally gonna be chosen for the rival spot, but eventually the team grew fond of the idea of reviving an obscure character and used him.
  • This game was secretly the first in the line of a series of Sonic reboots, however this wasn't revealed until after the release of Sonic the Hedgehog: Mobius Wars.
  • There's actually an easter egg in the game that marks the first appearance of Hyper Sonic since Sonic 3 & Knuckles, in the Hidden Palace segment of Act 3, you can actually jump on all the Super Emeralds via a specific order, doing this and then jumping on the spot where the Master Emerald should be will make Sonic jump into the air and briefly spark into his Hyper Sonic form for 5 seconds before going back to normal.

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